Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 14th June, 2005
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr T R Clements
Mrs J Gallop
Ms E P Irving
Chairman    Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips
Mr R L Thorn
  Mrs A Atkins,
Mrs D J Yamanaka

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.03 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th May were adopted without amendment.

Matters arising.

Golden Lion application for variation of opening hours- original withdrawn but it is understood that they will be reapplying. It was mentioned that to date only 10% of premises qualifying under the new Licensing Act have reapplied. The forms and conditions are considered complex.

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes – None received

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list.

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Cllr. Clements mentioned that Alvis Bros. intended to make an application and in view of previous problems with planners wondered whether there was any benefit in inviting the principals to the next planning meeting to talk about their proposals. It was suggested that this might be an opportunity to ask them about issues concerning existing planning permissions on the basis that they were forewarned of the topics to be covered.

Cllr. Irving expressed the view that by inviting the Council’s comments prior to a formal planning application the applicant might feel that having addressed any comments that the Council would then look at the application sympathetically.

Other Planning Issues

1) New highway marking Silver Street- may cause a problem for the Chemist shop with deliveries. The owner has been told that if problems do occur to make the Council aware.

2) North Somerset Replacement Local Plan- the Council has received comment on proposals related to the proposed link between the A370 & A38. Cllr. Glynn recommended that no response sent and to leave matters to the Inspector.

3) Tree Preservation Order- now confirmed on a tree at 19 The Glebe.

4) 9 Garstons- caravan on site. As a decision on the planning issue is likely to be made within 2/3 weeks the Enforcement Officer will not take any action. If planning granted then it is permissible to have the caravan on site during building.

5) Innex Cottage. Enforcement Officer looking into the question of signage in the Conservation Area.

6) Speed Limits- likely to be a survey of speed limits on Wrington Lane following an issue raised by Congresbury Parish Council and supported by Wrington at the Parish Voice meeting.

7) Skateboard Park- application approved and awaiting certificate.

8) Havyatt Industrial Units. The Chairman touched upon this matter and in particular the fact that the District Councillor declined to refer the matter to South Area Committee. A copy of e-mail notes had been received by all attached to e-mail and it invoked some comment from non-recipients that an issue of this importance had not been brought to their attention. The Chairman accepted the comments.

After some discussion on the application Cllr. Bigg, seconded by Cllr. Irving, made a proposal that the Parish Council formally request that the application be referred to the South Area Committee as it was felt that the application merited further discussion before any decision made. The motion was passed and the Clerk directed to take forward.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.00 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments