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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Wednesday, 27th July, 2011


1. Apologies:
Ms E. P. Irving, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr D. W. Glynn
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs G. Moss
Mrs C. A. Phillips
Mr J. Rawlins
P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Mrs F. Burke, Clerk
Mr M. Berkley

In attendance: Mrs Pippa Chambers, Weston & Somerset Mercury
2. Cllr Bigg declared an interest concerning the WVMP agenda item as Chair of LINK.

3. Public Participation

There were no members of the public in attendance.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd September, 2010

The minutes were reviewed and signed as a true record, with one correction under Correspondence, article b) with regards to the Proposed Farmer’s market. It was agreed to insert ‘to the best of our knowledge’ in the final sentence.

Cllr Bigg requested that for future meetings, if Councillors arrive late then the reference number or point on the agenda when they arrive be inserted next to their name under the list of Councillors present.

5. Correspondence

a) Letter from NSC re application for street trading consent at Lye Cross Farm.

The map sent to the Council with the application for trading had not made it clear as to where the ‘food hut’ bus would be parked within the Farm shop car park. Cllrs expressed concern about any parking issue that may arise because of the bus. It was agreed the Clerk should in the first instance contact Lye Cross Farm for more specific information about the scheme with particular reference to parking and trading hours. As the deadline for a response would be before the next Parish Council meeting , any information gathered would be circulated to Councillors to then consider whether it would be necessary to submit a response to North Somerset Council.

b) Letter re: village of the year feedback: This was noted. Cllr Bigg confirmed that a representative from the CPRE would be attending the December Parish meeting to present the District Village of the Year Plaque.

c) Mend the Gap Let Us Connect Project: proposal from Naftali Onchere. Cllrs felt that it was unclear from the letter as to what would be involved in the scheme and whether Wrington Parish Council had the necessary facilities for this. It was agreed the Clerk would contact Francis Montagu for further details and clarification. Clrr Glynn raised the point that this should be a Memorial Hall and Recreation Committee issue rather than a Parish Council one as it would involve the Cyber room only.

d) Letters re: New bus shelter from Mr D Marsh, Mr J Ledbury, P Kinsman & Mrs J Denny. Cllr Moss and Cllr Rawlins reported that they had received a lot of positive responses from residents to the bus shelter since its installation. A discussion ensued on the issue of lowering the bus shelter a few centimetres to minimise the visual impact of the shelter for the Marshes who live in the house behind it. Concerns were also raised over the drainage of rainwater directly onto the wall behind.

It was agreed the Clerk would make enquiries into the possibility of putting guttering at the back of the roof and to contact NSC and or Littlethorpe (supplier) to discuss the viability and costs of lowering the shelter.

Cllrs reviewed the draft letter to the Marshes and made suggestions to the Chair for amendments to it. It was agreed the Chair would circulate the amended draft for all Cllrs to review and comment on before sending the final letter out to the Marshes.

Cllr Ledbury requested there be an informal enquiry made to the Planning Department, NSC for clarification on any regulations governing bus shelters within a conservation area. It was deemed that this would be helpful in the Council’s discussions with residents on this issue but as this is a Planning issue it was agreed to pass this on to the Planning Committee.

e) Letter from Mr D Marsh re: All Saints’ Church, Wrington; Tower Appeal.

This was noted and it was agreed the Clerk would write to Mr Marsh informing him that the Parish Council would look at the proposal when the budget is discussed in the coming months.

f) Request for supplying alcohol in the Memorial Hall on December 16th, Wrington Gardening Club meeting. This was noted and agreed.

g) Email from Barrie Taylor re: further damage to the allotments

Barrie Taylor, Secretary of the Allotment Association, had sent in a request to the Parish Council to install a padlock with a numerical code on the main gate to deter unauthorised access, to strengthen the fence alongside the gate and to install a sign reading ‘Private car park for use of allotment tenants only’. It was agreed to go ahead with installing the padlock and sign and to agree in principal to strengthening the fence, after consulting the Police for any advice they may have on this.

6. Reports

a) Police Report

The report had been received previously. PC Tacchi had now supplied a list of locations for the Speed watch sites. These are:

1) Westhay Road (on grass bank, south and village side, near to Alburys) to monitor the 30mph, inbound traffic.

2) Westhay Road to monitor the 30mph outbound traffic.

3) Silver Street (outside 5 bar gate entrance to Rec club) to monitor 30mph, outbound traffic.

4) Silver Street (on pavement outside ‘Southcroft’) to monitor the 30mph, inbound traffic

5) Downside (5 bar gate entrance next to deliveries and service entrance to BIA) to monitor 40mph, traffic from A38.

6) Church Road, Redhill (entrance to Redhill Village Hall) to monitor 30mph, traffic from A38, although on opposite side of road.

It was agreed the Clerk would contact the volunteers who had originally put their names down for Speedwatch.

