Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday, 16th March, 2007

Mr T R Clements,
Ms E P Irving
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mr G A Matthews,
Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips,
Mr R L Thorn,
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

In attendance:
Apologies: Mrs A Atkins, Ms J Erskine - North Somerset Council Liaison Officer,                 
P.C. K Tacchi - Community Police Officer

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

Public Participation.

The Chairman welcomed Mr. Halper to the Meeting.

Mr. Halper addressed the meeting on his continuing concerns on the proposed major highway link and thanked the Council for its support at the February Meeting and for passing a resolution opposing it. He asked for each Councillors independent view and also what plan of action the Council proposed taking to campaign against the road. Mr. Halper also offered whatever assistance he could give to the Council in fighting the major link road- or indeed any proposed new road.

Cllr. Clements from the Chair indicated that the Council at the February Meeting made a resolution in opposition to the new link road and that it was passed unanimously. As regards an action plan this will be put in place in due course.

Declaration of Members Interests – Nil on known agenda items

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th February 2007 were adopted without amendment.

Clerk’s Report.

1) ROSPA- the outstanding matter of an answer from a letter of complaint sent in September is still awaited. The Clerk is aware that ROSPA has undertaken an extra survey but they have still failed to update the Council. The Clerk along with the contractor who undertakes general maintenance on the play areas compared the last two years reports and they were almost identical in content. After some discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would obtain a quote from GB Sports & Leisure who are authorised to provide the type of report required.

2) Publications- Clerk & Council Direct March edition, Local Council Update January/February Edition, Streetscene (February edition) & School Travel Action News (January edition), NS Life (March edition) and Fieldwork.

3) Tree Warden- one application received from Mr. Andy Sims who has just moved to Wrington and from details provided has the right qualifications. The Clerk is to arrange to meet with the outgoing Tree Warden.

4) Village Orderly no.2- one positive application received and a number of general enquiries. The one applicant is a 14 year old boy and the Clerk asked the Council’s insurers to confirm that sufficient cover exists. Part of the duties involves tidying at the back of the airport and the management at BIA has indicated previously that they would try and keep an eye on this. It was noted that there is a “plane spotters” meeting being organised by Inspector Chris Ware on March 24th and the matter of keeping this area at the back of the airport tidy could be raised at that time.

5) The Clerk mentioned that a response to the joint meeting with Mr. Hockridge, leader of NS Council, has been received. It covered BIA Master Plan, Havyatt Industrial Estate, GBSTS Status and double taxation issues. Cllr. Matthews indicated that he was still unhappy at the lack of a detailed response on the proposed extension to the Havyatt Industrial Estate which will alter the settlement boundary and will write on a personal basis.

6) Memorial Safety- the Clerk has received a letter from on the subject of memorials in burial grounds and it was agreed that copies should be made available to the various churches in the Parish that maintain burial grounds.

Highways Matters

- Speedwatch. The Clerk has provided Alison Tull with details of all proposed locations but unfortunately her role is under review as there is no ongoing funding available. PC Tacchi will find out who is now responsible for Speedwatch to ensure that it is driven forward.

- Concern expressed over then general state of roads within the Parish and the Clerk directed to set up a meeting with NSC to review. Cllr. Glynn said that in NSC’s budget for 2007/08 there is little set aside for the Parish.

- Silver Street/Broad Street- give way sign twisted. Clerk to report.

- Downside Road adjacent to Melody Cottage. A recent repair to a grating has been completed unsatisfactorily and the Clerk is to ask a NSC Highways Engineer to look at again.

- Cllr. Glynn mentioned that he had asked about a possible ATC check in Ropers Lane and has been told that to set up the equipment will cost £150 per week.

Police – PC Tacchi reported that during the period 17th February to 11th March there were 9 reported crimes.

Avon & Somerset Police Clevedon District (which covers the Parish) is to employ 6 Police Community Support Officers in the next financial year although the eventual allocation per Parish has not been decided upon.

Gatcombe Farm- PC Tacchi has spoken direct with the insurers of the firm operating the car parking and the result is that they will be changing the terms of their policies to ensure that all new and renewal business is of a legitimate nature.

White Van parked by Amors- he is looking into this.

Sustain- he has called in to the Company to discuss car parking issues generally around High St.

Lighting- Report received from Western Power Distribution on the “Quality of Supply 2006”.

FINANCE REPORT 16th March, 2007
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 9th March (49 weeks)

G Hunt
BT Plc
T Yearsley
DG Maintenance
E Wrest
Bank Balances
Business reserve
Current Account
Capital reserve


VAT Recovered




Total 65300 117887.53
Open Spaces
Street Lighting
Admin Expenses
Total 70450 108006.91
Mobile Youth
Public Conveniences
Parish Plan
Section 137
Odds and sods



The Clerk raised the matters of request for grants/donations from the MS Therapy Centre and Sue Ryder Care- in line with policy both requests turned aside. Cllr. Clements did declare an interest in the MS Therapy Centre as a relation is an employee.

