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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council
held in the John Locke Room on Tuesday 6 August 2013

Present: Mr B Taylor (Chairman) Mr D Glynn
Mr J Rawlins Mrs L Howells
Mrs G Bigg Mr P Robinson
Ms J Bishop (Assistant Clerk)


1 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr Ledbury and Cllr Yamanaka.

2 Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest.

3 Public Participation
There were no members of the public present.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held 16 July 2013 were reviewed and adopted as a true record.

Matters arising:

In relation to 13/P/1097/F (Fountain Tree Works Ltd, Brockley Combe Road, Backwell), Cllr Taylor read out an email (copied to the Council) from Kit Stokes, Aspect 360 Ltd, to Peter Davey, Planning Case Officer NSC. The email outlined the history of the shipping containers on the site. However, the Council agreed that this did not address the fundamental question namely, irrespective of the length of time the containers had been on site, they had been brought onto a woodland site, in Green Belt, without planning permission and therefore their presence should be regularised by an application for Lawful Use. It was agreed to contact NSC to this effect.

In relation to:- 13/P/0812/F (Oakhurst, Ropers Lane, Wrington, BS40 5NQ), 13/P/0833/F (14 South Meadows, Wrington, BS40 5PF) and 13/P/0835/F (Shrub Cottage, The Batch, Backwell, BS48 3DL) it was noted that NSC had been contacted about various issues as agreed in the previous Meeting (16 July) but no response had been received.

In relation to 13/P/0877/F (West Aldwick Farm, Redhill, Bristol, BS40 5RE) it was noted that NSC had confirmed they could not specify the design of the solar panels, as they were to be installed on an existing roof and were, therefore, permitted development.

5 NSC Central Area Planning Committee
The minutes of the meeting held 4 July 2013 were reviewed together with the agenda for the meeting held 8 August 2013. In relation to item CAC 12 (the refusal of 13/P/0460/F, 12 Wrington Road, Congresbury) it was noted:-

“Discussing recent flooding incidents Members commented on the need for adequate flood mitigation measures.”

6 Decision Notices issued by NSC
A list of Decision Notices had been circulated prior to the meeting and these were noted. In summary:-

· 13/P/0945/F - Field House, Lye Hole Lane, Redhill, BS40 5TB – Approved

· 13/P/0951/F - Land at Goblin Combe Farm, Winters Lane, Redhill, Wrington, BS40 5SW – Approved

It was noted that a condition was included stating that the building was to be used for agricultural purposes only and could not be used for any other purpose, including airport parking. Furthermore if its agricultural use ceased the building is to be demolished and removed from site within one month.

· 13/P/1045/CA - The Surgery, Station Road, Wrington, BS40 5NG – NSC had found the application to be invalid.

It was reported that, following the Councils comments to NSC, NSC had confirmed that, once the health care provision had been relocated, the building is regarded as redundant and does not have to be marketed as a surgery.

It was also noted that 13/P/1174/WT (Wrington Farmhouse, School Road, Wrington, BS40 5NA) had also been approved, with the Decision Notice received after the meeting papers had been circulated.

7 Planning Applications
A list of planning applications had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Application 13/P/1204/F2 – The South Bristol Link

It was agreed the Council would object to the application for the following reasons:-

1. The proposal is for a new road in Green Belt.

2. In 2008 Greater Bristol was chosen as England's first Cycling City but the road will encourage much more car use, with all the environmental impacts that brings.

3. For travellers from outside Bristol, the road will encourage traffic through the county. This will bring no financial benefit to either Bristol or North Somerset.

4. The road will break natural barrier between Bristol and North Somerset and will have a long term impact on Wrington, North Somerset. It will change the face of North Somerset.

5. It will affect the ‘attractiveness’ of the county for both visitors and residents.

6. Not enough information has been provided in relation to traffic patterns (contradicts above)

7. Finally, not enough information has been provided on any potential benefits, which would demonstrate there’s a case in favour of the road to mitigate the environmental impacts on North Somerset.

Application 13/P/1260/WT – Le Moignes, High Street, Wrington, BS40 5QD

Councillors acknowledged that from the photographs T9 and T10 (both False Acacias) did not appear to be healthy and, therefore, had no comment to make on the proposed felling. However, the photos of T6 (Ash) and T34 (Cherry) appeared to show healthy trees and, as no professional arboriculturalist’s report had been provided, the Council agreed there appeared to be no justification for felling these trees.

With reference to Appeal APP/TPO/D0121/1897 where the planting of a replacement Turkey oak was a condition of the Appeal being granted, Councillors noted this replacement tree does not appear on the list of trees on site or on the site plan. Therefore, it was agreed to ask NSC for assurance that this tree had been planted and, given that there have been previous allegations that other trees have been felled without permission, the Council felt the Tree Officer should visit the site to assess the full picture.

Application 13/P/1333/WT – Priory House, Station Road, Wrington, BS40 5LG

It was agreed the Council had no comment to make on this application.

Application 13/P/1359/F - Wrington Bowling Club, Silver Street, Wrington, BS40 5QN

The Council’s application was noted.

8 Other Planning Issues

· North Somerset Council Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation Supplementary Planning Document (Revised).

It was agreed that members would email comments to Cllr Taylor by 20 August.

· NSC Enforcement Report
This was noted.

The Meeting was closed at 7.05pm.