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Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 21st November, 2006
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr T R Clements
Mrs J Gallop
Ms E P Irving
Chairman    Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mr R L Thorn
Mr T W Yearsley

Mrs A Atkins
  Mrs C A Phillips
  Mrs D J Yamanaka

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.00 hours.

Declaration of Members Interests – Nil on known agenda items

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 31st October were adopted.

Matters Arising

Brook House-there are policy issues which are due to be discussed at NSC on 3rd January.

Public Participation - NIL

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes

The Clerk commented on the Parish Voice item contained with the minutes of 18th October and in particular the Parish Voice section which was a response to a question posed by Wrington PC concerning planning and pre-application discussions. Cllr. Bigg mentioned that it has already had an effect in that the agenda for the Planning Workshop has been changed. The response will be copied and forwarded to all councillors.

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council –

The Clerk mentioned a letter received from NSC on application 06/P/2293/PAI- a modular prefabricated building to locate the airside safety unit at BIA. The comment made by NSC is as follows: - “The comments of the Parish Council are noted. It is suspected that the parish has misunderstood the proposal. Whilst the existing buildings used by the Airside Safety Unit are located next to the fire station buildings and are prominent when viewed from the main road accessing the terminal, the site now proposed adjoins the North side access road behind the tall buildings used for vehicle maintenance to the West of the new control tower. Here the buildings would be largely invisible from public vantage points.

None the less it is proposed that we write to the Airport querying why the surplus space in the old terminal building cannot be used for this purpose.”

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list.

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

06/P/2518/F- extension to telecommunications mast at BIA. Cllr. Clements put the point that the telecommunications mast may be better sited within the curtailage of the Airport rather than elsewhere within the countryside. After discussion the Council remained opposed to the application.

06/P/2544/WT- Wrington United Reformed Church tree work. Cllr. Clements made mention of the fact that there were 3 differing opinions on the trees in question -1) by NSC Tree Officer that if touched a TPO would be put in place, 2) by the tree surgeon recommending 30% crown reduction and 3) by the Parish Tree Officer who maintains that the smaller tree should be removed as there are signs of disease and allow the more established tree to grow.

The Chairman mentioned that this week’s list contains 3 applications for the Parish with BIA Master Plan being treated as an application. It was mentioned that the Parish Council’s letter seeking an extension to the consultation period has been entered under the name of Congresbury Parish Council- Clerk to advise NSC.

A letter has been received from the PCAA indicating that the 4 Area Planning Committees at NSC are including a discussion on the Master Plan prior to the Consultation period finishing- the Clerk was directed to write and express concern at this also seeking the support of the District Councillor.

It has been mooted that this is the first Master Plan and that the government is looking at it as being an example for the future. The feeling of the meeting was that there were many procedural issues that were of concern and Cllr. Thorn made the proposition that the Parish Council should refer the matter to the ombudsman- this was seconded by Cllr. Bigg and the motion carried. The Clerk will be provided with a list of bullet points to take the matter forward- copies of the letter then to go to the PCAA and ALCA.

Concerns expressed over the apparent lack of infrastructure but also the new road indicated on reports from Weston-Super-Mare to BIA. Cllr. Matthews said that this was something to take up with GOSW and it was a meeting that has to be arranged.

Cllr. Glynn indicated that two meetings have been arranged the first with Liam Fox on 8th December at 16.00 and the second with the Airport on 11th December at 15.30 hours to discuss relevant airport and traffic related issues.

Other Planning Issues

1) Holiday Inn section 106- the original application carried a section 106 which related to the access from the A38 and it is not envisaged that the extension would be subject to a new 106 agreement. The architects indicate that any tree removed will be properly balled and put at the disposal of the Parish Council.

2) Land off Iwood Lane-unpermitted works- this is being looked at by the Enforcement team at NSC.

3) South West Regional Strategy- a letter received and if the Council wish to participate then notification has to be given by 15th December. Cllr. Bigg to take forward.

4) Cllr. Clements was concerned at the statement by NSC of “no more house in villages”. It was felt that this was taken out of context and referred to large developments as opposed to small infill.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.05 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
06/P/2115/F Chancellors Cottage,
Long Lane, Redhill
Wood replacement single-storey garage, store & carport. APPROVE. No development to commence until protective fencing has been erected around existing tress to be retained.
06/P/2132/F Alfoxton, School Road Stott single-storey rear extension. APPROVED. External walling and roofing materials shall be identical to those in the existing building.
06/P/2134/F Scars Farm, Redhill Young change of use of redundant barn into holiday accommodation Application withdrawn.
06/P/2176/F Pantiles, School Rd Vaughan Conservatory to rear of property APPROVED. External walling materials to be identical to those in the existing building
06/P/2181/F Cook's Bridle Path, Downside Tall Pines Golf Club greenkeeper's store & workshop APPROVED. No site clearance works or development shall take place until a method statement identifying measures to protect trees to be retained on the site has been submitted and approved.Building to be used for purposes ancilliary to the use and maintenance of the golf course only and no other use. Any facilities for the storage of oils, fuels or chemicals shall be sited on impervious bases and surrounded by impervious bund walls- details to be submitted to the LPA
06/P/2217/F Appletree House, West Hay Rd Watts 2-storey side extension. APPROVE. External walling and roofing materials to be identical to those in the existing building. No additional windows, rooflights or dormers shall be inserted in the west side elevation without the prior consent of the LPA.
Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
06/P/2518/F BIA Vodaphone Ltd Erection of a 5m extension to existing 15m high telecommunications mast in order to accommodate 6 aerials and up to 2 transmission dishes for Vodaphone and 3 aerials and 2 transmission dishes for T-Mobile with controlling equipment being placed inside an existing cabin together with the installation of 2 air conditioning units. OBJECT. In the Council's opinion, this lattice tower is an unsatisfactory design in this location , even at 15m height. A 5m extension combined with a series of transmitter attachments will add to the visual impact of the mast, unacceptably extending it above the general aviation hangar. In fact what is being asked for is effectively the mast refused under 05/P/2066/F but located on the west side of the helicopter hangar, albeit with a slightly lower overall height.

The Council also takes into account the impact on the green belt.

The mast is not essential to the operations of BIA and is a separate commercial enterprise.

The agents covering correspondence indicates that the old terminal building is being pulled down , hence the resiting of the mast, but as the BIA Master Plan is still at the consultation stage this assumption should not be considered as a current planning issue.


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Wrington United Reformed Church

Robinia x2- 30% crown reduction and reduce the 2 crowns as one.

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