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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Wednesday, 22nd June, 2011


Mr D. W. Glynn, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mrs L. Howells
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs F. Burke, Clerk

In attendance: Mr N Finch, Mr O Hollingdale, PCSO Yvette Mayo (part)
1. Apologies:Cllr Rawlins (unwell), Cllr Robinson (unwell), Cllr Yamanaka (School governors' training)

2. To receive Members’ declarations of interests on known agenda matters and any amendments to the register of interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3. To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 18 May 2011

The minutes were reviewed and signed as a correct record.

The meeting was adjourned to allow for public participation.

4. Public Participation

Mr Nick Finch and Mr Owen Hollingdale attended to observe proceedings with a view to possible future co-option to the Council.

5. To receive a report from the Police representative

A verbal report was received from PCSO Mayo and a written crime report left with the Council. PCSO Mayo then left the meeting.

The Chairman reconvened the meeting

6. To note items of correspondence received and requiring action:

· Request from Wrington Primary School PTA to use the Recreation Field to host their annual firework display; Friday 4th November, 2011

Resolved: To grant permission for the PTA to use the Recreation Field but to ensure that local farmers are notified in advance of the event to enable them to move any nearby livestock.

· Bristol Airport – Invitation from Mike Littleton inviting Members to visit the airport and control tower.

Resolved: To request the 18th July for the visit or the 20th if that is not possible.

7. To note other items of correspondence received, copies circulated:

· Letter sent to Liam Fox regarding medical presence in Wrington and ‘thank you’ email from Ione Douglas.

· Letter from Avon and Somerset Police to land owners beneath the approach path towards Bristol airport.

· Reports to ALCA from Cllr Bigg and Cllr Glynn (previously circulated).

· Report to ALCA from NSC ref the North Somerset Town and Parish Charter and the Parish Liaison and Area Officer Consultation.

· Re-launch of the NS Tree Warden network, email from Ian Monger, Snr Tree Officer.

· NSC Democratic services, Annual Report of the Standards Committee, 2010-11 (copies provided in the meeting).

· Approval received from Ordnance Survey following the Council’s application to register with the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PMSA) so that mapping services can be provided free of charge.

8. To receive the Clerk’s report and consider any matters arising (copies circulated)

Request from Mrs Bullock to move the grit bin in Winters Lane, Redhill to the Goblin Combe end of the Lane, where it had originally been requested.

Resolved: To ask Mrs Bullock to provide us with the preferred position for the grit bin if is to be moved. If no public highway verge is available then the Council wish to request that she obtain written permission from the owner of the land proposed for the bin.

9. To receive the financial report, including payments recommended for approval, bank reconciliation, and receipts and payments report for the previous month. Copies of the reports provided separately.

Resolved: To approve the following payments

Memorial Hall Grant – 1st quarter 2011/12 £3,000.00
PCAA subscription, 2011/12 £50.00
SLCC Agendas and Minutes training course (FB) £114.00
Tom Vowles – installation of allotment fence and gate £760.00
DCK Beavers – year end close down and year end accounts preparation, also including mileage £768.00

NALC conference fee for Cllr Bigg and Cllr Glynn £234.00
Aqueous invoice for Annual newsletter £394.80
Twinning – leaflet, designed and printed in French, including express delivery to meet Visit deadline £248.00
Tom Vowles – village orderly – wages for June £104.00
Scott Arrowsmith – village orderly – wages for May £108.00
Clerk’s salary June – to be calculated
Assistant Clerk’s salary June – to be calculated
HMRC – PAYE & NI 1st quarter 2011/12 – to be calculated
Assistant Clerk – reimbursement for purchases relating to Speedwatch (Speedgun £65.78, 7 x hi-viz jackets £34.19, 7 x clipboards £11.15, 2 x batteries for speedgun £2.99) £111.12

10. To receive and approve the Annual Return and Annual Governance Statement in advance of submission to the External Auditor

Resolved: To approve the Annual Return and Annual Governance Statement

11. To receive the Internal Auditor’s report and to consider a proposal to delegate consideration of the report and any issues arising to the Finance group, with the group to report back to the full Council.

Resolved: To delegate consideration of the Auditor’s report to the Finance group.

12. To consider and approve a recommendation that the Clerk is able to explore opportunities for using electronic banking facilities to obtain account statements and other necessary information.

Resolved: The Clerk and Finance group will explore the possibilities for using electronic banking facilities and issue a report to the Council.

13. To receive and consider reports from;

a. District Councillor, Cllr Yamanaka. This was received.

b. NE Ward report, Cllr Turton. This was received. Cllr Turton also raised various issues in relation to Downside Road; use of the lay-by as long term parking, the dangerous blind bend near Cooks Bridle and the positioning of the white lines after the re-surfacing work in September.

Resolved: Cllr Turton to write a full list of Downside issues and send to the Clerk. To write to Frank Cox, NSC Highways, about these issues.

c. WVMP. No report had been received this month due to Cllr Robinson’s ill health.

14. To receive and consider reports from Working groups:

a. Finance, Cllr Rawlins. No meeting had taken place this month. Cllr Rawlins would confirm dates for these meetings in advance for the next few months.

b. Environment, Cllr Bigg. No meeting had taken place this month. Cllr Bigg informed Members that the next meeting would be held on 12th July at 4pm.

c. Highways, Cllr Ledbury. No meeting had taken place this month. Cllr Ledbury would circulate a date for the next meeting soon.

15. Memorial Hall – to consider requests to serve alcohol

Wrington Minibus Society, Saturday 13 August 2011.

Resolved: To approve the request.

16. To receive training and other course reports and to consider future training opportunities and needs:

a. NALC conference, 15 June – Report from Cllr Glynn and Bigg
Cllr Glynn had circulated a report on the conference previously.

b. SLCC Agendas & Minutes course, 16 June – Report from the Clerk

The Clerk informed Members that she had attended the training session and had found it very useful. Papers from the training course are available in the office

The Chair had circulated details of a ‘Good Councillor’ course run by ALCA to be held on Saturday 23rd July in Kinston Seymour.

Resolved: Cllr Turton to attend the course and that the fee should be paid. The Clerk to ask Cllr Rawlins if he would also wish to attend on the same basis.

17. To consider Parish Council nominations for external representation on the Memorial Hall and Recreation Field Committee (four nominations available)

Resolved: To write to the principal Hall and Recreation Field users, asking if they would be interested in sending a representative of their club or society to the Memorial Hall and Recreation Field Committee meetings, with effect from the AGM next year. The letter would need to stress the level of commitment needed and number of meetings to be held each year.

18. Parish Voice: To review the question previously submitted to South Area and now carried over for discussion with the new Central Area Committee, 14 July 2011, and to consider possible issues for future Parish Voice sessions

The Chairman asked Councillors to consider any other issues they felt needed consideration for future Parish Voice sessions.

19. Open Forum

Cllr Howell informed Members that she wished to bring a report on opening up a Youth Forum in Wrington Parish to the next meeting. This offer was welcomed by Members.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.40pm.

David Glynn