Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Tuesday 20th December, 2005
Mr T R Clements,
Ms E P Irving
Mrs A Atkins,
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mr G A Matthews,

Mrs G Moss
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley

Apologies: Ms J Erskine, Mrs C A Phillips, P.C. K Tacchi

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours and welcomed John Carson and Paul Smart of the North Somerset Council Streets and Open Spaces team.

Declaration of Members Interests - Nil

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th November were adopted with the addition that the Clerk’s Pay and Conditions terms should be added as a confidential minute. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th December were also adopted.

Streets and Open Spaces.

Messrs Carson and Smart gave background to the new NSC department and how it has been split up geographically. They acknowledged that it was unfortunate that the officer attached to this Parish was on long term sick leave and that it was down to the remaining officers to cover. A new service standards manual has been produced and two copies left for use by the Parish- these included current point of contact numbers.

The Clerk mentioned that over the last 12 months the old Highways department had not acknowledged receipt of reported defects as in the past and it was agreed that a full list should be forwarded to be updated by the new department.

Matters raised from the Council:-

-Butts Batch entrance to Butts Orchard- tree overhanging road and causing visibility problems. The tree is dead and in need of removal.

- Drains- many not working properly and this is identified when they are cleaned by yellow marking. No subsequent action being taken and the markings wear away only to be replaced when the drains next cleaned. A request for a map of all drains in the Parish was requested.

- Havyaat Road- the unsuitable for HGV sign has been placed at this junction in error. It is the only recommended route into Wrington. The sign should be removed and relocated at the junction of the A38/The Pound (by the Darlington Arms).

- A38/bias Silver zone car park. Some time ago the Council was asked to comment on a proposal to split the lanes at the entrance to the “silver zone” so that the left hand lane was for the car park and the right hand lane for traffic going towards Bristol. This was all agreed but no action taken to date. Why?

- The Dring which runs from the High Street to Ropers Lane. The tarmac at the bottom worn away and whilst this has been reported repeatedly there is some difference of opinion as to who is responsible. The matter has been reported to Highways and the Rights of Way Team- the latter agreed to do some work but first were going to write to the residents to seek a contribution. Nothing has happened to date. The area is used as a pull-in for traffic as it is on a narrow piece of road. The NSC team agreed to look at as there has been a similar instance in another Parish.

- Glebe/Station Road- piece of land owned by a Mr. Cleaves who no longer resides in the Parish and his whereabouts unknown. It is overgrown and there are some obnoxious weeds within. NSC will look at to see what can be done.

- Tarmac and minor repairs. It was commented on that the standard of work poor and ineffective particularly along Downside Road. The NSC team mentioned that this was a particular problem as the road in question has structural problems and is due for major patching works. However the general comment made about the standard of work taken on board and will be looked into.

- Speed limit signs obscured by growth in the growing season. Basically the responsibility of the landowner but NSC will action.

- Is there a definitive Public Rights of Way map?

- Lawrence Road pavement by number 7- overgrown by weeds and whilst reported no action taken.

- Dustbins- under the Environment Protection Act 1990 leaving out bins in advance of collection can be classified as fly-tipping. NSC view is that bins left out the night before accepted as first collection time 7.30. On this issue the comment was made that in some areas bins have been collected before this time. The NSC team will take up with the contractors.

- Green boxes- the plastic bags are emptied and then left by the contractor whereas in other areas the bags are taken as well.

The Chairman thanked Messrs Carson and Smart for their time.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Fireworks- letter from NSC stating that this year’s complaints down on previous year’s. Fireworks are now categorised and it is an offence for a member of public to possess display fireworks (category 3 & 4) and for anyone under the age of 18 to possess fireworks in a public place. Under the new regulations they can be let off on any night, but only between the hours of 7am and 11pm with this being extended to 1 am on certain nights of the year. The Clerk is to diarise to put an article in the Journal in the September edition 2006.

2) Mobile Youth Bus-following the intervention of Cllr. Matthews the Director of AYA has promised that the matter of a partnership document will be drawn up.

3) Details of courses run by NSC given.

