Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 26th August, 2008
1 Apologies:
Mr D. W. Glynn, Chairman
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr P. Ellis
Mrs J. Gallop
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs S.L. Dunn Morua
Mrs G. Moss
Mr R. L. Thorn
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms G. Wilson, Clerk
Mr M. Berkley
Ms E. P. Irving
Mr G. A. Matthews
Mrs C. A. Phillips

In attendance:

2. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Ledbury in relation to 50 Garstons Close.

3. Public Participation

4. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 5th August were reviewed and the name of Cllr Ellis was added in the list of apologies, also the word ‘care’ changed to ‘car’ on line 2 of page 2. With these amendments, the minutes were signed as a correct record.

5. Matters arising

The Clerk reported that a copy of the regulations regarding replacement windows in the Conservation Area had now been received from NSC. The Chairman commented on the inclusion of a list of properties in the Conservation Area, which the Council had not had previously.

6. NSC South Area Planning Committee

The report of the meeting held on 13th August was reviewed. The Chairman stated that there was nothing specifically relating to Wrington Parish, but there were some items of interest, including the permission granted to Grove Nurseries at Langford for the provision of a Post Office, and an application in a neighbouring parish which had been turned down because of insufficient parking.

7. Decisions Notices issued by NSC

These had been circulated previously: 8 Bakers Buildings – approved; Haydens – tree works – approved.

8. Planning Applications

08/P/1678/F – Tumbling Weir: erection of a replacement fence to the front boundary (retrospective). The application in fact concerns a wall to replace the existing fence which had not been granted planning permission. It was agreed that there was no objection to a wall, which would be more appropriate than the fence. It was agreed to request that the wall be built of similar material to the nearby bridge at Tumbling Weir, and to be of a comparable height, rather than the 1.5m proposed in the application.

08/P/1762/F – Barley Farm, Old Hill: change of use from agriculture to enlarged residential curtilage, erection of a replacement dwelling and construction of a realigned access drive. It was felt that the proposed building would have an adverse impact on the landscape due to its prominent position in the Green Belt, and that the development in total would represent a significant increase in the overall footprint. There were also concerns over the existence of a bat roost, and the need to comply with the provisions of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. On these grounds, it was agreed to object to the application.

08/P/1802/LB – The Court House, The Triangle: erection of a first floor rear extension over 1960’s flat felt roof over covered walkway and replacement with pantile sloping roof (retrospective). This application will regularise the Listed Building permission which was overlooked at the time of the previous application. It was therefore agreed that no comment should be made.

08/P/1805/F – 50 Garstons Close: erection of a two storey side extension. Concern was expressed about the proximity of the extension to the area which can suffer from flooding. The building would also be very close to the boundary of neighbouring property. It was agreed that although there was no objection in principle, comments should be submitted on these concerns, and also to comment that the plans include velux windows, which are not usual in the Conservation Area.

08/P/1152/F – Richards Garage (amendment): revision to layout and in particular the dwelling type on plot 1 together with amended landscape proposals and entrance gates added. The Chairman explained that the amendments include removal of the petrol pumps and the installation of a pavement in front of Richards store. It was agreed that the inclusion of entrance gates was an impractical and undesirable feature, and to object to the creation of a gated development in the centre of the village. The proposed pavement in front of the store was felt to be rather pointless, given the existence of the wall between the store and the post office, and it was agreed to object to this aspect of the proposed amendment. It was also agreed to comment that the amended proposals did not address many of the concerns raised in the Council’s comments on the original proposal. These include: insufficient parking, traffic and access issues, potential flooding problems, contaminated land, etc.

9. Other Planning Issues

a. Regional Spatial Strategy – comments on changes. Cllr Glynn stated that although there is a large number of changes to the original document, not very many of them would affect Wrington. Cllr Bigg said that she felt that North Somerset councillors had not really responded adequately on the issues at an early stage. The deadline for comments is 24th October. Cllr Glynn is in the process of producing comments on the SW Bristol Urban Extension (Ashton Park) Environmental Impact Assessment screening opinion request, 08/P/1679/EIA for submission to NSC and will circulate this in advance if time allows.

b. Listed buildings: Cllr Glynn said that he has details of approximately 25 listed buildings in Wrington Parish and will provide a copy to members.

c. Gatcombe Farm – Cllr Glynn said that a response had been received from CMS Bath Ltd following the Council’s comments on their draft planning application. He felt that some of the issues raised were still likely to give rise to problems, in particular the level of water mains pressure, where the existing service may not be adequate. However, CMS Bath Ltd had expressed their appreciation of the Council’s efforts in submitting detailed comments. The submission of the full application will now be awaited.

d. Copies of Cllr Gallop’s report on her recent visit to the New Earth Solutions plant at Poole were circulated.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.55 pm.

Mr. D W Glynn