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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 25th January, 2011
1 Apologies:
Mr D. W. Glynn, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Ms E. P. Irving (part)
Mrs P. Ledbury (part)
Mrs G. Moss
Mr J. Rawlins
Mr P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton (part)
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms J Bishop Admin Asst

In attendance:
Ms Charlotte Peacock from J R Power Ltd/Wessex Solar Energy (part)
2 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest on known agenda items.

3 Public Participation

Ms Peacock outlined Wessex Solar Energy’s potential solar park at Garley’s Wood, off Hyatts Wood Rd. Ms Peacock agreed to forward to the Council:- details of how the development would be connected to the National Grid (once known) and copies of the final full planning application. The Council agreed to suggest residencies that should be contacted as part of the airport related ‘glint and glare’ survey.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2011 were reviewed and adopted as a true record.

Matters arising:

5 NSC South Area Planning Committee

The papers from the last Meeting held 12 January 2011 were reviewed. It was noted the only item relating to the Parish had concerned the Appeal against the decision on application 09/P/2122/F, St Katherine’s Farm, which had been dismissed.

6 Decision Notices issued by NSC

A list of decision notices had been circulated prior to the Meeting and these were noted. It was reported that 10/P/1295/WT (works to trees at 6 Old Bell Court) had not been included on the circulated list and that this application has now been withdrawn.

7 Planning Applications

A list of planning applications had been circulated prior to the Meeting.

Application - 11/P/0012/F - 3 Kings Road, Wrington, BS40 5LW

It was agreed that the Council had no comment on this application.

Application - 10/P/2229/F - Dial House, Broad Street, Wrington, BS40 5LA

It was agreed that the Council had no objection in principle to the development but has concerns about the potential neighbour impacts, particularly as the proposed new roof line appears to partially obscure one of the immediate neighbour's windows.

Application - 11/P/0041/F - Saddleback Barn, Wrington Hill, Wrington, BS40 5PL

The Council wishes to object to this application for the following reason: The application is for a new building, which includes new residential accommodation within the Green Belt.

8 Other Planning Issues

Cllrs Glynn and Bigg volunteered to attend the North Somerset Core Strategy briefing on 18 February 2011.

It was noted that the holiday cottages at Udley Farm were currently subject to an Enforcement investigation although the Council was unaware of the circumstances.

The Meeting was closed at 7.15pm.

Mr D. Glynn