4) Confidential Waste- this is hopefully a scheme that the Village Association will take on board. The idea is to offer the service to businesses in the Village with the waste being collected every 8/12 weeks and shredded on site. The cost per collection would be £65 and this would be recouped by selling envelopes at £2.50 per business or £1 per domestic house to cover. Andy Tandy would be happy to make a presentation to the Council on this and the Clerk was directed to take Mr. Tandy up on this offer.

5) A copy of the latest version of the Village Directory has been received.

6) NSC draft Statement of Community Involvement- Workshop organised for Monday 9th January at 2.00 pm at the Campus, Highlands Lane, Weston. Closing date for consultation is 11th January but comments can be delayed until after the workshop. Cllr. Bigg volunteered to attend.

7) Community Action- seeking information on Farm Shops within the Parish- Alvis’s and the Walled Garden were considered the correct entry for this.

8) Standards Committee- amended agenda for 24th November.

9) Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel- Minutes of Meeting held 24th November and dates for future meetings.

10) Publications- Directory of community meeting places, North Somerset Life November edition, details of farmers Markets 2006, CPRE Newsletter November, Fieldwork.

11) DE Matters December – issued with pre-meeting notes.

Highways Matters – The Clerk reported on a round robin letter received from residents of Downside concerning the traffic problems particularly with speeding. It was mentioned that in time Avis will use the BIA Silver Zone roundabout. However it was also mentioned that new underground tanks have been installed at the back of Stone Farm so it is likely that entrance in Downside Road will be continued to be used by tankers. The illegal car parking at Yew Tree Paddocks is not helping the situation as the access is on a blind spot of the road. Mention was made of the Council response to the BIA Master Plan and the traffic issues raised therein.

It was suggested that use of a flashing speed sign and the police with a mobile speed camera to do a speed check.

It was thought that the signage needs to be reviewed and a speed survey undertaken by NSC.

The Airport to be asked to provide data on daily movements of “transport”.

Cllr. Glynn agreed to speak at a Parish Voice Meeting and will liaise with the Clerk to table the request.

School Travel Plan- it was reported back that the Head of Wrington School did not appear too keen to take forward although is seeking some traffic calming opposite the School. The School Travel Plan has access to funds that may not normally be available and it was left that the matter should be referred to the Governors.

It was requested that a pedestrian “warning” sign similar to that in Silver Street should be placed in the High Street. Here it was suggested that the Clerk should arrange a meeting with Mr. Bailey of NSC who has taken over from Chris Edgar.

West Hay Road- the Police may be agreeable to the speed reduction if a speedwatch scheme is committed to. The Clerk is to ask Congresbury PC if they would be prepared to take this on board.

Freight Strategy- there is a draft proposal to a weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes on the A368 Churchill and through BANES. This is on the basis that when Burrington Combe was closed it did not create any traffic congestion as alternative routes were found.

Police – A report was issued pre-meeting showing that between 13th November and 1st December there were 8 recorded crimes- one has been solved and two others subject to forensic examination.

Lighting- The Clerk reported on a response from NSC relating to current lanterns being used- this was in relation to outstanding lighting issues at Station Road and Lychgate Cottage. It also covers the policy for adoption of lights and how the Council should proceed. In view of this it was suggested that a sub-committee be formed and this to consist of Cllrs. Clements, Matthews, Irving and Glynn. Proposed by Cllr. Yamanaka and seconded by Cllr. Gallop. Passed.

FINANCE REPORT 20th December 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 13th December (35 weeks)

DG Maintenance (Swings)
Redhill Engineering (Grille JLR)
Holmleigh Security (alarm system JLR)
SITA (dog bins)
G Bigg (Parish Plan)
Redhill Village Hall (Parish Plan)
Wrington memorial Hall (Parish Plan)
Wrington Friendship Club
NSC re neighbourhood Watch
Freenetcom re Broadband
T Yearsley
AYS Youth Bus
G Hunt (repairs to gate Church Walk)
Bank Balances: Business reserve
Current Account
Capital Reserve

VAT Recovered




Total 58300 74157.26

Open Spaces
Street Lighting
Admin Expenses
Total 58300 40638.99
Mobile Youth
Public Conveniences
Parish Plan
Section 137
Odds and sods





Total 5400 6354.04

Two requests for financial assistance received from Women’s project and North Somerset Agricultural Society for their Green Gateway project. In line with policy both requests turned aside.


