Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday 16th September 2005
Ms E P Irving
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mr G A Matthews,

Vice-Chair    Mrs C A Phillips,
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

Apologies: Mrs A Atkins,, Mr T R Clements, Mrs G Moss, Mr R L Thorn, Ms J Erskine,
                   PC. K Tacchi

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th August were adopted with the following amendments:

1) P5 under BIA 2nd paragraph 2nd line remove the words “the Authority” and replace with BIA and NSC.

2) P5 under Parish Plan 3rd line remove “flexible” and replace with “flexibility”.

3) P5 under Open Forum item 5 after working add “for”.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Bye-law re restricting use of fireworks – no further forward.

2) Rights of Way- update. In hand to put in Journal.

3) Future needs of healthcare in North Somerset- last part of a series of public Meetings scheduled for Wednesday 21st September at the Methodist Church, Silver Street, Nailsea starting at 6.00pm and on Thursday 22nd September at Claverham Village Hall, Claverham starting at 5.45 pm.

4) Drop-in Counselling Service. An open day arranged at the refectory, St. Andrew’s Church, Congresbury on September 23rd between the hours of 12.00 and 14.00.

5) AGM Community Action at 14.00 hours on Thursday 20th October at the Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, Keedwell Hill, Long Ashton. Cllr. Bigg indicated that she may attend

6) North Somerset Corporate Plan (2005-08). Available for reading.

7) Local Bus contract service review. This Parish covers services 121, 821 and 822. It was felt that the current bus time-table was required and then with the comments contained within the Parish Plan a reasoned response could be made. To be carried forward to the October meeting.

8) Day Care and Clubs for adults. In response to NSC’s request it was felt that the Luncheon and Friendship Clubs together with the Thursday Club held at the Chapel should be incorporated within the return.

9) Standards Committee. Minutes of the Meeting held 7th July.

10) Publications- Mendip, North Somerset Life (August), Fieldwork. With regard to North Somerset Life much of the Parish still not receiving the magazine and the Clerk to again take up with NSC.

11) DE Matters. The Clerk made reference to the article on “High Hedges” and will include in the next Journal issue.

12) The Clerk advised the Council of the details of the final version of the amended licence for the Golden Lion.

13) Local Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund Grants. The Clerk advised that the Council was unsuccessful in its bid for funding for the Skateboard Park on the grounds that it did not offer sufficient environmental benefit. It was also mentioned that NSC has allocated both the 2005/06 budget and the 2006/07 budget as it was felt that the projects tabled warranted the allocation of next year’s budget. The Council was of the opinion that this was against the spirit of the scheme as it now precluded any project being submitted until the allocation for the year 2007/08 was known. The Clerk was directed to seek details of the beneficiaries and projects and also lodge an objection into the pre-allocation of funds.

14) Mobile Youth Bus- the Clerk advised that as the Director of AYA was on holiday throughout September no progress made with the “partnership” agreement between the Council and AYA.

Highways Matters

The Clerk had provided a list of all outstanding general highway complaints and asked that Councillors advise him of any that have been rectified.

The Clerk gave a copy of a letter received from Mr. & Mrs. Rixton to all attendees. The issues raised surrounded traffic calming, poor lighting, vandalism and anti-social behaviour from licensed premises. After a general discussion the Clerk was directed to contact SEC to ascertain what could be done about the lighting situation. On the other issues it appeared that the writer was objecting to the new licensing applications and seeking the Council’s support. As the date of the letter was 29th August this was after the hearing date and the Clerk was to incorporate within the response that the Council had objected to the proposed revised hours with some degree of success. It was also suggested that they may wish to join the newly formed Broad Street arm of the Neighbourhood Watch.

Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned that the School lollipop lady has resigned and the issue of traffic calming measures in School Road was again to the forefront and asked whether consideration could be given to flashing variable signs and a 20 mph limit. Also stop parking opposite the school wall.

Cllr. Yamanaka also mentioned that Cllr. Burden of NSC may be positive on speed limit restrictions. On the Speed Watch (although currently under review) issue she has been unable to make contact with Mr. Sage at Downside.

Cllr. Glynn mentioned that he was still waiting to fix up a meeting with Mr. Edgar of
NSC to take discuss traffic calming issues.

Police – Report issued pre-meeting with 8 reported crimes in the period 13th August
to 5th September. Cllr. Bigg concerned at the seemingly escalating trend and asked whether the Police could provide statistics on a crime related basis.

