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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Wednesday, 24th August, 2011


Mr D. W. Glynn, Chair
Mrs C. Turton, (Vice-Chair)
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mrs L. Howells
Mrs P. Ledbury
P. Robinson
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Mrs F. Burke, Clerk

In attendance: Mr B Taylor, Mr N Finch, Mr T Wright (Weston Mercury), PC Tacchi (part)
1. To receive apologies from Members for non-attendance:
Apologies were received from Cllr Rawlins (family matters) and Cllr Hollingdale (holiday)

2. To receive Members’ declarations of interests on known agenda matters and any amendments to the register of interests.

Cllr Howells declared an interest in the request for alcohol licence for an event in aid of Breast cancer care on October 15th.

3. To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 27 July 2011.

The minutes were reviewed and signed as a correct record.

4. To adjourn the meeting for Public Participation.

The meeting was adjourned to allow for public participation.

5. To receive a report from the Police representative

PC Tacchi circulated this month’s police report and discussed it briefly. Councillors requested a more detailed report from the airport if possible, as the one supplied for the July meeting had been purely statistical.

Resolved: PC Tacchi to look into this once the Clerk had clarified who the airport police contact was.

6. Mr Barrie Taylor and Mr Nick Finch to address the Council in turn in relation to co-option.

Mr Barrie Taylor and Mr Tom Wright (press) left the room. Mr Nick Finch briefly addressed the Council with his reasons for wishing to join the Council.

Mr Barrie Taylor came back into the room and Mr Nick Finch left the room. Mr Barrie Taylor addressed the Council, giving his reasons for wishing to join the Council. He then left the room.

Following discussion, Mr Finch, Mr Taylor and Mr Wright were invited to return to the room and the Chairman then reconvened the meeting.

7. To consider the co-option to the Parish Council of Mr Barrie Taylor and Mr Nick Finch.

Councillors considered the applications and were unanimous in their support.

Resolved: To co-opt Mr Nick Finch and Mr Barrie Taylor onto the Council.

The Chair welcomed both new Members to the Council and asked them to sit at the meeting table.

8. To note items of correspondence received and requiring action:

· Play Area Inspection and Maintenance Report from NSC Play Area Rangers. To consider any actions required in association with the report received from Cllrs Turton and Glynn on the ROSPA inspection.

Resolved: Clerk to draw up a maintenance schedule using the reports for both the Rec and Church Walk Play area. Items concerning the Rec to be considered at the next Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground meeting in September.

· Email from Dee Mawn, Principal Environmental Health Officer NSC, re changes to Dog Control Orders and the opportunity for further area designations.

Resolved: To add Church Walk Play area as a dog exclusion zone and the Glebe field as a dog on lead zone. The Clerk to contact Redhill Club, Redhill Church and Wrington All Saints' Church enquiring if they would like to put their green areas on the list for consultation as dog exclusion or ‘dogs on lead’ areas.

· Severn Estuary Forum 2011 – invitation to the 2011 Severn Estuary Forum, Cardiff University, Friday 23 September. Cost £20 including lunch.

Noted. Councillors to email the Clerk if interested in attending.

· Letter from Avon & Somerset Police Authority inviting nominations for Community Policing Awards.

Resolved: To nominate PC Tacchi and PCSO Mayo for the award. The Clerk to complete and submit the nomination forms.

· Letter from Lady Gass, The Lord-Lieutenant, re The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and to consider any actions required.

Resolved: To note the dates and events advised and recommend that nomination of the Recreation Field for the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge be discussed at the next Memorial Hall meeting but with any decision on this to be made at the September Council meeting.

· Letter from Royal Horticultural Society inviting the Council to join Britain in Bloom.

Resolved: The Council agreed not to pursue this. The Clerk to pass on the details to the gardening club for consideration by them.

9. To note other items of correspondence received, copies circulated:

· The future of local service provision in North Somerset – invitation for Councils to attend a meeting at NSC Castlewood Office, Clevedon, 6 October, 1pm.

Resolved: Cllr Glynn to attend this meeting, the Clerk to inform NSC of his attendance.

· Email from NSC Licensing, re granting of street trading consent for a Market at the Plough Inn, Wrington.

It was noted that consent had been given for the market to be held on the second Friday of every month.

· Letter from North Bristol NHS re public consultation on becoming a Foundation Trust. Noted

· Letter from Felton Village Hall thanking the Council for the recent grant payment. Noted

10. To receive the Clerk’s report (verbal)

- The Clerk reported that work would soon be started on the maxi-play unit in Church Walk play area.

- The Clerk reported that enquiries to the Council’s insurer had been made which had confirmed that the Dickensian Fair would not be covered under the Council’s public liability insurance.

Resolved: Cllr Howells to enquire at the Plough Inn whether the event could be covered under their public liability insurance.

11. To receive the Finance Report, including payments recommended for approval, bank reconciliation, and the receipts and payments report for the previous month. Copies of the reports provided separately.

