Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Tuesday 16th August 2005
Ms E P Irving
Mrs A Atkins,
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mr G A Matthews,

Mrs G Moss
Vice-Chair    Mrs C A Phillips,
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley
P.C. K Tacchi

Community Police Officer
Apologies: Mr T R Clements, Ms J Erskine

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th July were adopted with one amendment on page 2 under lighting second paragraph second line replace the word mat with may.

Clerk’s Report.

1) By-law re restricting use of fireworks at private functions- response from NSC was to the effect that they were still waiting a response from the ODPM on several issues relating to bye-laws.

2) Local Access Forum- the Clerk reported on the contents of an e-mail from Richard Philips of NSC indicating that the Forums remit is to give advice on policy rather than be involved in operational detail. Any suggestions for particular schemes or sites should be forwarded to David Roberts (Strategic Projects Group). Cllr. Yamanaka made the point that they should make the existing network usable. Cllr. Glynn said that this gave an understanding of the role of the Access Forum. Following representations the information base on the Rights of Way within the Parish had been forthcoming from NSC but on the understanding that they would not be copied. Cllr. Glynn maintained that this would be the start of a sound record base and that the records should be retained in a permanent binder and updated as and when information is forthcoming. Cllr. Bigg mentioned that there are comments contained within the Parish Plan survey and that these will be made available in due course. It was also mentioned that there was to be an application to the Aggregate Levy Fund for grant aid towards providing parishes with light tools to undertake minor repair work! Cllr. Thorn made the comment that the question of updating the survey reports on the rights of way should be advertised in the Journal in the hope that walkers would report any faults etc. Clerk to take forward

3) Community Meals Service-promotional literature- handed to Cllrs. Moss and Bigg.

4) Royal British Legion- dedication of new standard on Sunday 4th September. Open invitation to attend but numbers to be given. Cllr. Irving and Phillips indicated that they would attend.

5) DE Matters July edition

6) Publications- a) The trumpet Voluntary, b) North Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau Summer update, c) North Somerset Life July edition- it appears that many are still not receiving this and the Clerk is to advise NSC.

7) Corporate Training and Development- the Clerk advised that he regularly receives advice of available courses from NSC but in view of the cost, c£50 per course, and the fact that the courses are all available at short notice does not always bring to the Meeting- some dates already having passed by the date of Meetings.

8) Butcombe Brewery- open evening Thursday 15th September. Councillors to advise the Clerk by 8th September who will attend.

9) Licensing Act- the Clerk advised the Council of those applications relating to the Parish. With regard to the Darlington Arms this had been referred to Ros Young who indicated that no local opposition received. The issue of the Airport Tavern was also discussed and the Clerk advised the Meeting that Punch taverns were prepared to reduce the hours of music to 23.00 Sunday to Thursday and 24.00 on Friday and Saturday. Cllr. Atkins agreed that this was an acceptable compromise and the Clerk to take forward with Punch Taverns and NSC as this may avoid the necessity for a hearing.

Highways Matters – The Clerk reported on a letter from NSC relating to “Parking for large vehicles”. Cllr. Glynn explained the background to this request and the Clerk was directed to respond to the 4 questions on the basis that except for the Industrial sites and the Airport in the Parish there is no designated parking for larger vehicles.

Other matters raised:-

- Downside Road footpath- Cllr. Atkins mentioned that Felton were currently having a pavement put in on West Lane and she will find out from the contractor the cost of this.

- High Street- parking has got worse but it can probably be linked to the current rebuilding of the car park/wall at Bennetts and may be a short term matter.

- School Road/High Street- difficult crossing for the elderly and it was suggested that a sign indicating that the area was used by elderly may be appropriate.

- School Road to Silver Street- consider the possibility of having a ghost pavement installed.

- School Road/High Street- uneven road surface – the Clerk to report to NSC

- Dial Cottage- instances of double parking and to make the Community Police Officer aware.

- Downside- Cllr. Yamanaka has received complaints about levels of speed and wondered about a “flashing” speed limit sign if someone can be found to take responsibility to activate. Cllr. Yamanaka will also approach Mr. Sage, who brought the matter to her attention, to see whether he was prepared to start up a “speedwatch” action group.

- Cooks Bridle Path junction with Downside Road- the white lines at the junction needs renewing.

- West Hay- despite writing in May the trees still overhang and with the debris accumulated in the side of the road is forcing pedestrians to walk into the road to pass. As the Council’s letter has been ignored the Clerk is to write to NSC to enlist their help in resolving.

It was suggested that the Sub-committee should reconvene to take some of these issues forward and Cllr. Bigg asked whether she could be involved in view of the information that is coming forward from the Parish Plan. It was also suggested that Chris Edgar should be asked to revisit the Parish to view the arrears of concern.

Police – In the period 6th July to 10th August 7 reported crimes.

Licensing- re the Golden Lion and the Plough it was unclear whether Avon & Somerset Police Authority had formally objected to the variation in hours but PC Tacchi thought it would be done on the grounds of noise.