Members queried why Butts Batch, Havyatt Road and Cox’s Green had not been included in the list. It was agreed the Clerk would contact PC Tacchi about this.

b) Clerk’s report

This had been received previously. It was agreed the Clerk should contact Rob Westhead from NSC again about the missing letters in the Wrington signs on Half Yard and Havyatt Road. It was agreed to wait for the further information from NSC regarding the possible reinstatement of some of the original Playbuilder scheme before any decision could be made concerning play equipment.

c) Finance Report

The report had been received previously. The following payments were approved:

North Somerset Council – Brockley Combe barrier £755.36 ex VAT
Redhill Engineering £200.00 ex VAT
Southern Electric Contracting (Street lighting) £750.23 inc VAT
Littlethorpe – Broad Street bus shelter
(grant received previously from NSC) £5,551.88 inc VAT
Connaught - dog bin emptying £51.70 inc VAT
Scott Arrowsmith – village orderly – September £108.00
Scott Arrowsmith for plants for tubs £100.00
Portrayal Ltd – photocopier £26.86 inc VAT
Glasdon UK Ltd – Bin on Glebe field £49.05 inc VAT
Echo Irving – reimbursement of expenses for Twinning event £367.98
Gabrielle Wilson - reimbursement of expenses for Twinning event £36.26
Tom Vowles – village orderly -23 August-30 September £144.00
Tom Vowles – village orderly –October- to be calculated
Clerk’s salary October – to be calculated
Admin assistant salary October – to be calculated

d) District Councillor’s Report

The report had been received previously.

e) NE Ward Report

As the PCAA papers and minutes for the most recent meeting had already been circulated, Cllr Turton informed members that she had nothing further she needed to add.

f) Wrington Vale Medical Practice

The report had been received previously. Cllr Robinson reported that the Save Our Surgeries group (SOS) had asked him if he wished to attend a proposed meeting with Doctors in early November. Cllr Robinson requested Members to make a decision as to whether he should attend as a Councillor or as an individual. It was agreed that he should attend as a Councillor, along with Cllr Yamanaka or Cllr Irving, depending on availability once the date had been confirmed, representing Wrington Parish Council.

7. Working Group Reports

a) Finance Report

No meeting had taken place since the last Parish Council meeting, a meeting would be scheduled shortly.

b) Environment

No meeting had taken place since the last Parish Council meeting. Cllr Bigg hoped to fix a date in mid-November.

c) Highways

Cllr Ledbury reported that she had met Rob Westhead from NSC and Graham Berry at a site meeting to discuss the proposed Chapel signs. The decision reached at the site meeting and proposed to Members was that a sign indicating the chapel, and in the same style as the current sign, could be put underneath the current Chapel Hill sign with this to be replicated on the opposite side of the road, where there is no signage at all at the moment. The proposed sign on the wall up the hill would be on URC property, it was considered to be helpful for there to be a sign there. Cllr Ledbury proposed a street sign similar to those at the bottom of Chapel Hill and including the words ‘leading to URC’ be positioned in the bank opposite Branches Cross. This sign would need to be visible from the bottom of Long Lane. Members agreed with the proposals.

8. Twinning update and finance

Cllr Irving wished to thank Richard Thorn and John Adams in particular for all their hard work towards the very successful and enjoyable twinning signing ceremony on 10th October 2010. Cllr Irving informed Members of the need for the Twinning Committee to have a Constitution to enable them to become a formal Committee. As the Twinning alliance between Wrington and Villeneuve-lès-Beziers is now considered a civic partnership, Cllr Irving expressed the importance of a member of the Council remaining on the Twinning Committee from now onwards. This was agreed.

Cllr Glynn confirmed that Bristol airport had agreed their £500 donation towards the Twinning event in writing.

Cllr Irving reported that the Twinning Committee wished to go ahead with a leaflet on Wrington in French and English. As the Twinning Committee has no means of income or funding presently, the Twinning Committee would require further funding from the Parish Council to do this, although some of the expense could be offset by advertising.

Signs indicating that Wrington is twinned with Villeneuve-lès-Béziers would need to be installed at the entrances to the village. It was agreed the Clerk would look into how to proceed with this.

Cllr Irving reported that the total spent on twinning so far had come to £446.00. Members agreed to approve this sum pending written details, but were mindful that the Bristol Airport funding was to go towards the Twinning event held in October.

It was agreed to provide a breakdown of expenditure so far for the next Parish Council Meeting and to discuss any further Twinning expenditure then.

9. Consultations

Town and Parish Council consultation on Parish Liaison Officers and Area Officers. It was agreed to discuss this at the November Parish Council Meeting.

Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity. It was agreed the Clerk would circulate this to Members to review.

10. Open Forum

Cllr Glynn reported that ALCA will be holding a Special General Meeting soon concerning the possible dissolution of ALCA. The date of this is not yet know, but details will be circulated once received.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 10pm.

Echo Irving