Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 16th September, 2008
1 Apologies:
Mr D. W. Glynn, Chairman
Mr M. Berkley
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr P. Ellis
Mrs J. Gallop
Ms E. P. Irving
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs S.L. Dunn Morua
Mr G. A. Matthews
Mrs G. Moss
Mrs C. A. Phillips
Mr R. L. Thorn
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms G. Wilson, Clerk

In attendance:

2. Declarations of Interest

Cllr Thorn in relation to Havyatt Farm.

3. Public Participation

Louise Davidson of English Rural Housing addressed the meeting in relation to proposals for Rickyard Road. She explained that ERH works only in rural areas, in villages with less than 3,000 populations. They are funded by the Housing Corporation and are currently working on several schemes in North Somerset. Houses provided by ERH are built to Code 3 standards currently, but by 2010 this will be Code 4.

In relation to Rickyard Road, Ms Davidson explained that NSC had specified that in order for them to support the scheme they would require a number of shared equity and/or rental dwellings to be included. They are prepared to accept the findings of the needs survey carried out by First Home UK. The current proposal is for nineteen bungalows to be shared between the two schemes, with the final allocation still to be decided. In the case of shared equity, Ms Davidson explained that ERH do not charge rent on the unsold portion of the equity, and the property is retained as affordable housing in perpetuity. The construction of the dwellings would be timber framed, with different coloured renders to blend in with other local properties.

The issue of the public amenity designation was raised. Ms Davidson explained that ERH/First Home are looking to offset this with an equivalent site elsewhere. There was also discussion about the flooding problems suffered in the area. First Home UK have undertaken extensive investigations and believe that a solution can be provided that would prevent the site itself from flooding. In relation to flooding problems in Rickyard Road that affect other parts of the village, this would require action on the part of NSC.

At the end of the discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council would send any further queries or suggestions to Ms Davidson, and that members would have the opportunity to view the final version of the plans before the planning application was submitted.

The Chairman thanked Louise Davidson for attending the meeting, and she left at 7.30 pm. Cllr Thorn had made his apologies and left the meeting at 7.15 pm.

The Chairman suggested that members could review the plans provided by First Home UK and pass any comments to the Clerk, who would co-ordinate them.

4. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 26th August were reviewed and signed as a correct record.

5. Matters arising

The Chairman explained that details of the proposed planning application for Gatcombe Farm, together with a CD, are now available in the John Locke Room if members wanted to peruse these.

6. NSC South Area Planning Committee

It was noted that the papers for the meeting to be held on 17th September had not yet been received from North Somerset Council.

7. Decisions Notices issued by NSC

These had been circulated previously. It was noted that the application in relation to The Piggery had been approved, and the conditions were also noted. These included the placing of a sign to slow down traffic using the access track together with a recommendation to consult with the Parish Council on repairs to the track. The application for car parking at Silver Ridge had been dismissed on the grounds that no material changes had been made since the previous application.

8. Planning Applications

08/P/1813/F – BIA – North side car park extension to provide 87 additional car parking spaces (consultation only). The Chairman commented that the existing Leylandii trees do provide year-round screening. It was felt that the tall lighting columns would be intrusive. Cllr Yamanaka suggested that these might be moved further into the site, away from the boundary. Cllr Phillips thought that some type of screening could be provided to direct the light within the site, rather than into the surrounding area. This should also take into account the effect of cars moving in and out of the site after dark.

Although there is a proposal for new tree planting, it was felt that the size specified was too small, and there was concern about the loss of existing trees, which could have a detrimental effect on the residents of Downside Road.

Members also expressed doubts about the need for additional car parking when BIA is seeking to provide parking on other parts of the site. There are therefore concerns about conservation and the requirement to comply with the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006.

08/P/1825/WT – Play area, Church Walk – tree works: this application is submitted by Wrington Parish Council and therefore required no comment.

08/P/1833/F – Broadfield Farm, Winters Lane – erection of an agricultural building: it was noted that no design and access statement had been received. Members queried whether the building was needed because the farmer was expanding the herd, or whether it was intended to replace less suitable accommodation. If the former, there was concern as to whether there was sufficient provision for the disposal of slurry, and it was agreed to comment on this aspect of the application, as well as the insufficient information provided.

08/P/1919/F – Havyatt Green Farm – change of use from redundant agricultural buildings to a mixed use of six holiday accommodation units and commercial office unit following the demolition of the original dairy annex building and original Dutch barn, to include new gate across Copthorn Lane, landscaping, parking for 21 vehicles and cycle park. It was agreed to make no objection, other than to comment that the landscaping scheme could be extended to provide some tree planting outside the immediate site, and there should be no external lighting.

9. Other Planning Issues

a. Regional Spatial Strategy – comments on changes. Cllr Glynn advised that he is still reviewing the various documents and would welcome other views. It is hoped to report back to the next meeting. The deadline for comments is now 24 October.

b. BIA – proposed new fire station: BIA has indicated that an application is to be submitted under the permitted development regulations. It was noted that drawings are available in the John Locke Room.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.00 pm.

Mr. D W Glynn