Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Tuesday, 10th October, 2006

Mr T R Clements,
Ms E P Irving
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mr R L Thorn,
Mr T W Yearsley

In attendance: P.C. K Tacchi - Community Police Officer
Apologies: Mrs A Atkins, Mr G A Matthews, Mrs G Moss, Mrs C A Phillips,
Mrs D J Yamanaka, Ms J Erskine - North Somerset Council Liaison Officer
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

Declaration of Members Interests – Nil on known agenda items.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th September 2006 were adopted without amendment.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Skateboard park- meeting with the users still to be arranged although the minor acts of vandalism appear to have stopped. The quote for the infilling of far ramp came out at £2334.70 + VAT – this to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. The Council felt this was a cost that would be difficult unless the fundraisers found the money and that better “policing” of the area may be an alternative.

2) Play area- multi-play activity unit in the Glebe play area now repaired. Clerk waiting to hear back from ROSPA despite a chasing letter being sent.

3) Village of the Year 2006. District winner of the North Somerset larger villages section and joint winner of the DEFRA Building Community Life North Somerset larger village section. An awards ceremony will be held at Marksbury Village Hall on 4th November and runs in conjunction with the AGM of the CPRE and the Council agreed to cover the cost of lunch for those Councilors’ attending. It was also suggested that the prize money should be used to enhance an open space within the Village and ideas to be brought to the next Council meeting. Cllr. Gallop wished to record a vote of thanks to those involved in the submission of the entry.

4) North Somerset Local Access Forum. Minutes of meeting 11th July 2006 and agenda for meeting held 10th October. Cllr. Glynn expressed an interest as there is talk of a “Tidal Way” footpath network being established.

5) Publications_ Streetscene, Local Councils update October edition, ERHA “The next generation of affordable homes”, Community Action September edition, NS Life October edition, Update information for NS Councillors, Trumpet Voluntary.

6) North Somerset Courthouse- Open Day 18th November 10.00 am- 3.30 pm.

7) Dickensian Fayre, Friday 8th December at 6.00pm. The Parish Council agreed to purchase a Christmas tree (estimate cost £100) and cover public liability for the event. Proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Bigg. Passed

8) Taste of North Somerset Apple day on Monday 23rd October at Failand Village Hall from 10.45 am- 2.30 pm.

9) NSC Housing Strategy event Tuesday 28th November from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm in the Winter Gardens. It will review the Housing Strategy 2004-2009 and the development of a new Homelessness Strategy.

10) Joint area review for Children & Young People- publication available for circulation.

11) North Somerset Partnership “Improving our Communities” Annual Event Thursday 23rd November at the Winter Gardens between 9.3-am – 1.00 pm. Anyone wishing to attend please let the Clerk know. Cllrs. Bigg and Glynn expressed the view that it is very important for the Council to remain in close touch with developments with the Partnership.

12) Statement of Community Involvement- a schedule of all representations made can be seen by accessing the Council’s website. NSC considered the representations received at Executive on 5th September and at Full Council on 26th September and has made a comment to the Planning Inspectorate on each.

Highways Matters

- The Phil Parker presentation on shared space given after the planning meeting held on 10th October. The Council decided that they needed to consider the implications further before taking forward. Cllr. Irving made the comment that in respect of West Hay Road there was a need to implement traffic calming measures and the new “flashing” warning signs would be appropriate.

- School Travel Plan- a questionnaire has been issued by the School to all parents. This has been returned and the results being collated.

- Speedwatch- the Clerk has been in discussions with Alison Tull, the Avon & Somerset Police co-ordinator, and they will undertake a survey of proposed sites if we would supply this to them. The Clerk and Cllr. Glynn to take forward.

- Ropers Lane- 2 issues- one the junction with Branches Cross and thoughts as to how the junction can be made safer needs to be considered. It was mentioned that the “give way” sign is covered by tree growth and the Clerk is to report. The second issue revolves around parking at the Chapel end of the lane where cars are now parking on the pavement and others are not being considerate. These matters were mentioned to PC Tacchi at the meeting and he will take forward.

- Cllr. Irving mentioned that the “shadow” footpath in Silver Street was filled by parked cars in the evening, but it is accepted that there is little that can be done about this.

- Brook House and the proposed new access. Mention of an amendment was made and the details had been brought to the attention of the affected parties opposite who found them acceptable.

Police – PC Tacchi presented the crime report for the period 1st September to 11th October and this revealed 15 reported crimes of which 7 relate to vehicle related incidents at illegal airport car parks. This was of concern to the Council.

Graffiti in Church walk play area- PC Tacchi has spoken with the parents of the perpetuators and all has been resolved amicably.

Shooting of rooks on land at Chapel Hill- this was being undertaken on behalf of the owner of the land and the personnel involved held the requisite licences. The point was made that the shooting appeared to be indiscriminate and had little regard to movement on West Hay Road.

