Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday, 18th May, 2007

Ms E P Irving
Mr M Berkley
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs G Moss
Mr R L Thorn,
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

In attendance:
Apologies: Mrs J Gallop, Mr G A Matthews, Mrs C A Phillips, Ms J Erskine - North
          Somerset Council Liaison Officer
P.C. K Tacchi - Community Police Officer
The retiring Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours and sought nominations for the position of Chair.

Cllr. Yamanaka proposed and Cllr. Glynn seconded the nomination of Cllr. Irving.
Cllr. Thorn proposed and Cllr. Ledbury seconded the nomination of Cllr. Matthews.
A paper ballot was held and Cllr. Irving was successful and took the Chair for the Meeting.

Declaration of Members Interests – Cllr. Thorn declared an interest in the agenda item relating to Brook House as he is a trustee/

Annual General Meeting.

Vice- Chair- Cllr. Moss proposed and Cllr. Thorn seconded that Cllr Gallop be nominated in her absence.
Cllr. Bigg proposed and Cllr. Ledbury seconded that Cllr. Matthews be nominated in his absence.
The Clerk advised that neither party had indicated that they were not prepared to stand. A paper ballot was held and Cllr. Gallop was successful.

Chairman Planning Committee- Cllr. Irving proposed and Cllr. Berkley seconded a move that Cllr. Glynn be re-elected. Unanimous.

Memorial Hall & Recreation Field Committee- it was proposed by Cllr. Thorn and seconded by Cllr. Ledbury that the 8 Councillors on the Committee should be:- Irving, Moss, Gallop, Yamanaka, Glynn, Bigg, Phillips and Berkley with the 4 “user” members being Mrs Yeoman (WI),Mrs. Judd (Gardening Club), Mr. Cowgill (Drama Club) and Mr. M T Clements (Cricket Club). Passed.

Cllr Glynn mentioned that the Committee members do have responsibilities as Trustees and that he would be preparing a paper on this for the next Committee Meeting.

NALC- Cllr. Glynn volunteered. No other nominations received. Cllr. Bigg mentioned that she attends local meetings because of her involvement with CPRE.

BIA Consultative Committee- Cllr. Glynn proposed and Cllr. Berkeley seconded a nomination for Cllr. Yamanaka. Passed

PCAA- Cllr. Yamanaka volunteered. Proposed by Cllr. Ledbury and seconded by Cllr. Berkley that this be approved. Passed.

Parish Tree Warden. Andy Sims recently took over the role from Dawn Judd and has indicated to the Clerk a willingness to continue. Accepted unanimously.

Wrington Parish Charities- currently Messrs Collins, Ashman and Thorn with the Rector as an ex-officio member. Mrs. Wathen is shadowing Mr. Collins and it is hoped that Mr. Shorney will shadow Mr. Ashman- this in view of their age. There being no other nomination the position was accepted.

School Travel Plan- currently Cllr. Bigg who was prepared to continue- accepted unanimously.

Parish Wildilfe Warden currently Mr. B Millard - no other nominations and to continue. Unanimous.

Working Groups (formerly sub-committees).

Lighting- to be Cllrs Glynn, Matthews, Irving and Ledbury.

Traffic & Highways- to be Cllrs. Glynn, Matthews and Irving.

BIA- to be Cllrs. Bigg, Matthews, Glynn and Yamanaka.

Public Rights of Way- to be Cllrs. Berkley, Ledbury and Glynn.

The Clerk mentioned that with a new Council the question of cheque signatories needed addressing and should be Chairwoman, Vice-Chairwoman and two other Councillors. The Clerk is not permitted to sign cheques but can authorise transfers between accounts. It was proposed by Cllr. Yamanaka and seconded by Cllr.Moss that Cllrs. Glynn and Thorn be the two additional signatories. Passed.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th April were approved with the following amendments:-

1)- p4 BIA 2nd para. Line 3 for “supple” read “supply”.

2) p2 Highways para 6 remove the first sentence and replace with “ A resident in School Road has noticed that residents of The Lodge have difficulty in crossing the road when cars are parked opposite their access and consideration should be given to restricting parking.”

3)- p4 Patients Practice Partnership –delete the 2nd para in entirety and replace with:-

Cllr. Bigg advised that in her role as facilitator for the Health & Well Being Forum for Voluntary Action North Somerset, a new voluntary and community groups representative has been appointed (Catriona Daynes, The National Autistic Society). Catriona's role will be to represent voluntary and community groups on the Health & Well Being Partnership which is part of the North Somerset Partnership.

Cllr Glynn mentioned that ALCA represents town and parish councils on the Partnership Board and that he is now involved with the Transport Partnership and would be reporting on this is in due course. The point was made that the Partnerships are a means for delivering the Community Strategy and that the PC should take an active interest in their work.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Standards Committee- NSC seeking nominations for Town/Parish Council representatives. Applications to be in by 30th May. No nominations forthcoming.

2) Town and Parish Council Development Control Workshop- 7th June, New Council Chamber, Town Hall between 09.30 and 12.15. Please advise the Clerk if you wish to attend. Also discussion points sought.

