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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Wednesday, 26th January, 2011


1. Apologies:
Ms E. P. Irving, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr D. W. Glynn
Mrs C. A. Phillips
Mr J. Rawlins
P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Mrs F. Burke, Clerk
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs G. Moss

In attendance: PCSO Yvette Jordan, Mark McGregor (Parish Liaison Officer)
2. Declaration of Members’ Interests

Mrs G Bigg declared an interest in WVMP as Chair of LINK.

3. Public Participation

There was no public participation.

4. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th December were reviewed and signed as a true record after a minor amendment was made under ‘any other business’ correcting ‘the proposed South Link Road to ‘a proposed Barrow Gurney bypass’.

5. Correspondence

a. Letter from Mr W Bullock re: Accounts for Redhill village hall as requested

Resolved: Clerk to write to Mr Bullock requesting further details, specifically concerning Hall lettings and any other assets.

b. Email from Vine Counselling re: Application for help towards costs.

Resolved: Clerk to get more information from them regarding their current financial position is and how many Wrington Parish residents use their services.

c. Email from AlCA re: Royal Garden Party 2011 nominations

Resolved: Clerk to write to ALCA nominating Cllr Irving to attend the Royal Garden Party 2011.

d. Letter from Dept Culture, Media and Sport re: The Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee.

The Chair asked Members to think about what the Parish Council should do to mark the Golden Jubilee. It was suggested that it could be tied in with the Village Pageant which would be held in the May of 2012. Members also suggested issuing Primary age children in the Parish with a commemorative mug.

Resolved: Clerk to look into prices for commemorative mugs.

e. Request for grit bin: Yeomans Orchard

Resolved: to not order a grit bin for Yeomans Orchard as one has already been ordered for nearby Chapel Hill.

Cllr Yamanaka brought up a request that had been made to her to provide a grit bin in Cowslip Green after considerable problems during the snowy weather, in particular for residents of Aldwick Green. As the grit would be used by residents of Butcombe and Blagdon Parishes as well as Wrington it was resolved the Clerk would contact the Clerk’s of Blagdon and Butcombe and ask them to contribute £50 each towards the total cost of £150 for the grit bin.

The Chair proposed the total amount of grit bins to be ordered for the Parish as five, one of which would hopefully have a shared cost. This was agreed.

f. Letter from Chairman of Wraxall and Failand Parish Council re: National Grid’s HV transmission route

Resolved: Clerk to write back and confirm that Wrington Parish Council would be pleased to support their request for a single representative to represent affected Parish Councils at HPCG meetings.

g. Letter from John Rubidge re: permission to erect a wooden shed on his allotment.

Resolved: to grant permission.

re: invitation to hold a ‘Poppy Party’ to celebrate the Legion’s 90th Birthday.

Resolved: to refer this to the Wrington Branch of British Legion.

i. Request from RNLI to serve alcohol in the Memorial Hall on March 12th

Resolved: to grant permission.

6. Reports

a. Police report: a report was circulated and reviewed. PCSO Jordan reported that NSC had now agreed to provide funding for a Speedwatch gun.

b. Clerk’s Report: this had been received previously. The report is available for inspection in the minute book.

The road surface in the Triangle was discussed. The Clerk reported that it had now been patched to meet NSC requirements. Members felt that this was still inadequate and posed a significant risk to older residents as there is no footway on one side of the Triangle. Mark McGregor suggested that this point was worth raising with NSC.

Resolved: Clerk to contact the Area Officer about the Triangle.

Financial Report:

Financial Report and accounts for December (circulated previously): these were received. The report is available for inspection in the minute book.

