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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 23rd November, 2010
1 Apologies:
Mr D. W. Glynn, Chair
Ms E. P. Irving
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs C. A. Phillips (part)
Mr J. Rawlins
Mr P. Robinson
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms J Bishop Admin Asst
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mrs G. Moss
Mrs C. Turton

In attendance:

2 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest on known agenda items.

3 Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 2 November 2010 were reviewed and adopted as a true record.

Matters arising:

5 NSC South Area Planning Committee

The papers for the meeting held on 17 November were reviewed. There were no items concerning Wrington that the Committee were not already aware of.

6 Decision Notices issued by NSC

A list of decision notices had been circulated prior to the Meeting.

With regard to Richards Store (10/P/1697/F), it was noted that this had been approved because of compliance with H/7. Councillors discussed the conditions relating to the approval of the application and also noted that:-

i) The fence had been constructed in error and will be reduced in height in accordance with the plans submitted.

ii) Although parking policy would normally require more parking spaces than provided in the development, NSC has accepted that the applicant’s parking survey demonstrates that there will be no adverse impacts on on-street parking in the surrounding area.

In relation to the application for land adjoining 10 Old Station Close (10/P/1737/NMA), it was noted that NSC had not accepted this as a non-material amendment and that full planning permission would be required.

7 Planning Applications

A list of planning applications had been circulated prior to the Meeting.

10/P1856/PAI - Bristol Airport Ltd, North Side Road, Felton, Winford, BS48 3DY

It was agreed that the Council had no comment on this application.

10/P/1925/EIA1 - Land adjoining Butcombe Farm. Aldwick Lane, Butcombe, BS40 7UW

It was agreed that the Council had no comment on this application but would expect to be consulted if a full planning application was submitted in the future.

10/P/1899/F - Lorne Stewart plc, Redhill, Wrington, BS40 5TG

It was noted that the application sought to utilise undeveloped land on the site and that the purpose of the unit was not defined. After discussing the nature of the site, it was agreed the Council had no objection, in principle, to the development but would comment that, due to the elevated position of the proposed unit, adequate screening/landscaping should be undertaken to reduce its impact.

10/P/1959/TPO - Cedar House, High St, Wrington, BS40 5QD

It was agreed that the Council had no comment on this application.

10/P/1879/F - Homelea, Downside Road, Wrington, BS48 3DZ

It was agreed that the Council had no comment on this application.

8 Other Planning Issues

i) Consultations:

Core Strategy Consultation – Key Changes

It was reported that, although NSC had previously stated there was some flexibility with the deadline of 22 November 2010, this was not now the case and a response was required immediately. In relation to the first two proposed key changes (reduction in the overall number of houses and a revised approach to growth at Weston-super-Mare) the Council agreed to submit no comments. Councillors discussed the various merits of the different settlement categories. It was agreed not to request that Wrington be moved from its designation as a Service Village to another category on condition that the definition of “community led” development should be defined as: agreed by the Parish Council and (following the government’s commitment to involve local people in rural development) by a majority of residents affected voting for the proposal in an appropriate local referendum.

– local list

Action: Cllr Glynn to circulate further information if a response is felt necessary.

Consultation on a Draft Development Contributions Supplementary Planning Document.

Action: Cllr Glynn to circulate further information if a response is felt necessary.

ii) Correspondence

It was noted that NSC had responded favourably to a request from a resident to create a footpath between Yew Tree Close and Langford Common. Although a purpose made route would not be constructed, the verge will be cut back and if this is used regularly by pedestrians it will maintain the route.

It was noted that the unauthorised timber shed at 31 South Meadows had been removed.

iii) Appeal - Forge Car Park, Downside Rd

It was agreed to make no further comments on APP/D0121/A/10/2136896/NWF (retrospective change of use from agricultural land to car parking and siting of mobile office at land off Downside Road).

The Meeting was closed at 7.10pm.

Mr D. Glynn