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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 13th March, 2012
Mr D. W. Glynn, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr J. Rawlins
Mr P. Robinson
Mr B. Taylor
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Mrs F. Burke Clerk

In attendance:

1 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Ms L. Howells, Mrs P. Ledbury, Mrs C. Turton

2 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest on known agenda items.

3 Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2012 were reviewed and adopted as a true record. There were no matters arising.

5 NSC Central Area Planning Committee

There were no issues concerning Wrington in the Central Area Planning Committee minutes of the meeting held 9th February 2012.

6 Decision Notices issued by NSC

A list of decision notices had been circulated prior to the Meeting and these were noted. In summary:-

· 12/P/0008/F –Tumbling Weir, Havyatt Road, Wrington - Approved
· 12/P/0070/F – Church Lodge, Station Road, Wrington - Approved

7 Planning Applications

A list of planning applications had been circulated prior to the Meeting.

Application 12/P/00258/F – Saddleback Barn, Wrington hill, Wrington

Erection of a detached garage.

It was agreed that the Council had no comment to make on this application.

Application 12/P/0275/TPO – 5 Old Station Close, Wrington

T1 – T4 Alder – Tree works - Reduce crown by 25%.

It was agreed that the Council had no comment to make on this application.

Application 12/P/0289/F – Land off Row of Ashes Lane, Redhill

Erection of an agricultural building for crop and implement storage together with welfare facilities.

The Council wished to make a comment on this application even though the proposed building does not lie within the Parish of Wrington, it lies adjacent to land of the Parish. The building being proposed for construction is in the Green Belt with no evidence provided to show that this land is associated with any farm or any other holding. There is no proper vehicular access shown on the plans and the building seems large for its intended use. In the event that permission is granted the Council would recommend that some landscaping work be carried out to shield the building due to the rural nature of the surrounding landscape.

Application 12/P/0316/TPO – Briar Bank, Redhill, Wrington

T10 horse chestnut – Tree works - remove lowest branch to North and install fence posts.

It was agreed that the Council had no comment to make on this application.

Application 12/P/0358/F – West Hay, West Hay Road, Wrington

Erection of conservatory to South elevation

It was agreed that the Council had no comment to make on this application.

Application 12/P/0074/F – The Spinney, Ladywell, Wrington

This application had been amended from one submitted previously. It was noted that the impact on the neighbours has been reduced which the Council welcome. The Council wished to reiterate the recommendation that landscaping/hedging (but limited in height to avoid shading the bungalows) is conditioned if approval is granted.

8 Other Planning Issues

· NSC Core Strategy: The Chairman reported that the comment from the Council in response in response to the ‘proposed modifications’ consultation had been submitted.

· A Member requested that the yellow signs for Brook Gardens be referred to the NSC Area Officer as one of them is positioned in the Conservation Area.

· It was agreed that the Council would apply for a Tree Protection Order for the oak in the centre of the new development, Lawders Orchard (previously Brook Gardens), to safeguard its future.

The Meeting was closed at 6.50pm.

Mr D. Glynn