Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 17th April, 2007
Mr D W Glynn
Mr T R Clements
Ms E P Irving
Mr G A Matthews
Chairman    Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

Mrs A Atkins
Mrs G J Bigg
  Mrs J Gallop
Mr R L Thorn

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.30 hours.

Declaration of Members Interests.
Cllr. Clements declared an interest in the application 07/P/0889/F and the letter from TCI re a telecommunications mast at Rydings Farm. He also mentioned that his son, Michael, was the agent acting in respect of application 07/P/0883/F.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th March 2007 were adopted.

Matters Arising

1) Rule 6 status in planning terms. The Chair was still looking into this and is still unsure as to its benefits.

2) Humberts- the Chair had written to the local office on the matter of external lighting asking that they reconsider their policy decision and seeking a contact at Head office who may be contacted. The local director is understood to have made further inquiries relating to this but has not responded as yet.

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes – The Clerk reported on the minutes of the South Area Committee meeting of 21st March 2007.

Whilst the Clerk was updating the Council on the current situation with NSC enforcement issues the following sites were mentioned and in need of investigation by NSC:-

1) The Old Forge- new offices being built on the mobile home paddock.

2) 1 School Lane- purported to being used as offices and no change of use applied for.

3) Hillside Cottage A38, Redhill- cars being advertised and sold off site.

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list. Cllr. Clements mad e the point that in the advice notes attached to the certificate 06/P/2020/F mention is made that foul water from the development should be discharged to the public sewer- to his knowledge there is no public sewer. The Clerk was directed to bring this to the attention of the planning officer.

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Other Planning Issues

07/P/0160/F- Richards Garage- some amendments to the original submission received and Cllr. Glynn had prepared a response which is attached to the minutes.

Cllr. Clements left the meeting whilst it discussed the planning application 07/P/0889/F and the letter from TCI relating to the telecommunications mast at Rydings Farm.

In relation to the letter from TCI the Clerk was directed to write and advise that on the basis of the drawings presented the Council would object on the grounds of the visual impact it would make. The comment is also to be made that in terms of NSC policy that the applicants should first have investigated using the existing masts located locally- Havyatt Green Farm, sub-station at Iwood Lane/Stock Lane and at BIA on the southside near the WPD helicopter hangar.

Other Planning Issues

1) Formal notice received that the Richards Garage appeal relating to application 06/P/2127/F had been withdrawn.

2) The North Somerset replacement Local Plan was adopted by the Council on 30th March 2007.

3) He Council expressed its thanks to Cllr. Glynn for the detailed response submitted on the Core Strategy pre-production brief.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.20 hours

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
06/P/2020/F Holiday Inn,
Bridgwater Rd.,
Cowslip green
Lapwing Ltd 3-storey extension, single storey extension, interior alterations and construction of underground car parking. Approved.details of hard and soft landscaping works to be submitted, to include by ground survey the location of all trees and hedgerows on the land, together with the species of all trees. Indicate those to be retained. A plan showing the location and design of tree protection fencing for trees and hedging. Tree protection measures to be in place before development commences.

A sustainable transport report for the operation of the hotel to be submitted and approved.

Details of any external floodlighting and means of external illumination of any building or structure at the site to be submitted and approved.

Advice notes

Foul water from the development ot be discharged to the public sewer.

Sewerage undertaker to be consulted regarding the availablility of capacity in thefoul water sewer.

Prior to being discharged into any watercourse, surface water sewer or soakaway system, all surface water frainage from the parking areas for less than 50 spaces and hardstandings should be passed through trapped gullies.

Foul and surface manhole covers to be marked to enable easy recognition.

Waste from the development must be reused, recycled or otherwise of in accordance with the waste management legislation.

Capacity of fat traps from the restaurant to the foul drainage system should be increased appropriately.

Any facilites for storage of oils, fuels or chemicals shall be sited on impervious bases and surrounded by impervious bund walls.

Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
07/P/0779/PAI BIA Widening of long stay car park exit. No comment
07/P/0802/WT Silver Street
Wrington Memorial Hall Pruning & thinning of conifer groups. No comment
07/P/0883/F ST47632776 Southview Farm
Wrington Hill
T Brean Free range poultry laying house for 12,000 hens

No objection in principle. There are some concerns about the impact on the landscape and would ask that the following be taken into consideration:

1) Drainage- a balancing pond be put in so that surface water does not rush down the hill.

2) The intention to plant trees to assist landscaping is noted, and should be a firm condition. We also recommend that a bund be built near the balancing pond to reduce impact from the south.

3) No colour or finish has been defined and we would wish that this be of a neutral colour with a matt finish.

4) Access should be direct from South View farm and not from Bullhouse Lane.


Ryding Farm
Silver Street

TR Clements & Son

Agricultural Storage and feeding shed.

No objection in principle. There are some concerns surrounding drainage and a balancing pond should be a condition attached to any approval. The building should be landscaped and the roof of a matt finish and neutral in colour.