Memorial – request for alcohol


Bristol International Airport

- Master Plan- there are no changes to be made. It is likely that the planning application for the terminal extension will be submitted shortly followed by the proposal for a Hotel. The airport is likely to use “twin-tracking” for its formal planning applications which means that they may submit identical applications close together. By this method they reduce the time to go to appeal, but maintain the dialogue with the planning authority. BIA is in discussions with partners regarding the hotel development. The planning authority view is that it is not essential to the operation of the airport.

- The South side car park is a separate issue and will have an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report undertaken- there will also be an EIA for the development as a whole.

- Taxis- changing operators shortly. Comment made that the taxi firm is quite often using the freight entrance which is contrary to existing planning conditions- in the next round of planning it is likely that BIA will seek to remove this condition.

- ILS system was out of action for 2 days and this resulted in some unusual flight patterns.

- Cooks Bridle Path entrance to the Airport. Digging out a large soakaway and fuel interceptor and the management maintain that no planning permission required. Apparently they have also been in touch with the Environment Agency who has indicated that there are no problems. Residents below the airport in Cooks Bridle Path are somewhat concerned.

- Empty planes- one flies weekly to Bristol.

- PCAA- Clerk gave notice of the AGM and General Meting to be held on March 27th at Felton Village Hall commencing at 7.30


- Cllr. Glynn had produced a report to ALCA on a BIA-Air Transport Forum Meeting held on 9th November and this had been distributed to all councillors. Specific comment made regarding the section headed “Local Bus Services” in that BIA was considering Nailsea & Backwell Station as a preferred option for a rail/bus interchange but because of turning space were now considering Yatton Station as an alternative.

The possibility of a community bus service to link into the X1 service is being considered. Cllr. Yamanaka made the point that the 121 service should also be looked at as by allowing this service to terminate at Weston-Super-Mare (some terminate at Winscombe) this could also help.

- ALCA North Somerset Group- AGM to be held on Thursday 14th June and seeking nominations for the various posts.

- ALCA Newsletter March 2007 and enclosures were commented upon.

- Review of Quality Town and Parish Council scheme. A number of existing quality councils are due for re-accreditation during 2007. As things stand, the criteria would impose additional burdens on those councils- e.g., the tougher electoral mandate of 100% compared to 80% at initial accreditation. It is felt that the former is unrealistic and in future the 80% mandate will apply at first and subsequent accreditations.

Parish Plan

Cllr. Bigg made a plea for help in completing the plan as of the 12 sections 8 still need to be assessed.

Patient Practice Partnership

- North Somerset PPI Forum is seeking Patient Forum Volunteers from people in the local community who are enthusiastic about helping patients and the way that healthcare is organised and delivered. For more information contact Matthew Rowles on 0117 989 2006 or e-mail

- Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel minutes of meeting held 24th January received.

- We have moved an important step closer to setting up an effective rural patients’ forum with North Somerset Primary Care Trust (PCT). They have acknowledged past policy mistakes arising from their lack of understanding of the specific needs of rural patients.

At a meeting on 8th March, representatives of our PPP and others agreed with the PCT the cluster of rural practices which will initially be involved, as those south of the A370 plus Yatton, and excepting Winscombe, who have decided to ‘go it alone’. Already our Wrington Vale practice is working with others on forming a single cluster for the purchasing of services, and the practice appreciates the important role a patient-practice partnership is already playing to ensure such developments have the patients’ perspective in mind.

We began to refine our ideas for the organisation and terms of reference of the rural forum, and tackle specifc pressing issues arising from the imminent move into the community of many of the services currently provided at Weston and other hospitals.

A comprehensive survey is under way to identify public buildings in the villages where a whole range of services - clinics, follow-up treatment, some involving nurses, others needing GPs - could take place, on the same basis as that by which the Blood Service uses the Memorial Hall for its sessions. Additionally, existing rural practice premises could be used after normal closing times, and at weekends

Overall, our priority is to work towards a situation where every individual patient has a voice in relation to the work of both the practice where they are registered, and the PCT generally. To this end, we are encouraging the formation of other PPPs, and looking to parish councils and community organisations like the WI, PTAs, and others with significant membership, to form links in a communication chain between the PCT and the individual patient.

Meeting dates-

It was confirmed that a full Council meeting would be held on April 17th and that the May meeting would be on either Thursday 17th or Friday 18th dependent upon legal requirements about holding a meeting following the elections to be held May 3rd

Planning Meetings will be held on April 17th (to start at 18.30 hours as immediately followed by a full Council meeting) and May 8th. The rest of the Meeting dates to be set at the first full Meeting of the new Council

School Travel Plan.

