Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday 5th July 2005

Mr D W Glynn
Mrs G J Bigg
 Mr T R Clements
Ms E P Irving
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips
    Mrs A Atkins,
   Mrs J Gallop
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.00 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th June 2005 were adopted without amendment.

Matters arising.

Public Participation

Peter Alvis and Nick Green attended to speak on development of the Alvis Bros. business and a need for additional space to store cheese.

Peter Alvis gave a brief resume of the way in which the business was developing and future growth restricted by an inability to store the product. They intend to submit a planning application to increase the cheese store by 50% behind the existing shop. It was maintained that there would be no impact visually. A by-product of cheese, whey, is currently being moved at the rate of 4 tanker loads per day but this can be reduced to 2 tankers per week. The shop application was withdrawn due to possible planning restrictions on the percentage sale of goods.

Landscaping- some trees may have to be moved but this will not impact on neighbours- another consideration has to be vermin control. The Company is in regular contact with the Environment Agency and Planning Authority.

It was left that the Council would bring any concerns to their notice before the application is processed. An invitation was extended to Councillors to view the site.

North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes
The Clerk referred to the Minutes of 25th May 2005.

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – see separate table attached.
Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Other Planning Issues

1) North Somerset Replacement Local Plan- response received to an objection raised concerning the Banwell By-pass. The Chairman recommended that matters be left for the Inspector at the inquiry. Agreed.

2) Appeal by Mr. G L Wedlake on land and premises at Yew Tree Paddocks, Downside Road. The Clerk was directed to write in similar vein to other applications as this centres around the use of the land for car parking.

3) Golden Lion licensing application- although the Council has still to receive formal notification of a revised application, the matter has been raised by residents. It was agreed that the Chairman would press NSC for details and that in the light of the response deadline, believed to be 31st July, the Council’s response would be considered at the full PC meeting in July.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 19.15 hours.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
05/P/0593/F 45 The Glebe Booth & White UPVC replacement windows Approved


Lye Hole Farm


Reinstate loft, new floor & repair of stairs



Recreation Field, Wrington

Parish Council

Skateboard Park



9 Brooklyn


2 dormer windows to rear elevation & installation of 3 roof lights to the front elevation



21 Lawrence Rd.


2-storey side extension & double detached garage



Goblin Combe Farm


Change of use & conversion from barn to holiday accommodation & associated parking



Havyatt Business Park

Autotrend Ltd

Erection of 7 light industrial units



2 Ladywell


Erection of a single-storey extension & rear conservatory




Relocation of the WPD helicopter hangar

LPA- no observations to make on the proposal

Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments
05/P/0618/RM 9 Garstons Amendment re site layout and landscaping Response submitted by e-mail 29th June

Goblin Combe Farm


Hay Barn

No objection-this building should be designated purely for agricultural use with no “airport parking”. Application 05/P/1018/F has already extended parking capacity


Goblin Combe farm


Existing to existing cattle building over yards.

No objection- this building should be designated for purely agricultural use with no “airport parking”. Application 05/P/1018/F has already extended parking capacity.


Webbsbrook Cottage, Silver Street


Conservatory extension to rear of existing cottage

No objection


1 Brook Cottage, Cowslip Green


Replacement of 2 front windows

No objection


Ashdale, Downside Rd.


Removal of agricultural occupancy condition on Ashdale

Oppose on the grounds it is linked to an active farm.

Webbsbrook Cottage, Silver St.


Conservatory extension to rear of existing cottage

No objection


41 Garstons Close


London Plane fell

The tree has an amenity value and as such a crown lift should be considered. The decision should be down to the Tree Officer.

05/P/1471/LB 1 Brook Cottages, Cowslip Green Lane

Replacement of 2 front windows

No objection.

05/P/1475/F Wrington Warren, Brockley Flight Car Services Retention of car parking facilities for airport passengers Object- within the green belt and inappropriate access.

Land around Hailstones Farm

Mrs. Barnes

Change of use from agricultural land to use as a car parking facility for users of BIA

Object- within the green belt and inappropriate access