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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke Room on Tuesday 17 September 2013

Present: Mr B Taylor (Chairman) Mr D Glynn
Mrs P Ledbury Mrs G Bigg
Mr J Rawlins (part) Ms J Bishop (Assistant Clerk)


1 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr Robinson, Cllr Howells and Cllr Yamanaka.

2 Declarations of Interest
Cllr Rawlins and Cllr Taylor declared a personal interest in relation to applications 13/P/1543/F and 13/P/1544/LB (The Court House, The Triangle, Wrington, BS40 5LB) as they are neighbours to the applicant. Cllr Rawlins also declared a personal interest in relation to application 13/P/1674/F (78 The Glebe, Wrington, BS40 5LX) for the same reason.

3 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held 27 August 2013 were reviewed and adopted as a true record.

Matters arising:

It was reported that there had been positive responses to the Council’s comment on application 13/P/1204/F2 (The South Bristol Link) and that several community/environmental groups were putting together a website. These groups had asked if they could include the Council’s comment. As the comment was a matter of public record, it was agreed the Council had no objection to this.

5 NSC Central Area Planning Committee
The Minutes of the meeting held 8 August 2013 were reviewed together with the agenda for the meeting held 12 September 2013. The Committee’s recommendation to raise no objection to the Bristol section of the South Bristol link (13/P/3108/F) was noted as well as other recommendation relating to the application.

6 Decision Notices issued by NSC
A list of Decision Notices had been circulated prior to the meeting and these were noted. In summary:-

· 13/P/1260/WT - Le Moignes, High Street, Wrington, BS40 5QD – Approved

It was agreed to contact NSC about outstanding conditions relating to appeal APP/TPO/D0121/1897 (11/P/0251/TPO) where a replacement oak was conditioned.

· 13/P/1359/F - Wrington Bowling Club, Silver Street, Wrington, BS40 5QN – Approved
Conditions relating to landscaping were noted.

· 13/P/1538/EIA1 - Land at Bristol Airport, North Side Road, Lulsgate, Wrington, BS48 3DY – Approved
It was noted that this application had been decided solely on the basis of an Environmental Impact Assessment and NSC had commented that either a 'non-material' or 'minor-material' amendment application would be required before work could begin.

7 Planning Applications
A list of planning applications had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed to carry forward a discussion on application 13/P/1690/F (South View, Old Barn Lane, Redhill, Bristol, BS40 5TW) to the next meeting as the papers had arrived after the meeting papers had been circulated.

Application 13/P/1097/F - Fountain Tree Works Ltd, Brockley Combe Road, Backwell
The Council noted that this application is an amendment to a previous application with the same application number. It was agreed that the Council was pleased to note that screening had been introduced to disguise the shipping containers but was disappointed that the proposed structures had no doors. The Council also noted that there was an objection on NSC's website from a neighbour who was concerned about noise from the site. Therefore, the Council would like to recommend that, should the application be approved, then conditions on noise levels and operating hours are included (restricting early morning, evening and weekend working) in order to minimise neighbour impacts.

Application 13/P/1543/F and 13/P/1544/LB - The Court House, The Triangle, Wrington, BS40 5LB
It was agreed The Council had no comment to make on this application

Application 13/P/1560/F - Windover, Butcombe, Bristol, BS40 7XQ
It was agreed the Council would object to the application for the following reasons:-

· The proposed development constitutes a new build in Green Belt.

· Due to its size it will have a huge negative visual impact on the landscape and will be visible from the Mendip AONB. In fact the Council felt the impact would be much greater than the photographs supplied with the application would suggest.

· The development would provide no employment and appears to offer modest economic benefits.

· No evidence has been provided to prove that there will be no effects on wildlife.

· No specific evidence has been provided to support the Design & Access Statement to prove that there will be no neighbour impacts.

· The proposed development is close to the airport and may have negative impacts on aviation.

Application 13/P/1634/NMA - 11 Old Station Close, Wrington, BS40 5LY
It was agreed the Council would object to the application for the following reasons:-

· The proposed fence is stated as being 1.5m high. However posts, appearing to 2m plus in height have already been erected. At the west end of the plot panels have been attached to the posts creating a fence, again, in excess of the proposed height.

· The fencing proposed is of out of keeping (in terms of style, size and construction) with its surroundings. Furthermore, it is believed applications for fencing in this area have been refused in the past.

Application 13/P/1674/F - 78 The Glebe, Wrington, BS40 5LX
It was agreed the Council had no objection in principle to the proposed development but had concerns over potential neighbour impact, particularly in relation to loss of light (as per the '45 degree rule' in NSC’s Residential Design Guide) to neighbouring properties.

8 Other Planning Issues

· North Somerset Council Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation Supplementary Planning Document (Revised).
This was noted and Cllr Taylor thanked Cllr Glynn for his work on this.

· North Somerset Council Planning Application Requirements Consultation
This was noted and Cllr Taylor thanked Cllr Glynn for his work on this.

· NSC Enforcement Report
In relation to outstanding enforcement issues at Lawders Orchard:-

1. It was believed Blue Cedar Homes would appeal against NSC’s decision to refuse planning permission for the tv/satellite aerial (12/P/1418/F).

2. Street lights – Blue Cedar Homes had confirmed to NSC that the lights were now white to comply with planning conditions. However, it was confirmed that this was not the case and it was agreed to notify NSC about this.

The Meeting was closed at 7.25pm.