3) Publications- Forest of Avon quarterly review, NS Life April and May editions, Community Action May issue, Clerks & Councils Direct May edition, Local Council update May edition, Environment Agency report on British Energy Generation Limited’s nuclear power station authorisation, Streetscene April edition, DE Matters May edition and D&E Business Plan summary 2007-08 with A-Z of services..

4) NSC has produced a Parish Plan Toolkit which is available for anyone to read.

5) CPRE AGM 24th May Cleeve Village Hall at 19.30 hours- does anyone wish to attend.

6) Request to place a mural on the surround fence of the skateboard park by Wrington Youth Week. The Council gave its support to this project subject to approval on the design- Clerk to take forward.

Highways Matters – Cllr. Yamanaka during her election campaign had made notes of several related matters and it was agreed that this would be taken forward by the Traffic and Highways Working Group.

Police – In the period 26th April to 12th May 6 crimes recorded of which 5 were airport related.

-Graffitti- it was mentioned that the Police now have a product that will remove this and the Clerk is to obtain details from PC Tacchi.

-Cllr. Bigg thought that the Parish Council should be more pro-active in seeking police support.

-Cllr. Glynn asked when it was likely that a Community Support Officer would be placed in the Parish. From the Policing Plan it is noted that number of CSO’s will not be as many as originally forecast due to reduced funding.

-BIA based police. He PC should make a formal application to cover the Parish as a whole more frequently.

-That Sgt. Abrams and the new Officer in charge at BIA should be invited to attend a PC meeting (independently) to discuss the Council’s concerns.

Lighting- The Clerk mentioned that following the quarterly maintenance review by SEC 5 lights have been identified as being in need of replacement. A quote for this is being obtained.

FINANCE REPORT 18th May, 2007

Middlecombe Nursery
All Saints Church
Christ Church
Felton Village Hall
Redhill Village Hall
Aqueous Publishing
T Yearsley
T Hollier
Connaught Environmental
Bank Balances
Business reserve
Current Account
Capital reserve


VAT Recovered
Sub Total





Total 73,250 37,993.00
Open Spaces
Street Lighting
Admin Expenses
Sub Total

Total 73,250 13,565.56
Mobile Youth
Public Conveniences
Parish Plan
Section 137
Odds and sods 82.93





VAT refund applied for in the sum of £13,334.05- this is subject to an investigation by HM revenue and Customs. Information being gathered to answer their queries.

Stadt Wetzlar has paid £703.00 direct in respect of the John Locke bust supplied for their expedition in 2006.

A request from Vine Counselling Services for a grant/donation was considered and Cllr. Glynn considered that to make a grant/donation which could not be directly linked to the Parish may be unlawful. The Clerk to check on this and the request to be reconsidered at the next full Parish Council meeting.

Memorial – request for alcohol

One request regarding the sale of alcohol at an 18th birthday party on 26th May. The Council approved on the basis that the Clerk made the applicant aware of the requirements of the Licensing Act.

Bristol International Airport

- Prior to the Meeting the PC Working Group had issued a report on the meeting held with BIA on 13th March. The next meeting is scheduled for 8th June with a time to be finalised.

- The Clerk has received an acknowledgement from Cllr. Crockford-Hawley on its letter concerning the BIA/Airport link road.

- PCAA letter dated 9th May was basically an update on current situation and covered South West Regional Assembly Examination, BIA assessment on the biodiversity and environmental needs, new director of BIA Paul Kehoe who will commence duties on 4th June and the recent North Somerset elections.

- Air Quality and Bristol Airport- a letter received from NS Primary Care Trust in response to the PC letter asking them to investigate the level of cancer cases within the vicinity of BIA. End result is that the levels did not disclose any abnormal trends.

- With Cllr. Bigg in her role with CPRE has been attending the examination in public of the Regional Spatial Strategy. It is a 3-month examination in public with the Inspector's report being available in October. Proposals include 92,500 new homes and expansion of Portbury Docks and BIA together with roads-South Bristol ring road and a new motorway link. BIA is seeking complete removal of green belt for the whole site plus additional land to the south. The RSS will determine what green belt is taken out with the regional development policy being the driving force. Nailsea, Yatton and Backwell are being promoted heavily by property developers.

ALCA – The Clerk reported on the contents of the ALCA Newsletter May edition and it supplement. The recent elections and the way forward as regards co-option of Councillors and training courses available for new councillors featured strongly. With regard to the latter the Clerk gave details of training course dates and it was left that the new councillors would advise if they wished to attend.

The minutes of the ALCA NS Group for the meeting held on 21st February had been received and the agenda for the AGM of the NS Group to be held on 14th June at Hangstones Pavilion Yatton starting at 19.30 hours.

Parish Plan

No further forward and it was left that Cllr. Bigg would call for a working group meeting which would be open to all.

Patient Practice Partnership.

No formal meetings and the next meeting will cover “family” situations. The PCT “Rurals” group (comprises a set of practices south of the A370 & Yatton) is looking for accommodation to hold consultations as there is a move routine consultations away from Weston Hospital and hold them locally. The changing rooms at the rear of the Memorial Hall were proffered as a possible location.

