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Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Wednesday, 26th May, 2010


1. Apologies:
Ms E. P. Irving, Chair
Mr M. Berkley
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr F. Cowgill
Mr D. W. Glynn
Mrs P. Ledbury (part)
Mrs G. Moss
Mrs C. A. Phillips
Mr P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Mrs G. Wilson,
Mrs F. Burke, (Assistant Clerk)

In attendance: Mr John Rawlins, Mrs Jill Rawlins (observers)
Mr M Clements, Mr R Kingcott, Ms Kate Marshall (part)
1. Election of Chair

Cllr Irving was proposed by Cllr Cowgill and seconded by Cllr Bigg to serve as Chair of the Council. All those present were in favour. Cllr Irving thanked members and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Cllr Cowgill was proposed by Cllr Yamanaka to serve as Vice-Chair of the Council and Cllr Robinson seconded this. Cllr Glynn was proposed by Cllr Turton to serve as Vice-Chair and Cllr Ledbury seconded this. A vote was taken and Cllr Glynn was elected as Vice-Chair.

2. Apologies

No apologies were received.

3. Declaration of Members’ Interests

None on known agenda items.

4. Appointment to Committees and Working Groups

a. Planning Committee

Cllr Glynn was appointed Chair of the Planning Committee.

b. Working Groups

It was agreed that the working groups would consist of the following councillors:

Highways: Cllr Ledbury (Convenor); Cllr Bigg; Cllr Glynn; Cllr Irving; Cllr Phillips; Cllr Turton.

Environment: Cllr Bigg (Convenor); Cllr Berkley; Cllr Glynn; Cllr Irving; Cllr Ledbury; Cllr Moss; Cllr Robinson.

Finance: Cllr Cowgill (Convenor); Cllr Irving; Cllr Glynn; Cllr Robinson; Mrs G Wilson (Clerk); Mrs Fiona Burke (Assistant Clerk).

5. Appointments to outside bodies

a. Memorial Hall & Recreation Field Committee

It was agreed that the present representatives of the Parish Council will continue: Cllr Irving, Cllr Bigg, Cllr Glynn, Cllr Moss, Cllr Yamanaka, Cllr Berkley and Cllr Phillips. Cllr P Robinson was appointed to replace Mrs J Gallop who has now stood down from the Council.

b. Airport Consultative Committee and Parish Councils Airport Association

It was agreed that Cllr Turton would be the representative on both Committees.

d. Avon Local Councils Association

It was agreed that there was not a need for a specific representative for this.

6. Public Participation

The Chairwoman welcomed Mr Marshall Clements, Mr Richard Kingcott and Ms Kate Marshall and asked them if they wished to make any statement. Mr Clements explained that buyers of the Rickyard Road affordable housing properties being built by Progression Homes are encountering major difficulties in acquiring mortgages. This was due to the terms of the section 106 agreement imposed by North Somerset Council which stipulates that if the property is repossessed it can only be sold on to a local buyer meeting the right criteria for affordable housing. Potential lenders are not willing to lend to buyers with this restriction in place and would like it to be offered to buyers outside the local area after 20 weeks.

Mr Kingcott reported that Ms Marshall had lost £450 due to Nat West retracting their mortgage offer. He also reported that building work on these houses has ceased because of the lending issues for all of the potential buyers.

The issue of amending the section 106 agreement has been raised with North Somerset Council but so far no response had been received. It was agreed that the Parish Council would write to Cllr Elfan ap Rees in an effort to resole this matter.

Mr Clements, Mr Kingcott and Ms Marshall thanked the members for their support. They left the meeting at the conclusion of this item.

7. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 28th April 2010 were reviewed and signed as a correct record after a few minor corrections.

8. Dates of meetings

It was agreed to keep the Parish Council meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every month except in December.

9. Correspondence

a) Mobile Library – information received on new routes and times in North Somerset. It was noted that the Downside Road stop had been removed and it was agreed to write a letter to NSC about this.

b) Local Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund Grants – The timescale for this was an issue as applications needed to be in by 25th June. The Old Quarry was considered an ideal site for development using this type of grant. It was agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting with a view to identify what exactly would be wanted and to then apply for any relevant grants.

c) Copy of letter from Blagdon Parish Council to the PCAA expressing concerns about impartiality within the PCAA.

d) English Rural Housing – Letter responding to a complaint from a local resident concerning allocation of rented properties at the Affordable Housing development in Rickyard Road. English Rural Housing has said they will review their procedures in light of the complaint.

e) Playing Field at St Katherine’s School, Felton – Winford Councillor Hugh Gregor had written a letter suggesting the playing field be turned into allotments. Members agreed this was a good idea. It was agreed to write a letter of support for this.

f) Leo Taylor, NSC – dates of South Area Committee and Parish Voice 2010/11

g) Diocese of Bath and Wells concerning the Glebe field – Penny Cooke, Property Officer of the Diocese had responded to an email sent concerning the lease of the field and play area. In principal there would be no objection to renewing the lease in 2011.

10. Reports

a. Police Report: This was circulated at the beginning of the meeting.

b. Clerk’s Report, Financial Report and accounts for the month of May: these had been circulated previously. The Clerk urged all Cllrs to read their copies of the Annual accounts and to make sure they are happy with them.

The Clerk reported that the Finance Group had met since the last Parish Council meeting and reviewed the Council’s insurance policy in depth. It was proposed to adopt insurance at a lower level, saving around £4000. This was seconded and agreed.

The following payments were approved:

Information Commissioners Office – annual fee £35.00
EDF – street lights – final invoice £508.94
Scott Arrowsmith – village orderly £96.00
The Gallery – plants for village display £100.00
RBS software – training £293.75
DCK Beavers – preparation of annual accounts £276.12
Parish Councils Airport Assn – subscription £50.00
Memorial Hall – hire for Annual Parish Meeting £34.00
BT – quarterly account £132.24
Connaught – dog bins £51.70
Clerks’ salaries - May – to be calculated

c. District Councillor

Cllr Yamanaka had circulated a report previously and this was received. There was a discussion on the issues concerning the new waste collection days. It was agreed to complain to NSC about not picking up the green bags in some areas on Mondays as specified by them.

d. Wrington Vale Medical Practice

Cllr Robinson gave a report on the current situation. He asked all Cllrs to apply to join the Joint Community network.

11. Working Groups

a. Environment

Cllr Bigg reported that two separate meetings had now been fixed to discuss flooding issues in Wrington, the first one with the drainage engineer and the environment group and the second one with the drainage engineer and affected residents. It was agreed that Cllr Bigg would provide the information for a flyer to put through doors of the houses that have previously been affected by flooding.

c. Highways

Cllr Glynn had circulated a report previously and this had been received.

d. Finance

This had been discussed earlier in the meeting.

12. Street Lights

The issue of part-night cells in replacement street lights was discussed. It was proposed to install these from now onwards. A vote was taken, 5 were against, 4 were in favour and 1 abstained.

13. Consultations

a. North Somerset Council Town and Parish Charter

The Clerk had circulated comments on the Charter previously and these had been received.

It was agreed that Cllr Glynn would also supply some comments and an extension until June 2nd would be requested to send these in alongside the Clerk’s comments.

b. Joint Waste Core Strategy – Revised Policy 8 - Landfill

The Clerk asked members to circulate any comments they may have on this by the 11th June.

14. Open forum

There were no issues to discuss at Open Forum.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 9.50 pm.

Echo Irving