The following accounts for payment were approved:

Ms E P Irving- reimbursement for Twinning certificate £9.99 picture frame
Scott Arrowsmith- village orderly Nov & Dec salary £216.00
Prism – printer toner £70.38 inc VAT
Portrayal – photocopier £36.51 inc VAT
SSE (formerly SEC)-streetlight maintenance £750.23 inc VAT
Mrs C Turton – reimbursement for printer ink £20.99
Clerk’s salary January – to be calculated
Admin assistant salary January – to be calculated
Admin assistant – reimbursement for new office bin £4.99
Tom Vowles – village orderly – Dec salary £104.00
S.T.S Ltd – repairs to Church walk Play area £520.00
Fountains (formerly Connaught) – emptying dog bins £51.70

c. District Councillor’s Report: Cllr Yamanaka had circulated a report prior to the meeting and this was received. Cllr Yamanaka added that there had been numerous recycling collection issues in Garstons during the last 2 weeks.

d. NE Ward Report: Cllr Turton had circulated the report prior to the meeting and this was received. Cllr Turton requested that the whole of Downside Road are contacted concerning the proposed Solar Park at Garleys Wood, off Hyatts Wood Road.

Resolved: Clerk to contact JR Power to ensure Downside Road residents are contacted about the proposal.

Cllr Turton gave a verbal report on the most recent PCAA meeting.

e. WVMP Report: Cllr Robinson had circulated the report prior to the meeting and this was received. Cllr Robinson reported that the Primary Care Trust has made the decision to close the surgeries at Wrington and Churchill and build a new, single surgery, probably at the Pudding Pie Lane site. They have agreed to maintain a smaller satellite surgery in Wrington. WVMP Members felt that the continuation of the smaller proposed satellite surgery in Wrington must be assured by making its establishment and maintenance a Condition Precedent to agreeing the rest of the proposed package.

Resolved: Clerk to renew the current lease on the Glebe Land as a matter of urgency, now that is has been established that the current WVMP site will not be extended.

7. Working Groups

a. Finance: Cllr Glynn had circulated the report prior to the meeting and this was received.

Streetlights –Cllr Glynn reported that 11 lights could be replaced in the current year and 10 from next year’s budget. Due to time restraints, rollover from this year to next is likely.

Resolved: to accept the quote from SEC for the replacement streetlights and to go ahead and order the first 14 most urgent replacement lights.

Streetlight power supply – Cllr Glynn reported that this is now up for renewal.

Resolved: agree to terminate the existing agreement and delegate a decision on this supply contract to the Finance Group should it prove advantageous to agree a new supply contract in advance of the next PC meeting.

Twinning – Cllr Glynn reported that plans are now in hand for the reciprocal signing ceremony in Villeneuve-lès-Béziers in March. Cllr Irving would be required to travel to Villeneuve and the Twinning Association would need to supply a gift.

Resolved: approval for the proposal for payment of £50 towards the gift. Also that Echo, as Chairwoman, will attend as official representative of the PC and that the Council should therefore reimburse her air fare of £181.27, while acknowledging that Echo will pay for her own accommodation which will be around £150.

Year end accounts, request to use DCK Beavers on site to close down the year.

Resolved: to approve the proposal that DCK Beavers visit Wrington to work with the Clerk to close off the year-end accounts.

b. Environment: Cllr Bigg reported that the next Environment meeting would be held on February 8th, 4pm.

c. Highways: No meeting had taken place this month.

8. Playbuilder Scheme update

The Clerk reported that Wrington Parish Council had been offered £22,000 as a grant from the scheme, of which £1,125 would be taken off to pay for technical and management support from NSC.

Resolved: to accept the £22,000 and the formal management agreement

9. Formal adoption of 2011-12 Budget and Precept

The draft budget had been circulated at the meeting held on 15th December 2010. As there had been no suggestions for amendments, the proposal to adopt the budget was put to the meeting.

Resolved: to adopt the budget and precept request of £79,352. This is a 4% increase on the last financial year.

10. Management of waste collections over Christmas and New Year

This had been dealt with under the District Councillor’s report.

11. Annual Newsletter: arrangements for production

Resolved: to set the deadline as March 1st for articles to be received by the Clerk.

Cllr Bigg to supply some possible photos.

12 Updating the Emergency Plan

Resolved: Cllr Bigg to review the current Plan.

13. Consultations: NSC Schools admission arrangements for 2012-13

Resolved: Wrington Parish Council have no comments on this.

14. Open Forum

Cllr Bigg informed Members that Western Power Distribution had left the patch of land at the top of Alburys in a very bad state after the work they had completed there.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 10.10pm.

Echo Irving