Health & Well Being Forum meeting 23rd May at the Badger Centre and will incorporate an update on the North Bristol Health Trust.


Cllr Phillips had provided the Clerk with comments on the consultation on Children & Young People Services which has been forwarded to NSC.

The result of the consultation on “Street Trading Consents” has been received and it is noted that any requests for a licence within the Parish will be the subject of consultation from NSC.

Meeting dates

Some discussion on this took place and it was agreed that for the next 3 months the full council meeting will continue as previously. The planning committee meetings will continue as before as well.

The whole matter of meeting dates is to be discussed fully at the next full PC meeting with a view to setting dates for the remainder of the Council’s year. Cllr. Bigg made the comment that the present system for full Council meetings was confusing to the public.

Model Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.

A paper was handed out covering this and it was agreed that it would be an agenda item for the next full PC Meeting.

Update on appointment of new Parish Clerk.

The advertisement has been placed in local newspapers and the information pack is available. When all applications received it is proposed to short list 6 for interview.

Councillor’s co-option.

The Clerk advised the meeting that he had received 2 applications to become a councillor for the South-West ward. The nominations were from Mrs. S L Dunn Morua and Mr P Ellis.

Cllr. Glynn proposed Mrs Dunn Morua and this was seconded by Cllr. Bigg and was duly co-opted. The Clerk is to advise Mr. Ellis and ask whether he would be prepared to be co-opted for the North-East ward where there are 4 vacancies. The Clerk is also to arrange for notices to be placed within the North-East ward seeking applicants.

Brook House

- Cllr. Glynn had submitted with the pre-meeting papers a letter regarding the requirement for a footpath should any planning consent be approved. The meeting felt that the preamble to the letter should endorse the PC’s strong opposition to the development and it was left that Cllrs Glynn and Yamanaka would make amendments in order that the Clerk could then submit a letter to the Planning Inspectorate.

- Cllr. Irving will speak on behalf of the PC at the inquiry and Cllr. Glynn will provide the “bullets”.

- Cllr. Glynn confirmed that the PC will have full participation rights at the planning inquiry.

- The Clerk will liaise with the caretaker over the arrangement of the Hall to meet the planning inspector’s requirements.

District Councillor’s Report

"North Somerset Council

The Conservatives have a large majority on the Council after the elections as you will all know. Cllr Ap Rees is now the Exec member for Strategic Planning and Transport, and that may not be good news for this Parish so far as Airport expansion is concerned. He did however announce at last night’s Council meeting that he intends to sign the weight limit order on the A368. He will also be the Exec member to sign the order for a 40mph limit on West Hay Rd when WPC has set up the Speed Watch team. I hope that he will not backtrack on this.

(New) Cllr Jill Iles from Yatton is the NSC representative on the BIA Consultative committee. I proposed (new) Cllr Hugh Gregor from Winford instead, but we were defeated.

Cllr Liz Wells from Churchill is the new South Area Chairman. I think this must be because all the other South Area Conservatives have Executive or Committee Chairmen jobs, apart from the new Cllr for Banwell & Winscombe.

I have become Chairman of the Environmental Services scrutiny panel, the only opposition scrutiny panel chairman.

I asked the new Executive member for Environmental Services Cllr Carl Francis-Pester whether the same day collection for green boxes and rubbish was still going to go ahead this summer, but he answered that he had not decided. This would affect Redhill but not Wrington, where both collections are on Fridays anyway.

You may have heard that the Daily Mail incorrectly listed North Somerset as actively considering fortnightly rubbish collections a couple of weeks ago. This was picked up & used as a campaigning issue by the Conservatives during the elections. However, there was no truth in it. The Daily Mail did not check with any officers at North Somerset. I asked the Streets & Open Spaces Group manager Ian Edser, & we think that the Mail must have picked it up from the Waste Strategy consultation document 2004 which is on the NS website. The consultation had a question as to whether residents preferred weekly rubbish collections. The response was that 81% did prefer weekly, and so no changes were proposed in the actual Waste Strategy 2005.

Cllr Nigel Ashton the Leader of Council announced that they would be working to the alternative budget proposed by the Conservatives instead of to the one passed in March. The total amount of money is the same, a 3% increase on last year, but £1,700,000 will be spent differently. Unfortunately from WPC’s point of view there is no extra proposed for highway repairs, but there is £40,000 extra in bus subsidies. The other main Conservative changes are: cuts to Adult Social Care, Housing staff (for the homeless, affordable housing provision, adaptations for disabled etc), Town Hall education spending, NSC staff car allowances; additional spending on Childrens services & scrutiny panels.

Green Garden Waste Collection- they is an error on the calendar which caused problems over the Bank Holiday and NSC is now aware of this."

Open Forum

- Cllr. Irving requested that the Council’s picture list be amended and then re-hung in the Memorial Hall. Cllr. Thorn undertook do this.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 22.35 hours.

Ms E P Irving