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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke Room on Wednesday 16 October 2013

Present: Mr D Glynn (Chairman) Mr J Rawlins Mr P Robinson Mrs D Yamanaka Mr B Taylor
Mrs P Ledbury (part) Mrs F Burke (Clerk)


1. To receive apologies from Members for non-attendance.
Apologies were received from Cllr Bigg (personal), Cllr Howells (illness) and Philippa Penney, NSC Liaison.

2. To receive Members’ declarations of interests on known agenda matters and any amendments to the register of interests.

Cllr Yamanaka in relation to agenda item 13b due to her husband’s connection with Vision North Somerset.

3. To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 18 September 2013.
The minutes were approved and signed as a true record.

4. To adjourn the meeting for Public Participation:
There were no members of the public in attendance.

5. To receive a report from the Police representative.
No police report had been received.

6. Mr George Lankester to address the Council in relation to co-option.
Due to an unforeseen circumstance Mr Lankester was unable to attend the meeting but had expressed his wish to address the Council at the November meeting.

7. To note items of correspondence received and to consider any resulting actions:

· Letter from English Rural Housing Association (ERH), dated 30 September 2013, concerning the allocation of local needs affordable housing and how this relates to rural communities.
This was noted. It was agreed that the Clerk would reply thanking ERH for their update and acknowledging the points made in the letter.

· Letter from NSC Electoral Services, 13 September 2013, requesting the use of the Council’s rooms for the European Parliamentary election to be held 22 May 2014 and for the next North Somerset Council elections, 7 May 2015.
Resolved: To agree to the cyber room being used for elections in 2014 and in principle for 2015, with the latter subject to final confirmation nearer the time.

8. To receive the Clerk’s report.
This was received.

Street lights
Cllr Yamanaka suggested that if the Broad Street lights were still out at the time of the next Journal copy deadline then an explanation might be included in the Clerk’s item.

9. To receive the Finance Report, including payments recommended for approval.
Copies of the report circulated separately.

SSE Contracting – Street Light maintenance, 2nd quarter 2013/14 £766.19
North Somerset Council – Dog Bin emptying, September 2013 £124.80
ITEC – photocopier, 2nd quarter 2013/14 £4.06
NALC – ‘Putting Communities First’ conference 19 September, for Cllr Bigg (paid) £132.00
Village Orderly’s salary October - to be calculated
Clerk’s salary October - to be calculated
Clerk – reimbursement for purchases made:- green bags (£10.50) and 2014 diary (£2.99) £13.49
Assistant Clerk’s salary October - to be calculated
Assistant Clerk – reimbursement for purchases made from petty cash:-
stamps (£21.95), keys (£5.98) and subscription to ‘Village Journal’ (£5.00) £32.93
Travel to noticeboards during 1st & 2nd quarters 2013/14 £15.03

Resolved: To approve the payments as recommended. Cllr Rawlins proposed approval, Cllr Yamanaka seconded.

Cllr Ledbury arrived at this point in the meeting.

10. To receive and consider reports from:

a. District Councillor, Cllr Yamanaka
This was received.

Cllr Yamanaka reported on the new A2 rural bus service. Members expressed their dissatisfaction that Wrington has not been included on the route, despite their being residents and employment centres in Wrington which would benefit from the service, with there being no reason why the bus cannot be routed into Wrington from the A38. Cllr Yamanaka agreed to press for Wrington to be included on the A2 bus route.

b. WVMP report, Cllr Robinson.
This was received.

Cllr Robinson reported on a meeting about continuing issues with the Wrington branch surgery that had taken place between NSC HOSP, WVMP, village residents and Lesley Woakes, representing NHS England.
Resolved: To write to the Clinical Commissioning Group thanking them for giving the Council an informative presentation earlier in the month and to take the opportunity to highlight the ongoing issues with the branch surgery.

c. Sports & Social Club, Cllr Howells.
No report had been received.

d. Twinning Association, Cllr Rawlins
No report had been received.

Cllr Rawlins reported that a brochure is soon to go out to households in the Parish.

11. To receive and consider reports from Council Working Groups:

a. Finance, Cllr Rawlins. This was received and the meeting minutes noted.

b. Environment, Cllr Bigg. No report had been received.

c. Highways, Cllr Ledbury. No report had been received. Cllr Ledbury to consider possible dates for a Highways meeting and circulate details.

12. To consider and approve the following recommendations from the Finance working group:

a. To agree to renew the Council’s annual subscription to the Parish Councils Airport Association (PCAA) at a cost of £50.
Resolved: To renew the PCAA annual subscription.

b. To recommend that the Council donates £100 to Vision North Somerset for a proposed ‘Advice and Information Project’ (letter of application circulated) on condition that a project report is submitted and with a particular emphasis on the benefits to parish residents. The report to be submitted by the end of April 2014.
Resolved: To agree to donate £100 to Vision North Somerset.

c. To agree to purchase a more effective cross-cut shredder for office use at a maximum cost of £100.
Resolved: To agree to purchase a cross-cut shredder as proposed.

d. To agree to the purchase of one large bag of gravel material for use on the footpath between Ladywell and Alburys, with residents having agreed to spread the gravel to cover worn and muddy sections along the path. Maximum expenditure £70.
Resolved: To agree to purchase one bag of gravel as proposed.

e. To agree in principle that the Clerk, Assistant Clerk and Chair might attend the SLCC South West Regional Conference to be held in Cheltenham on Wednesday, 27 November, at a total cost of £197.
Resolved: To agree support the recommended attendance of the SLCC SW Regional Conference.

13. To confirm that representatives for the following outside bodies will be represented on the Memorial Hall and Recreation Field Club Committee for the year 2013-14. These are the Cricket Club, Drama Group, Football Club, Gardening Club and the WI.
Resolved: To agree to confirm the representation as proposed and to advise the outside bodies accordingly.

14. To consider the Local Government Boundary Commission’s draft recommendations for revised North Somerset Council electoral ward boundaries, with a view to adding a further support statement to the Council’s previous proposal, accepting the Commission’s recommendation or submitting some alternative proposal. Closing date for comments 18 November 2013.

Members agreed that Wrington should remain as a single Member ward but they would strongly prefer that Wrington is joined within Butcombe and Blagdon rather than the draft arrangement proposed by the draft Boundary Commission.
Resolved: Cllr Glynn to prepare and circulate a proposed response to the consultation.

15. To note that an order has been placed with SSE for a replacement street light for C2 Brooklyn, with SSE having agreed to install an alternative specification light complete with a shield to minimise any impacts on properties to the rear, total installed budget price £1,227.89 (July 2012). Also to note that SSE, in association with WPD, have agreed to install a new pole mounted light outside Long Cottage, Ropers Lane (C3), at no or minimal cost to the Council.
This was noted.

16. Memorial Hall – to consider requests to serve alcohol as follows:

· Jo & Keith Sinclair, Garstons Close – to serve alcohol at their Halloween party to be held Friday, 25 October 2013.
· Phil Parker, re. Reverse Gear Charity Dance – to sell alcohol at their dance to be held Saturday, 16 November 2013.
Resolved: To agree to these requests.

17. Consultations:

· Bristol Airport consultation on the implementation of RNAV aircraft approaches from the south. Closing date for comments 31st October (details previously circulated). See:
This was noted and it was agreed that the Council had no comments to make on this consultation.

18. Items raised by Members for information and for possible consideration at the next meeting to be held Wednesday 20 November 2013.

· Cllr Yamanaka raised the matter of a possible traffic island on the A38 at Redhill and asked that his should be discussed when more information is available.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8.50pm.