Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 21st August, 2007
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr P. Ellis
Mrs J Gallop
Ms E P Irving
Mrs P. Ledbury
Chairman    Mrs S.L Dunn Morua
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs C A Phillips
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Ms Gabrielle Wilson

   Mr M Berkley
Mrs G Moss

Declarations of Members’ Interests

Cllr Ledbury - in relation to 07/P/1991/F – 6 Bakers Buildings. This a personal, not prejudicial, interest.

Public participation

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 31st July 2007 were reviewed and adopted without amendment.

Matters arising

1) Ramp at new chemist’s shop: Clerk to contact the Enforcement Officer at NSC to check whether planning permission is required.

2) Planning White Paper: Cllr Irving reported that she had sent a response to this on behalf of the Parish Council as the deadline was imminent.

NSC South Area Planning Committee

The minutes of the meeting held on 18th July were reviewed. Cllr Yamanaka said that the Sandford nursing home application had been referred to the Planning and Regulatory Committee. The Richards Garage application had been recommended for refusal on four grounds, including the density of the proposed development. Cllr Yamanaka also reported that at the meeting on 15th August the application in relation to 8 Butts Batch had been refused.

Decision Notices issued by NSC
[see below]

Copies of these were distributed.

1) It was noted that the Webbsbrook Cottage application had been refused, although the Parish Council had not objected. It was agreed that an item should be included in the Wrington Journal regarding the use of ‘traditional hues and colours’ for listed buildings.

2) 44 South Meadows: the comment regarding the potential for flooding was noted. Cllr Yamanaka said that this was a drainage issue. Cllr Glynn commented that flooding had occurred in the area of Brook House recently, and that this would have been worse if the proposed development went ahead. Cllr Ledbury asked how often storm drains are cleared. This should be done annually. Members commented that problems were often caused by a simple accumulation of debris on the gratings and that householders should be encouraged to keep these clear of autumn leaves. An item is to be placed in the Wrington Journal to this effect.

Planning Applications

07/P/1991/F – 6 Bakers Buildings: Cllr Irving questioned whether the height of the proposed extension was higher than the neighbour’s – on reviewing the plans it was agreed that this was not the case. Cllr Irving commented that the extensions to this rank of houses were projecting further and further back, although as these were at the rear this did not affect the conservation aspect. It was agreed that there were no objections to the extension or replacement windows, provided these were of wood as described in the plans. However, councillors objected to the construction of a solid ‘shed’ which they felt was in fact an outbuilding. If granted, this could be regarded as a precedent for the other dwellings in Bakers Buildings, and it was strongly felt that a garden shed should be of wooden construction.

07/P/2079/F – Woodlands, Wrington Hill: It was felt that the erection of a two-storey detached garage/store would be inappropriate development in the Green Belt, and councillors therefore agreed to object to this application. It was also noted that a garage already exists at the site, and there was no indication that this would be demolished.

Notification of three further planning applications had been received, and full details of these are awaited:

Oakdene Farm – change of use of milking parlour.
Wrington Medical Practice – installation of solar panels.
All Saints’ Churchyard – tree works. Cllr Thorn said that these were for safety reasons and had arisen out of a recent quinquennial survey. It was agreed that details of the proposed work should be passed to Andy Sims, Tree Warden.

Other Planning Issues

Brook House Enquiry – nothing heard at present.

Cllr Dunn Morua asked whether the fence at Tumbling Weir in Havyatt Road needs planning permission. It was agreed that the Enforcement Officer should be requested to look at this.

Cllr Glynn reported that he would be meeting with a representative of the Tennis Club to advise on the planning application for proposed new lights at the tennis courts.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 1850 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn
Decision Notices
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
07/P/1031/LB School Road
Wrington School Internal works to include relocation of door, subdivision of 1st floor toilet and construction of kitchen cupboards. Granted, on condition that further detailed drawings showing the construction of the storage area around kitchen fireplace are submitted and approved. Also that the existing toilet door be salvaged and reused. All new internal works and finishes shall match the original work
07/P/1384/LB Webbsbrook Cottage
Silver st.,
Jones alteration of external paint colours. Refused - property is a Grade II Listed Building in a prominent position within Wrington Conservation area. Proposed colour is not a traditional hue and would impact upon the special historic character of the Listed Building and appearance of the Conseration area, contrary to Policies ECH/3 and ECH/4 of the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan
07/P/1417/F Silvergate
Bridgwater Road
Manor Felton Ltd Car parking with vehicle washing and mobile office facilities Refused. Inappropriate development in the Green Belt. Use of land for off airport parking contrary to aims of PPG 13 (Transport) and Policy T/12 of North Somerset Replacement Local Plan. Likely to result in significant increase in the use of access to classified road, also site is abbutted by residential properties and noisy aspects of the proposal likely to have an unacceptable effect on neighbours and conflict with policy GDP/2 of the North Somerset Replacement Plan.
07/P/1469/F Summer Barton
Ropers Lane
Stirling replace softwood windows with upvc Granted, on condition that replacement window frames on the north elevation are constructed of timber only.
07/P/1498/F Green Gables
West Hay Rd.,
Hullah Triple garage. Conversion of existing integral garage to living accommodation (office). Granted, on condition that external walling and roofing materials to be used are identical to those in the existing building, also no development to be commenced until surface water draining details are submitted and approved. The garage not to be used except for private and domestic purposes. Development not to be commenced until an arboricultural method statement to preserve adjoining trees has been submitted and approved.
Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
07/P/1991/F 6 Bakers Buildings
Station Road
Wrington BS40 5LQ
Mr & Mrs H Frank Erection of two storey rear extension, replacement front windows and erection of garden shed with pergola to outer garden area.


Wrington Hill
BS40 5PL

Mr D Landsbury

Erection of a two storey detached garage/store.