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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 16th March, 2010
1 Apologies:
Mrs J. Gallop, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr D. W. Glynn
Ms E. P. Irving
Mrs P. Ledbury (from 6.20pm)
Mrs G. Moss
Mrs C. A. Phillips
Mr P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms G. Wilson, Clerk
Mr F. Cowgill

In attendance: One member of the public (from 6.20 pm)

2. Declarations of Interest:

Cllr Bigg and Cllr Robinson declared an interest in the application to erect stables etc on land to the rear of Tamarisk, Ladywell; Cllr Robinson declared an interest in the application for change of use at The Store, Broad Street; Cllr Glynn declared an interest in the application for an extension at Langton, West Hay Road.

3. Public Participation

There were no members of the public present at the time allocated for this item.

4. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd February were reviewed and signed as a correct record.

Matters arising: a response from the Enforcement Officer following investigation at Woodlands, Wrington Hill, was noted.

5. NSC South Area Planning Committee

Cllr Yamanaka provided information on the application for change of use at St Katharine’s Farm which was considered on 10th March. She had been in favour of approving the application as this would have allowed conditions to have been imposed such as hours of operation, and landscaping. However, the application was refused. It is possible that enforcement action may follow.

6. Decisions Notices issued by NSC

09/P/2265/F - Land to the east of Paradise Farm Cowslip Green, Redhill - Erection of an agricultural building with hardstanding area and access: approved.

09/P/2266/F - Barley Farm, Old Hill, Wrington - Extension of time limit for implementation of extant planning permission 07/P/0005/F for an extension to provide household staff annexed accommodation; new orangery to replace existing conservatory; new windows, stone chimney stacks and stone facing to south elevation; extend pitched roof over section of flat roof above sitting room: approved.

10/P/0049/F – Egremont, Ropers Lane, Wrington - Erection of dormer to front elevation: approved.

10/P/0061/F – Winchester House, Broad Street, Wrington – Installation of timber French doors in existing rear elevation: withdrawn.


The following appeals were noted:

APP/D0121/D/10/2122165 – St Raphaels, Ropers Lane, Wrington: erection of a detached garage to front of property.

APP/D0121/A/10/2122569 – The Keepers, Ropers Lane, Wrington: erection of 4-bedroom dwelling house following demolition of existing house and garage – appeal against condition imposed on the granting of permission.

It was agreed to support the condition that was the subject of appeal at The Keepers.

7. Planning Applications

10/P/0215/F – The Store, Broad Street, Wrington: change of use from shop (A1) to Estate Agency (A2). The Chairwoman read out three letters of objection – two from local residents, and one from another estate agency in the village. There was discussion about the problems of parking and the location of the premises on a sharp bend. However, as the premises have long-established use as a shop, and could be used again as such without requiring permission, it was agreed that this was not a valid objection.

It was noted, however, that there appear to be no plans to provide kitchen or toilet facilities at the premises, and it was agreed this point should be raised in relation to the legal position for any employees of the proposed estate agency. In addition, the application made no reference to signage or lighting for the premises and it was agreed to comment accordingly.

10/P/0246/F – 1 Ladywell, Wrington: erection of two-storey front and side extension and a single-storey rear extension. It was agreed to object to the proposed development as it is believed that the size of the extensions would be an over-development of the site and would be out of proportion with the surrounding properties.

10/P/0286/F – Langton, West Hay Road, Wrington: erection of a first floor extension over garage. Upgrading and alterations to existing single-storey rear extension. It was agreed that there were no objections to the development.

10/P/0302/F – Land to rear of Tamarisk, Ladywell, Wrington: change of use of land from agricultural to equestrian use and the erection of 2no stables, a tack room and feed store with access (as existing) off Alburys.

