Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 21st February, 2006

Mr D W Glynn
Mrs A Atkins,
Mr T R Clements
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
 Mr G A Matthews
Chairman    Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

 Ms E P Irving

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.00 hours.

Declaration of Members Interests - None

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 31st January with the amendment under apologies the names of Cllrs. Gallop and Atkins should have been recorded.

Matters Arising

1) 05/P/2622/WT- The Old Rectory. The Chairman is to meet with a member of NSC to air views on the planning procedures and in particular the timescale allowed to submit comments.

2) 05/P/2983/WT- work on trees on land at the Glebe. The Parish tree Warden has met with the contractor and a way forward agreed.

3) “Open land”- to be left on the table. Cllr. Bigg has requested a map.

4) Cambridge Cottage application withdrawn.

5) Five Villages Group. The Clerk is in receipt of an e-mail from Graham Found of the Five Villages group offering to meet with the Council to discuss the issues. The letter submitted to NSC has been forwarded by them to the Five Villages Group. The issues raised were directed at NSC and not this group. The Clerk was directed to make NSC aware of this.

6) Havyatt Industrial Estate- the map relating to the amendment to the Replacement Local Plan has not been obtained.

7) Caravans/static homes. The Clerk advised that NSC on this topic admit it to being a grey area. There is no set policy and each case is looked at on its own merits. NSC takes the view that if the caravan/static home is recognised as part of the residential accommodation then no planning permission required but if it is for an ancillary use, i.e. holiday let, then planning permission is required.

Public Participation - none

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes – The Clerk commented on the Minutes of the South Area Committee dated 18th January.

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list.

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Other Planning Issues

1) Highcroft, Winters Lane- a query from a resident about the type of development being carried out has been referred to the Enforcement Team at NSC.

2) Buglers, High Street- new external shelves extending into the road forcing cars to park further out into the road. To be covered under Highways at the full Council Meeting.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.30 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
05/P/2597/ADV Land at Cooks Bridle Path, Downside T Murray Erection of a non-illuminated freestanding sign Approved
05/P/2695/F Cambridge Cottage, Broad St Simon Change of use and conversion of shop and flat into a single dwelling Withdrawn
05/P/2957/F Whispering Pines, Cooks Bridle Path, Downside Allen 2-storey detached garage with hobby/storage room Withdrawn
05/P/3018/F Bramley Cottage, Bullhouse Lane Stewart Extension to the kitchen on west elevation Approved- cautionary note re bats
05/P/3098/F Land adjoining Innex Cottage, Ropers Lane Williams 2-storey dwelling and detached garage Approved
06/P/0020/TPO West Barn, West Hay Rd Horse Chestnut 35% crown reduction Approved
Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
06/P/0238/WT Glaisters, Church Walk Densham Alder x 2-30% crown reduction, ash x 1 fell, laurel x 1-crown reduce by 4ft., Holm oak x 1- end weight reduction limb overhanging neighbouring property No comment
06/P/0241/F Havyatt Farm, Havyatt Lane D Alvis Conversion of store/workroom to office and playroom, erection of a timber conservatory and single storey extension to main house, relocation of oil tank, change of use of paddock to residential curtailage and erection of 2 greenhouses The development to the building is acceptable.

The application form does not show a request for a change of use for the paddock and as such the greenhouses should be erected within the existing domestic curtailage of the property. If the application includes a request for change of use then the Council would object

06/P/0243/WT Long Orchard, Bullhouse Lane Hooper Blue Atlas cedar x 1- 25% crown reduction and thin by 5%, remove deadwood The Parish Tree Warden has viewed this tree and considers that removal of 2 or 3 branches on the heavy side and then leave alone for the time being. It is felt that the Tree Officer should visit as the Parish Tree Warden’s views are different to those of the contractor who has provided the householder with the initial advice


Warren Lodge, Brockley Combe


Erection of a dwelling house with associated access and landscaping

Object- there are no exceptional circumstances that have been demonstrated and it is contrary to planning policy