Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 10th October, 2006
Mr D W Glynn
Mr T R Clements
Mrs G J Bigg
Ms E P Irving
Mr G A Matthews
Chairman    Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

   Mrs A Atkins
Mrs J Gallop
Mr R L Thorn
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.00 hours.

Declaration of Members' Interests – Cllr. Glynn expressed an interest in planning application 06/P/2217/F and indicated that he would hand over the Chair and leave the when this was being discussed.

The Minutes of the Meetings held on 19th & 27th September were adopted.

Matters Arising - nil

Public Participation – None present.

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes – The Clerk made the Council aware of a site meeting to be held at Avon Livestock Centre on Wednesday 11th October at 9.30 a.m. Cllr. Yamanaka stated that anyone attending would be allowed to speak at the site meeting. Whilst the site is not within the Parish the proposed change of use to airport car parking evoked some interesting and varied views.

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list.– The Clerk advised the Council of the underlying reasons why NSC approved the application for change of use at South Croft notwithstanding the Parish Council’s opposition

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Brook House- mention was made of amendments received in respect of applications 06/1984/CA and 06/1083/F which revolved around a minor change on the Conservation & design Statement.

On the same application there is a letter dated 6th October from Barton Willmore to NSC confirming an agreed amendment to the access (as discussed with Mr. Schneider of NSC). The parties opposite who would be affected by this amendment have confirmed that it will not affect their access.

The Council also took due notice of a letter from Mr. Bartlett regarding Conservation Area policy and how this related to Brook House.

Vodaphone Base Station at BIA.

The Council discussed a letter received from Needham Haddrell on behalf of Vodaphone regarding a proposal for an extension to an existing WPD mast. It may also accommodate the T-Mobile equipment but would mean an extension of 5m bringing the size to 20m. The Council was not in agreement with this proposal and the Clerk was directed to write to the agents and suggest that negotiations should open with BIA with a view to housing the mast on the Old terminal Building.

Other Planning Issues

1) Notice of Appeal re Bennetts, High Street and the retention of the wall. The Council comments have already been recorded on file and no further action deemed necessary.

2) Letter received from Mr. & Mrs. McCafferty regarding a strip of land outside their boundary. They wish to adopt this and put within their boundary. It was suggested that in the first instance that ownership should be established by seeking advice from NSC. Cllr. Glynn will then make a point of visiting the McCaffertys’ with a view to discussing how this strip of land can be maintained.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.22 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
06/P/1432/F 8 Butts Batch Hamilton 3-storey detached dwelling Withdrawn
06/P/1666/PA1 BIA BIA External canopy to Silver zone car park NSC suggest reduction in height from 3.59m to 2.5m. A number of seats should be provided, possibly circular around the mounting poles or bench (double side seating). Bins should also be included. The submitted details does not make any reference to surface materials- a quality surface should be required in order to improve the visual appearance of the area. Also consider using an alternative colour to white for the canopy.
06/P/1812/F 24 Garstons Close Pasterfield 2-storey rear extension Approved
06/P/1825/F 16 South Meadows Wilcox Single storey side kitchen and new garage extension Approved
06/P/1843/F West Barn, West Hay rd Uttley Side and rear single storey extensions following the demolition of existing rear lean to Approved. No development to take place until a method statement identifying measures to protect the Horse Chestnut to be retained, has been submitted and approved.
06/P/1898/F South Croft, Silver Street Exell Change of use from residential to office Approved-solely as an accountancy practice. Provision for parking of cycles must be made
.06/P/2017/WT Wilderspool, Bells Walk Norway maple x 4- 30% crown reduction, Leyland cypress- fell, apple x 1 –fell Approved
Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
06/P/2176/F Pantiles, School Rd Vaughan Conservatory to rear of property No comment
06/P/2181/F Cook's Bridle Path, Downside Tall Pines Golf Club greenkeepers store & workshop No objection to the development as submitted provided the building is used strictly for the purpose stated and this is specified in the planning certificate.
06/P/2205/WT 17 The Glebe Inglis remove tree (species unknown) No comment

Appletree House
West Hay Rd

Watts 2-storey side extension . Cllr. Glynn declared an interest and left the room. Cllr Clements took the Chair. No objection but there are concerns over the loss of light/ privacy of the adjoining properties and also the loss of the garaging. Cllr. Glynn returned to the room and took over the Chair.
06/P/2221/F Combe Head Farm
Brockley Combe Road
Marshall Retention of car parking on existing agricultural yards. Object. Considered inappropriate development in the green belt and unsuitable access.The proposed access to the car parking cuts across a public right of way AX30/68

Worship Farm
Row of Ashes Lane

Stable building No objection in principle to personal use by the property owners. We are concerned however about the physical size of the stables
06/P/2275/F land adj. 3 Church View, Felton Smithies removal of condition 6 of planning permission 06/P/1006/F which restricts any part of the approved dwelling being used for paying guest accommodation. Object. The proposed access is over common land and should continue to be resisted as it could lead to increased traffic and parking on the nature reserve.
If the application is approved then the number of cars accessing the site should be restricted and a condition made that no parking on the common is to be permitted
06/P/2288/PDA Green Farm, Havyatt Rd. FR Brown & Sons steel framed storage building No comment on the basis that it is strictly for agricultural use.
06/P/2293/PA1 BIA BIA Replacement modular prefabricated building to house the airside safety unit. It is disappointing that once more a prefabricated building of no architectural merit that will impact on the approach to the airport terminal has been used.




removal of conditions 2&3 on permission 05/P/0852/F- 2- relates to the MOT bay and it being used for airport vehicles and staff members. 3- relates to hours of operation.

Object. The proposed operation is still considered to be outside the business remit of the airport and any relaxation in conditons could be detrimental to existing local trade and therefore against the stated policy of the airport of assisting the local economy. Traffic flow could be increased unneccessarily and there are considerable security implications.

It is considered that NSC should confirm direct with VOSA that the withdrawal of the MOT testing station licence could happen if the facility is not offered to the general public. In this event some relaxation may be deemed necessary but the working should hours be kept as currently stated.