It was noted that one letter of objection had been received. It was agreed that the proposed development was unnecessary in the proposed location, as it is not required for agricultural purposes, and would set an undesirable precedent in this rural location. There were concerns about the access from Alburys. It was noted that the height of the proposed building would exceed the height of the adjacent hedge. As the hedge is not under the control of the applicant, it would not be possible to guarantee that the hedge would be allowed to grow and screen the building, resulting in inappropriate intrusion in the landscape. As a public right of way crosses the site, the importance of views needs to be taken into account, and the proposed structure using block walling and slate blue roof is therefore considered inappropriate. Concerns were also raised about drainage, waste disposal, water supply, lighting, etc. which are not mentioned in the application. It was agreed to object to the proposal on the above grounds.

10/P/0316/ADV – Land opposite Cornerpool Cottage, A38: display of replacement freestanding directional sign for the Bungalow Inn. It was agreed that there was no objection to the proposal.

10/P/0318/F – Dingley Dell, Pigeon Lane, Redhill: erection of an attached side garage/wood store with storage area on first floor following demolition of existing car port and wood store. It was agreed that there was no objection to the proposal.

8. Other Planning Issues

a. NSC consultation on Housing in Defined Villages

Three copies of the consultation document were available, and these will be circulated so that comments may be considered at the next meeting.

b. BIA planning application – conditions

Cllr Turton said she is unhappy that the conditions did not address any of the concerns of the Downside Road residents, which include the fuel store location, excessive traffic, etc. She felt the proposed traffic lights at the Downside Road/A38 junction will only make the situation worse. The agreement by the airport to provide concessionary fares on the flyer bus service is worthless because of the difficulty of access to the airport for local people. She therefore proposed that the Parish Council raises these issues prior to the Planning & Regulatory Committee meeting where the decision will be made.

Cllr Glynn stated that many of these concerns had been included in the Council’s comments on the amendments to the planning application, which had apparently not been received by NSC in spite of being sent on three occasions. He felt that the Council should ask for a response to these comments.

Cllr Yamanaka suggested making use of ‘Parish Voice’ at the next South Area Committee on 14th April, and it was agreed that Cllr Turton, Cllr Glynn and Cllr Bigg would speak. Cllr Yamanaka asked whether residents wanted traffic calming measures similar to those in Barrow Gurney, and Cllr Turton confirmed that they would like this and also a footway. Cllr Yamanaka therefore suggested that a representative of the Parish Council should speak at the Planning & Regulatory Committee meeting on 28th April. It was agreed that Cllr Turton and Cllr Glynn would do this.

Cllr Yamanaka left the meeting after this discussion, at 7.05 pm.

c. Brook House – review of the South Area Committee decision and consideration of any resulting actions

Cllr Glynn reported on the debate at the South Area Committee on 10th March. The Committee had decided to approve the application but there had been some revisions to the conditions in relation to flood risk, and also potential for re-visiting the Parish Council’s footway proposal. The Clerk confirmed that she had requested details of the conditions, but had been unable to contact the planning officer. It is understood that final approval of the application is conditional on the footway being included. It was agreed to ask for a site meeting to discuss the Parish Council’s proposals. Cllr Bigg felt that details of the whole Section 106 package were needed. At the moment she is not happy with the conditions for flood mitigation.

d. Woodman’s Cottage – 09/P/1519/F & 09/P/1521/F

It was noted that a change to the wording for this application had been made on the NSC website. Cllr Glynn had pointed this out to the planning officer, but as yet no response had been received. The Clerk is to follow this up.

e. Rickyard Road development

Cllr Bigg explained concerns about the flood mitigation measures at the development which had been discussed with John Inman, Principal Drainage Engineer with NSC, on the previous day. The large pond is not taking in any water and so was not performing as a ‘holding’ pond. The position of the pond also appears to have been moved from its original position on the site map. It was also understood that there were intended to be attenuation tanks but these were not shown on the drawings produced by John Inman. These changes seem to have taken place without discussion.

It was agreed that the Clerk should take up these issues with the planning officer and obtain details of the current arrangements for drainage.

The meeting was closed at 7.30 pm.

Mrs. J. Gallop