Lighting - Cllr. Bigg gave some brief statistics taken from the Parish Plan on this
subject and on the whole the Parish was supportive of the system. 225 were in favour
of a phased replacement, 197 for retention of current system and 133 for a one off upgrade. 402 were in favour of “white” lights and only 65 favoured the orange variety.

FINANCE REPORT 16th September 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 9thSeptember (24 weeks)
SITA (dog bins) 27.91
Memorial Hall (Waters family donation) 2000.00
S Robb & Co (Audit) 29.38
Alvis Contractors (Mem. Hall) 252.57
ArbTek (Mem. Hall) 1233.75
R Thorn (Broadband) 18.00
T Yearsley 428.70
T Atkins (Mike Bush Paddock) 146.00
Mazars (Audit) 411.25
SITA 22.33
Bank Balance: Current Account
Business Reserve
Capital Reserve

Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 28695 50.00
Grants 2891.83
Allotments 310 250
Insurance 0
VAT Recovered 8955.7
Interest 600 305.38 50.90
Total 58300 44104.29
Allotments 200 0.00 0.00
Open Spaces 12000 1644.61 13.71
Highways 1000 0.00 0.00
Street Lighting 7500 2435.17 32.47
Admin Expenses 11600 6603.00 56.92
Grant 20600 9555.21 46.38
Sundries 5400 3568.27 66.08
Other 2000.00
Total 58300 25806.26
Mobile Youth 2600 2915.00 112.12
Public Conveniences 1600 0.00 0.00
Parish Plan 0.00
Section 137 200 0.00 0.00
Odds and sods 1000 653.27 65.33
Total 5400 3568.27

Payments made on behalf of the Memorial Hall & recreation Field Committee

Alvis Contractors £214.95 + VAT
Arbtek £1233.75 + VAT

The Clerk reported on a letter from Sure Start, a charity that provides volunteers to support families who are facing issues such as poverty, rural isolation and social exclusion. The request was for a grant of £300 towards a target of £70,000. The
Council maintained its stance on such applications and the request was declined.

Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned that as Cllr. Atkins husband has undertaken minor small
works for the Council this should be registered in her “Register of Interests”.

Memorial – request for alcohol

The Clerk mentioned that he had given permission for alcohol to be served at the Rev. Newell’s leaving party on 17th September in the Memorial Hall.

A request from the WI to serve drinks on 1st and 13th October. Approved

Bristol International Airport -

Cllr. Matthews had issued pre-meeting a paper on the Bristol Airport Master Plan and key issues for the Council to discuss. Cllr. Bigg with data from the Parish Plan and information within the draft Master Plan had added comments. It was generally agreed that the subject should await the next consultation period and then the Council to have a one-off meeting with the Master Plan the sole topic of discussion. It was inferred that
the Parish Council was unlikely to get a full copy of the Master Plan!

On the matter of distribution of the “flyer” for the consultation period the Council was firmly of the opinion that this was down to the Airport.

ALCA – The Clerk mentioned the contents of the ALCA newsletter September 2005

The AGM is set for 15th October at the Pavilion, Keedwell Hill, Long Ashton. Cllr. Glynn indicated that he will attend. Continuing membership may depend upon the level of increase in the subscription rate.

Parish Plan.

Cllr. Bigg mentioned that Redhill Village Hall has been booked for 4th November and Wrington Memorial Hall for 5th & 6th November for demonstrating the results of the Parish Plan. Feedback to all residents will be by way of a “flier” and it was suggested that any dates for BIA Master Plan be incorporated within the “flier” if available.

A questionnaire for businesses is being put together and long term it is hoped to provide a business directory.

An action plan is to be produced before the end of the year. The ownership of this was open to debate and after some discussion it was left that a Parish Plan and Action Plan from another location would be produced to the next meeting.


The Clerk made mention of the Catchment Flood Management Plan and was awaiting a CD version. Any comments to be made before 1st December.

District Councillor’s Report – review circulated pre-meeting. Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned the concept of “door-stepping” as a means of helping educate people in recycling capabilities and that NSC may try this.

Open Forum

1) Butcombe Brewery- send a letter of thanks for their efforts on the open evening for the new brewery.

2) The Council wish to formally record best wishes to Cllr. Clements and wish him a speedy recovery.

3) The surgery sign- the Medical Practice have agreed to meet the cost on a 50/50 basis and the Clerk to liaise with the Practice Manager.

4) The Community Meal leaflets have been passed on.

5) Skateboard park- to date some £4,500 raised towards a target of £36/37k.

6) A red land rover occasionally blocks the footpath at the Glebe and the Clerk was asked to make the Community Police Officer aware of this.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.50 hours.

Ms E P Irving
Vice- Chairperson