The Clerk presented the proposed budget for 2006/2007 indicating expenditure of £68350 (£58300-2005/2006). The increase largely due to the new salary scale for Clerks. Against this expenditure it was recommended that a precept of £62000 be indented for from NSC and after sundry income of £1300 this left a deficit of £5050 to be taken from reserves and a further adjustment to be made in the year 2007/2008 so that the shortfall is eliminated. Cllr. Matthews was of the opinion that the shortfall was too great and that the precept request should be increased to £64000. After some discussion around the matter it was proposed by Cllr. Thorn and seconded by Cllr. Glynn that a precept of £64000 is applied for from NSC. Passed.

Memorial – request for alcohol

2 requests received:

New Years Eve Line Dance- alcohol to be brought by participants but not offered for resale and Wrington WI on the evening of 12th January on the same basis. Proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Thorn that permission is granted. Passed.

Bristol International Airport – The Clerk commented on the response received from the 2 local Members of Parliament following the Council’s response to the Master Plan Consultation.

Cllr. Atkins attended a BIA Consultative Committee Meeting and commented as follows:

- Airspace Policy- letter received from the CAA supporting the proposed changes to the Bristol and Cardiff airspace structures. Would now proceed to the next stage of the approval.

- Employment currently 5500 but projected to be 8300 by year 2015.

- Community involvement-£2500 grant to Goblin Combe to promote workshops for children in South Bristol.

- Master Plan exhibition- 700 visited the various locations.

- Hotel facility- initially a 100-120 bed hotel with provision to extend to 200

- Covered walkway between the pick up car park and the terminal has started with a completion date by end of February 2006.

- Air quality-an analysis had been undertaken using the dispersion model and this showed that the air quality was within national and EU limits.

- Master Plan- within the consultation a detailed environmental impact assessment had been undertaken covering biodiversity, community and rural character, cultural heritage, geology and land quality.

Cllr. Glynn will report on the Air Transport Forum in the January Meeting.

Cllr. Yamanaka reported that mention made of more car alarms being activated within the airport car parks. Also perceived that a greater number of flights seen over Wrington itself.

ALCA – The Clerk commented on the contents of the December Newsletter.

Parish Plan - Cllr. Bigg said that she will bring all relevant information to the next Meeting.

District Councillor’s Report – Report issued pre-meeting.

On the points covered in the pre-meeting report Cllr. Yamanaka provided the following update:

Green waste- the opening of the Coles Quarry site delayed due to some drainage issues.

It is now unlikely that the green garden waste collection will be on the same day as rubbish collections.

It is possible that plastic bottles and printed card disposal will at some future date be available at Civic amenity sites.

Budget- the draft budget was approved on 20th December. Public consultation will be held on dates to be advised.

Large scale Voluntary Transfer (Council Housing).

There are still some issues to be resolved over parcels of land that will be staying in Council ownership.

Goblin Combe-there is an issue in that the Trust set up to run Goblin Combe has been unable to operate properly and therefore unable to make money. The Trust has built up a debt with NSC and they have jointly agreed a “forward financial plan” for repayment.


Strategic Plan for Children and young people 2006-2009- it was agreed that the Clerk would enlist the help of Cllr. Phillips in submitting a response to this. Response date 16th January 2006.

Clean Neighbourhood Act 2005- whilst in essence the “policing” time and collection time for the Fixed Penalty could outweigh the benefits. If a member of the public refuses to pay the fixed penalty then court action required. It is the general opinion of Clerks that training is required if a Council is to participate in the new act and that ALCA should be providing this. Hopefully the thought of an “on-the-spot” fine will act as the deterrent.

Weston Area Action Plan- the Clerk gave out details of this consultation process which are part of the new planning system. Cllr. Glynn said that he would he interested in becoming involved in the process and the Clerk was directed to respond to the effect that Wrington PC wish to be part of the consultation process.

Open Forum

1) A question was asked as to who is the Council’s representative on the Local Access Forum. Clerk to ascertain.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 22.25 hours.

Mr. T R Clements, Chairman