Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 23rd October, 2007
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr P. Ellis
Mrs J Gallop
Ms E P Irving
Chairman    Mrs S.L Dunn Morua
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mr R L Thorn
Ms G Wilson

  Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs C A Phillips
Mrs D J Yamanaka

Declarations of Members’ Interests

Cllr Glynn declared an interest in highways issues in relation to Gatcombe Farm.

Public participation

Mr Paul Coleman and Mr Ian White of CMS Bath Ltd attended the meeting to explain their involvement with the Gatcombe Farm site and potential plans for the future of the site. Mr Coleman outlined the company’s role as a developer of sensitive sites, and their policy of approaching local councils and residents prior to putting forward any firm plans.

A potential option for the site could be low density residential development, and a key issue would be vehicle movements. The previous residential proposal had been considered too ‘suburban’ in design, and Mr Coleman stated that their clients are receptive to the idea of sustainable designs and some live/work units. This could include affordable housing, with shared equity or a social landlord.

As yet the company has not made any approach to the planning department at North Somerset Council, but were interested in what type of development might gain the support of the Parish Council.

After a brief discussion, the Chairman thanked Mr Coleman and Mr White for their attendance and it was agreed that the Parish Council would await more detailed information before indicating whether the proposal might receive its support.

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October 2007 were reviewed and adopted with two minor amendments.

Matters arising

It was confirmed that no access track was included in the planning permission for South View Farm. Cllr Glynn commented that the mound of earth generated has to be taken away and it might be preferable to use the track and ask for the land to be restored afterwards. NSC Enforcement are aware of the situation.

NSC South Area Planning Committee

No papers available at this time.

Decision Notices issued by North Somerset Council – [see table ].
Details had been circulated previously – there were no comments

Planning Applications

07/P/2447/PDA – Pine Farm, Wrington Hill. The response to this had been submitted in advance of the meeting, due to the deadline for comments of 22nd October.

07/P/2438/F – 6 Bakers Buildings, Station Road, Wrington. This is an amendment to a previous application and involves re-siting a wall to avoid a sewage pipe – this will result in the proposed extension being slightly larger. There was no objection to this. However, it was agreed to reiterate and underline objection to the proposed ‘shed’, which members consider to be in the nature of an outbuilding and would set an unacceptable precedent.

07/P/2456/F – 6 Combe Dale, Backwell. No comment.

07/P/2466/WT – The Dower House, Church Walk, Wrington. Application for tree works – no comment.

07/P/2508/WT – Oak Cottage, The Triangle, Wrington. Application for tree works – no comment.

Other Planning Issues

a. Housing Green Paper

Cllr Glynn was complimented on his response, and it was acknowledged that the CPRE briefing paper had been helpful in this regard.

b. Core Strategy

The Core Strategy document circulated by NSC for consultation was reviewed. It was commented that the format of a large fold-out leaflet was off-putting and difficult to read, also that the intended distribution to every house had not been achieved. It was noted that Wrington is classed as a ‘service centre’. There was discussion as to the best method of responding as this was required by 30th November. It was decided that members should read and consider the proposals, with comments or questions to be circulated by 2nd November. A meeting was arranged for Tuesday 13th November, immediately following the planning meeting, for further discussion and formulation of a response.

c. Licence application for Plush Hotel (Redhill House)

Notice had been received that this application is to be considered at a meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee of NSC on 1st November, when there will be an opportunity to present the views of the Parish Council. Cllr Yamanaka offered to represent the Parish Council and this was agreed.

d. Tennis Club lights

Cllr Glynn reported that the proposed lights would be 6.7 metres high, the same as the existing lights, but they would generate more light. Cllr Bigg has circulated a paper from the Institute of Lighting Engineers, and there is also useful information available from the Campaign for Darker Skies. At present only one local resident has indicated that they are against the proposal. It will now be necessary to consider the matter at the next Parish Council meeting and decide whether to support a planning application.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.04 pm.

Mr. D W Glynn
Decision Notices
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision

The Dower House
Church Walk

Tree works Approved.