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John Locke tercentenary
23rd - 31st October, 2004
The world-renowned philosopher, John Locke was born in Wrington on 29th August 1632.

He was born in his maternal grandmother's cottage next to the north gate of All Saints' churchyard. His mother was churched, and he was baptised, in All Saints', and they left after 3 days.

A stone, erected in 1928 and refurbished in 2004, now marks the location.

Locke died at Oates, in High Laver, Essex, on 28th October, 1704
In March, 2008 the Somerset Archive announced the discovery of two letters written by Locke and stored in the Sandford Collection. For details see:
A photographer from the Weston Mercury snaps Amber Hartley-Watts, the Rector, the Rev Nicholas Maddock, and Chairman of the Parish Council, Roy Clements inspecting the newly-inscribed stone.
Talk on Locke
by Dr Andrew Woodfield
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John Locke Tercentenary Celebrations - Week's Programme

Saturday, 23rd October A one-day event in the Philosophy Department of Bristol University: informal talks aimed at non-specialists/members of the public.

Sunday, 24th special reference to Locke's ideas of toleration of different religious beliefs during the 9.30 service at the URC.

Tuesday, 26th 11am Opening of exhibition in All Saints' church of Locke memorabilia including material loaned by Bristol University, specially produced work by local artists, and by pupils of Wrington School, flower festival

Wednesday, 27th Guided visit to places on Mendip of relevance to Locke's life, led by Chris Richards of Weston super Mare Museum. From Charterhouse Study Centre.

Thursday, 28th Unveiling of memorial stone by the Rector and Chairman of the Parish Council, All Saints' churchyard at 6.15pm, followed by a Commemorative Concert in the church, [review by Rosemary Hodges] which included:

Items Locke would have known, performed by local musicians including Wrington Vale Choral Society, Zoe Maitland, Elizabeth Glen, Heather Gibbard, Ian Maitland-Round, Nicholas Maddock, Barry Ferguson, Amber Hartley-Watts, Richard Whiting, Sue Clark;

Talk by Redhill resident, Dr Andrew Woodfield of Bristol University, about Locke's achievements and character;

First performance of a 'play for radio' by Village Journal editor, Tony Watt, in which Locke himself is more than a match for politicians and others of our own time.

Sunday, 31st Commemorative sermon by the Rector as part of All Saints' day service at 9.30am.


All Saints' church was the venue for an evening on Saturday, 2nd October with a speaker and exhibition. Part of the Millennium window in All Saints', Publow has a representation of John Locke.

High Laver, Essex
Locke is buried in All Saints' churchyard, High Laver. The railings around his grave were repainted for the tercentenary. A new booklet about his time with the Masham family at Oates was written by Dr Mark Goldie of Cambridge University, and a celebration was held in the church in August.

Somerset Archaeological & Historical Society
held an event in south Somerset including a speaker from Cambridge.