This had been submitted to all Councillors prior to the Meeting. Cllr. Yamanaka indicated that it has been approved by the School Governors with the rider that the School Head and Chair of Governors would consider any comments that the Parish Council would wish to make.

Cllr. Glynn suggested that a clause be added “The schemes or measures suggested are not necessarily the views of the Parish Council”. Cllr. Clements made the comment that the school had taken the initiative and that whilst the Parish Council may not agree with the full content of the plan that it should be seen as being supportive.

Cllr. Phillips made the point that the school will receive any grant money and not the Parish Council although consultation with the Parish Council should take place at that stage. Also once the plan is accepted by NSC the scheme can be amended without referring back.

Cllr. Glynn suggested that the reference to the 40 mph limit along West Hay Road should be amended to “on all access roads”. Cllr. Matthews proposed that this should be added and the Council was unanimous in its support.


North Somerset Council Local Development Framework core strategy. The Clerk has received the pre-production brief for comment and these have to be with NSC by early April. It was agreed that any comments should be discussed at the next planning meeting scheduled for 27th March in order that then deadline is met.

District Councillor’s Report

Airport - The motion to Council on the Master Plan passed at the NS Council meeting 20th Feb was along expected lines - in brief, the motion was that the Master Plan be noted, and BIA be advised of NSC’s concerns on the lack of a surface access strategy, need for environmental & economic assessments, any other concerns raised during the consultation & consideration of the Stern report on aviation effects on climate change.

Council Tax – Also as expected a 3% Council Tax rise was passed.

West Hay Rd 40 MPH speed limit - At the Exec meeting on 6th March there was a report on the Local Transport Plan Implementation Programme 2007/8. This included £4,000 Section 106 funding for the speed limit on Wrington Rd/West Hay Rd. Unfortunately however this does not mean that the speed limit has been agreed yet, but just that the funds are safeguarded pending a decision. I am optimistic that the limit will be brought in, when the Speed Watch scheme has made more progress.

Dog Control Orders –also at the Exec meeting various Dog Control orders were agreed (from 1st April), following the consultation which you may remember. The whole of North Somerset is now a poop-scoop area, dogs are banned from all fenced-in children’s play areas and Wrington has “dogs on leads” orders on the Rec and the Village Green (outside the Plough). The Govt is repealing all existing dog control orders from 1st April, & this was the impetus for bringing in the new orders. There are now 30 NSC officers with authority to issue fixed penalty notices & start prosecutions, but even though 30 is a lot more than the 1 and a half dog wardens, they will not be everywhere all the time.

Gatcombe Farm car parking enforcement – an enforcement notice was issued on 21st February. “Compliance is being monitored”. Watch this space!

Lulsgate Bridge - I found out almost by accident that there was another proposal recently to demolish the bridge. I was not pleased to hear that Winford PC had been consulted, but not Wrington PC, on the grounds that Winford was closer. I suspect that was not really the reason – somebody probably thought that it was in Winford Parish. Anyway, Winford PC objected, and instead of demolishing the bridge it has had new railings fitted. The bridge will now remain at least until the junction is improved following any BIA expansion application approvals.

I have stressed that Wrington PC must be consulted in future, since it is mainly Wrington parishioners who use the bridge! Residents from Downside Rd take dogs to Felton Common and children to school, and residents from School Lane may go to the Airport Tavern. I think it is unlikely that many Winford parishioners use the bridge.

Goblin Combe – Last week I visited the new campsite building at Goblin Combe. It has been a long time coming but is here at last. There is an Open Day on 26th April, 2-7pm for local residents & others interested in looking round. The new building is a sustainable residential facility for 38 people.

More information on

Open Forum

1) Parish Council Elections- the Clerk handed out an election pack to those interested councillors.

2) The Dring between High Street and Yeomans Orchard. Long standing saga with NSC not taking any action. The Clerk suggested that perhaps the Parish Council should now obtain quotations to make good the right of way. After discussion the Clerk was directed tow rite to the adjoining residents to ascertain whether they would be prepared to enter into a joint venture to repair the right of way. There is according to North Somerset an issue over ownership of the strip of land.

3) Cllr. Thorn mentioned that the newsletter is with the printers and would be available for delivery soon. Cllr. Bigg will provide Cllr. Thorn with the delivery schedule from the previous issue.

4) Youth Bus didn’t turn up the week of 8th March- Clerk to ascertain why.

5) Drains- comment made about state of them in some areas of the Parish and the Clerk to take forward.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.40 hours.

Mr. T R Clements