Skateboard Park- attempted fire raising- still being looked into.

The Police are supporting the School Travel Plan and have supplied them with tabards.

Speeding A38- letter of complaint received by PC Tacchi in which it states that traffic speeds of 80 mph being seen. This was seen as the perceived speed as opposed to an actual recording. The Clerk and Cllr. Glynn to respond to the writer.

Contact details- new police contact details provided and the Clerk will put these on the Notice Boards and also let Cllr. Thorn have details so that they can be put on the website.

Halloween- busiest night of the Police year. PC Tacchi has been round to all local businesses asking that they exercise caution when selling flour or eggs to individuals during this period.

Lighting- No report.

FINANCE REPORT 17th October, 2006
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 11th October (28 weeks)

Connect SW (electricity maintenance)
Redhill Engineering (play area)
Inland Revenue
T Yearsley
E Wrest (Village Orderly)
ALCA (training courses)
SITA (Dog bins)
EDF (power supply)
DG Maintenance (play areas)
Shred-it (waste paper)

Bank Balances
Business reserve
Current Account
Capital reserve



VAT Recovered




Total 65300 105303.48
Open Spaces
Street Lighting
Admin Expenses


Total 70450 77123.71
Mobile Youth
Public Conveniences
Parish Plan
Section 137
Odds and sods








Two requests received for grants- Citizens Advice Bureau and the Neighbourhood Watch. It was proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Bigg that a contribution of £75 be made to Neighbourhood Watch and that the CAB request be declined. Passed.


The Clerk mentioned that this was again under consideration and that any thought that Councillors may have should be relayed to the Clerk prior to the November meeting.

Memorial – request for alcohol

A letter received from the organisers of Wrington Fair setting out their licence requirements They require full licences on 7th & 11th May and permission to “bring your own” alcohol on 9th and 12th May 2007. Proposed by Cllr. Thorn and seconded by Cllr. Gallop that permission is given. Passed.

Bristol International Airport - no report

ALCA – The Clerk made mention of the October Newsletter and in particular a request being made by Yatton PC to reduce the number of Councillors’ as they were having difficulty in filling vacancies. The Chair was of the opinion that Wrington Parish Council was too large and this was highlighted by the fact that of 16 places only 11 have been filled. After a general discussion it was agreed that the outcome of next year’s local elections should be awaited before taking forward.

Cllr. Glynn mentioned that he attended the AGM of ALCA on behalf of the Council.

Cllr. Glynn and Bigg attended a training course on “Roles and responsibilities of Councillors”. It was more of a “sharing” experience than a course and probably more suited to new councillors’.

Cllr. Bigg mentioned that the CPRE have been asked to run a workshop for ALCA on planning issues.

Parish Plan- no report.


The Clerk reported on a letter from NSC relating to dog control orders under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. The new controls will replace any existing byelaws and the process will be moved forward by NSC who will also cover the cost of signage. The Act covers five areas: - failing to remove dog faeces, not keeping a dog on a lead, not putting, and keeping, a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer, permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded: and taking more than the specified number of dogs (which a person may tale) onto land. The Council can be selective in its implementation and after discussion it was agreed that the last issue would not apply.

To take forward the Council has to advise NSC of the areas to be covered and these were agreed as The Recreation Field, The Church Walk Play Area, the Village Green and footpath AX30/01 although in regard to the latter the permission of the landowner will be required.

If fixed notice penalties to apply these can range from £50-£80 but if nothing laid down then a fine of £75 will be applied.

The proposed orders will be subject to Public Notices and a consultation period before it becomes enforceable.

Cllr. Thorn suggested that a piece should be put in the Journal covering the Act and also seeking “volunteers” to act as Wardens- training is to be provided by NSC. Councillors cannot be wardens but officers of the Council can.

The Clerk was directed to take forward with NSC and also put the article in the Journal.

District Councillor’s Report – Issued pre-meeting and covered Waste issues, Yatton Library and Council inspections.

Cllr. Irving expressed some concerns over the notification procedure for “waste” bearing in mind the problems that some residents encountered when the green boxes and waste bags were introduced.

Open Forum

1) Waste bin at the entrance to Gatcombe Farm not being emptied- Clerk to report.

2) Replacement telegraph poles- Cllr. Irving made mention of this as following replacement her phone line did not operate properly and took time to get resolved.

3) Motor-cross. Individuals seen to be using a field to the east of Bullhouse Lane for excessive periods of time and creating a noise issue. Cllr. Clements mentioned that there is a code of conduct for motor-cross which specifies how long practice periods should last. A situation to keep watch on.

4) Newsletter- to be put on the Agenda for the November Meeting.
There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.25 hours.

Mr. T R Clements