Approval for the following payments was sought:

David Glynn – reimbursement for money paid to J Lamb for clearing weeds, nettles
and overhanging branches on footpath at Ladywell. £40.00

SEC Ltd – Final invoice for first phase of street light replacement programme
14 new lights plus parts. £12,684.36

Avon Youth Association – visits of AYA Youth Outreach Bus
10 sessions for April – June 2011 £1.000.00

STS Ltd (Gavin Hunt) – advance payment against quote dated 16.08.11
(repairs to play station in Church Walk play area, quote total £2,950.00) £800.00

Phil Balmond – reimbursement for padlock borrowed and subsequently
broken at allotments £17.99

Tom Vowles – village orderly – wages for August £104.00

Scott Arrowsmith – village orderly – wages for July £108.00

Clerk’s salary June – to be calculated

Assistant Clerk’s salary July (including overtime as approved at

Parish Council Meeting 27.07.11) – to be calculated

Resolved: To grant approval for the payments.

12. To receive and consider reports from;

a. District Councillor, Cllr Yamanaka. This was received..

b. NE Ward report, Cllr Turton. This was received. Cllr Turton informed Members that the work on the lay-by on Downside Road was due to start around the 10th October.

c. WVMP report, Cllr Robinson. Cllr Robinson gave a verbal report on the current issues surrounding the closure of Wrington surgery. Cllr Robinson informed Members that he would be writing objecting to the Medcentres planning application on behalf of residents unwilling to have their names released on the NSC website.

13. To receive and consider reports from Working Groups:

a. Finance, Cllr Rawlins. This was received.

b. Environment, Cllr Bigg. This was received. Cllr Bigg reported that Richard Allard, NSC, had been to visit the Old Quarry and did not consider the items found in the quarry to be of particular danger. The ‘Goblin Combe’ team would be recommencing their work from the following week. The bagged up materials would need to be removed and a gate made to fit the non-standard width gateway.

Resolved: The Clerk to contact NSC in the first instance, asking them to remove the bagged materials.

c. Highways, Cllr Ledbury. No meeting had taken place this month. The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 4.30pm.

14. To consider and approve the following recommendations from Working Groups:

a. To consider a proposal that the Council should agree a provision of £250 to be set aside for the establishment of a library in Wrington and that this resolution should then provide the basis for a request for payment to the council, by NSC, of the relevant Brook House s106 funding, subject to agreement on a budget and management plan for the proposed Parish library.

Resolved: To set aside a provision of £250 for the establishment of a library.

b. To approve a recommendation that the Council’s Capital Deposit Account is closed and the funds transferred to the Current Account.

Resolved: To close the Capital Deposit Account.

Cllr Finch left the meeting.

c. To approve a request that Clerk and Assistant Clerk should attend the SLCC South West Regional Conference, 9th November, Aztec West. Cost - £65 for Clerk as a member and £85 for Assistant Clerk as a non-member.

Resolved: Request approved.

d. To approve a request for the Council to purchase gravel at an estimated cost of £38 for residents to lay on the footpath connecting Ladywell and Alburys.

Resolved: Request approved with proviso that the gravel is the same as the material recently used elsewhere on this path.

e. To request that the Highways group reviews the appearance and maintenance of all open areas and footpaths in Wrington then submits recommendations on what the Council might hope to achieve and how this fits with the current roles and responsibilities of the village orderlies.

Resolved: The Highways group to review this at their next meeting.

15. To consider reverting to holding Parish Council meetings on the third Wednesday of each month with effect from January 2012 and to amend the date for the preceding meeting to 14 December, thereby avoiding the Christmas period.

Resolved: To accept the proposal.

16. Consultations

· NSC consultation on ‘Supported Bus Services’. To consider the Council’s response. Comments required by 30 September.

Resolved: To discuss this at the next Highways group meeting, the response to then be considered at the next Parish Council meeting on September 28th.

· NSC/NS NHS ‘Early Intervention and Prevention Strategy’. To consider the Council’s response. Comments required by 2 September.

Resolved: Cllr Bigg to circulate comments and any recommendations.

· DfT consultation on ‘Developing a sustainable framework for UK aviation; Scoping document’. To consider the Council’s response. Comments required by 30 September.

Resolved: Cllr Turton to circulate a draft response to Members to consider.

17. Memorial Hall – to consider requests to serve alcohol, as follows:

· Mrs Myfanwy Gomersall has requested to serve alcohol at a birthday party, 10 September.

· Mrs L Howells has requested to sell alcohol at a charity event, 15 October.

· Mrs Catherine Look has requested to be able to sell alcohol at a birthday party, 5 November.

Resolved: All alcohol requests to be granted.

18. Items raised for information and for possible consideration at the next meeting, to be held Wednesday, 28 September 2011.

There were no matters raised.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 10pm.

David Glynn