Broad Street Wrington
Planning Minutes
Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday 16th August 2005

Mr D W Glynn
Mrs A Atkins,
Mrs G J Bigg
 Mrs J Gallop
Ms E P Irving
Mr G A Matthews
Chairman     Mrs G Moss
 Mrs C A Phillips
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
     Mr T R Clements

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 18.00 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th July 2005 were adopted without amendment.

Matters arising.

Public Participation


North Somerset Planning Committee Minutes
No Minutes received

Planning Certificates issued by North Somerset Council – [see separate table attached] as per pre-meeting list.

The Clerk did comment on an e-mail received from Peter Jones regarding the Tree Preservation Order on a tree at 41 Garstons Close. Concerns centred on road safety and the need for the owners to approach NSC when pruning etc. required. The Chairman mentioned that when the certificate was issued by NSC a form was enclosed in order that pruning/crown lifting could be applied for which is an indication that any reasonable request would not be withheld. The Clerk to advise Mr. Jones of the Council’s views.

Planning Applications

For planning applications and comments see attached sheet.

Other Planning Issues

1) Licensing- the Clerk made mention of the hearings scheduled for Friday 19th August in connection with the applications for the Golden Lion and Airport Tavern. In connection with the latter the Area Manager for Punch Taverns had phoned to advise that the live music times would be changed to finish at 23.00 hours Sunday to Thursday and 24.00 hours on Friday and Saturday. On this basis would the Parish Council waive its objections? It was agreed that this should be referred to Cllr. Atkins at the full PC Meeting. Cllr. Irving will speak on behalf of the Council in respect of both hearings if they take place on Friday morning with Cllr. Yamanaka speaking in the afternoon.

2) RSS update- July 2005 edition available for reading.

3) E-mails- the Chairman raised this topic in view of some comments made at the last Planning Meeting. It centres on the non e-mail recipients and how they should receive paper copies. It was generally felt that copies are not needed in all instances although the Parish Council Chairman should as a matter of courtesy, be made aware of e-mail circulation. The Clerk suggested that disclosure of e-mails could be left to his discretion and this was accepted by the Meeting. Cllr. Phillips requested that a paper copy of the full Council Meeting minutes be sent to her and not e-mail.

Mr. D W Glynn

Planning Certificates
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Decision
05/P/0852/F BIA S Webb Proposed additional use of maintenance depot as MoT Testing Station Approved-limited to airport vehicles and members of staff employed at BIA.


Goblin Combe Farm


Extension to existing cattle building.

Approved. To be used purely for agricultural purposes


41 Garstons Close

Plane tree

Refused- TPO 871 made.

Planning Applications
Application Address/Location Applicant Development Proposal Comments

9 Garstons Amendment: garage ridge lowered by 500mm. Dwelling redesigned. Roof pitch lowered to 35 degrees.

The Plough Inn

Young & co.

Conversion of outbuildings to provide letting rooms.


Warren House, Brockley Combe


Retrospective planning permission for caravan


Chancellors Cottage, Redhill


Car barn and granny flat


Oakdene Farm, Cox’s Green


Conversion of redundant farm buildings to stabling and storage/workshop use.