The Clerk is to e-mail PC Tacchi with complaints as he will then try and get his monthly report sent by e-mail.

Cllr. Bigg mentioned the welcome sight of Community Support Officers seen in the Village recently.

Lighting- Still a problem with the new lantern at Apricot Cottage as the manufacturer has made the wrong bracket.

FINANCE REPORT 16th Auguste 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 9th August (20 weeks)

Uphill Building Cont. (Mem Hall) 2727.17
T Yearsley 428.92
Avon Youth Bus 990.00
Cheddar Sign (Mem. Hall) 272.69
Bank Balance: Current Account
Business Reserve
Capital Reserve

Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 28695 50
Grants 2891.83
Allotments 310 250
VAT Recovered 8955.7
Interest 600 305.38 50.9
Sundries 1001
Other 2000
Total 58300 44098.91
Allotments 200 0 0
Open Spaces 12000 1455.86 12.13
Highways 1000 0 0
Street Lighting 7500 2435.17 32.47
Admin. Expenses 11600 5781.30 49.84
Grant 20600 8290.26 40.24
Sundries 5400 3568.27 66.08
Other 0
Total 58300 21530.86
Mobile Youth 2600 2915.00 112.12
Public Conveniences 1600 0.00 0.00
Parish Plan 0.00
Section 137 200 0.00 0.00
Odds and sods 1000 653.27 65.33
Total 5400

Payments made on behalf of the Memorial Hall & recreation Field Committee
Uphill Building Contractors Ltd. £2321.00 +VAT
Cheddar Signs £ 232.08 + VAT

The Clerk also mentioned that a quote had been obtained for a new sign advertising the medical practice at a figure of £381.31 + VAT. Cllr. Matthews maintained that the Council should take it in hand to get the practice properly signed. Cllr. Irving was of the opinion that it should be down to the practice to advertise its whereabouts. Cllr. Bigg proposed a compromise where the cost is shared 50/50 as it is an essential service and it was left that Cllr. Matthews would take matters forward with the Practice Manager.

The Clerk obtained a quotation to install 3 pair of lockable glazed doors to the existing bookcase in the John Locke Room at a cost of £1338.60 + VAT. If the room is to become the Council office in due course then this is the first step towards securing it. Proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Phillips that the quotation be accepted. Passed.

Clerk’s Pay- Due to the current incapacity of Cllr. Clements Cllr. Irving asked for a volunteer to sit on the sub-committee. Cllr. Glynn stepped forward and a meeting has been set for Tuesday 23rd August at 09.00 hours.

Memorial – request for alcohol

One request from Bretherton & Seymour for their wedding reception on September 24th- a licence has been obtained. Proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Glynn. Passed..

Bristol International Airport – Cllr. Atkins produced a précis of the Consultative Committee Meeting. Concerns expressed at the apparent inability of the Airport Management team to organise a satisfactory distribution re the Master Plan- the Clerk was directed to write.

Cllrs. Matthews and Bigg reported on a meeting they attended and were firmly of the opinion that as a Council we should be making our views clear to the Authority in future consultations. Taking on board the local plan inquiry issues that immediately spring to mind were: - removal from the green belt and the flexibility this would afford, parking, access and night flying. Cllr. Matthews will produce a paper.

Parish Plan.

Cllr. Bigg said to date there has been 320 hours of inputting. SWAN (who have taken over from Community Action) have forwarded a grant of £2500 on the basis the 30th August deadline will be met- there is thought to be some flexible with this. The business questionnaire is still to be produced but thanks to NSC a list of all businesses in the Parish has been made available with the exception of those within the confines of the Airport.

When Parish Plan complete hope to organise an exhibition with relevant personnel in attendance.

ALCA – The Clerk commented on the newsletter and in particular the reference to the Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act where the opening comment states that it is now law but no guidelines issued. The act covers litter, fly posting, graffiti and dog fouling.

Cllr. Glynn informed the meeting that David Turner, Chief Executive of NSC, gave a presentation to ALCA with reference to Parish Plans. NSC are to employ person to specifically link the Plans but what weight it will carry with the Planning Department remains uncertain.

District Councillor’s Report – Handed out pre-meeting which covered waste, licensing changes, new Yatton library, Weston Crematorium and Children & Young Persons Directorate.

Open Forum

1) Ropers Lane/Chapel Hill- adverse comment regarding the quality of the recent resurfacing work and the Clerk to pass on to NSC.

2) A projector stand and photocopier now available to local organisation.

3) Church Walk-rubbish bin has been destroyed.

4) It was agreed that the website for the Council should be

5) Co-option. Unlikely that Mr. Tandy would be applying as despite retirement now working the Police authority again. The Clerk asked whether Cllr. Phillips would speak to Mrs. Howell on the matter as she expressed interest some months ago and then met with the Chairman.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.35 hours.

Ms E P Irving
Vice- Chairperson