Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday, 21st January, 2005

Mr T R Clements
Mrs A Atkins
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop,
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mrs C A Phillips,
Mr R L Thorn,
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mrs R J Young
Mr T W Yearsley

Apologies: Ms E P Irving, Mr D W Glynn, Ms J Erskine, P.C. K Tacchi

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st December 2004 were adopted with one amendment; under District Councillor’s report line 2 remove “GERISTAN” and replace with “Gershan”.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Redhill main drainage- waiting developments.

2) Outstanding enforcement issues- now covered in planning meetings.

3) Meetings: - LA21 Network- Special General Meeting- Wednesday 2nd February @ St. Andrews Primary School, Congresbury 7.30-9.30pm. Child-Safe- meeting and training event Wednesday 26th January 4pm to 6pm @ Nailsea Methodist Hall.

4) Local Access Forum- minutes of the Meeting held 4th October. Cllr. Clements mentioned the meeting held on 18th January and in particular reference to the Freedom of Information Act and the implication from NSC that you can only access what is stored and then not covered by an exemption.

5) Publications The Clerk mentioned a note from the Mendip Society asking whether the Parish/Wrington would be interested in a reciprocal arrangement with regard to web site coverage. Cllr. Thorn to take forward.

6) Standards Committee- the Clerk referred to the minutes of meetings held on 11th & 19th November respectively. Particular reference was paid to a complaint made against a former member of Flax Bourton Parish Council where an instance of failure to disclose a personal interest when the Council was considering the employment and fee of a planning consultant. The Committee concluded that there was a personal and prejudicial interest and whilst personal gain was not being sought censured the defendant for his failure to declare both interests. This notwithstanding the fact that his involvement had previously been registered.

7) AXA Youth bus. The Clerk gave details of the usage for the months October to December 2004.

8) North Somerset Town and Parish Charter Part 1. Following the consultation the revised draft has now been received and it was noted that several of the points raised by Cllr. Glynn had resulted in amendments to the paper. It was suggested that Cllr. Glynn may wish to review the amendments to ascertain whether any additional suggestions need be made- deadline for this 18th February. The Clerk mentioned in passing that e-mails were being received from other Parish Councils who appear to express disquiet on certain aspects of the Charter. Cllr. Yamanaka was of the opinion that Part 2 will be the definitive document.

9) North Somerset Life- the Clerk asked all Councillors to inform him if any areas do not receive the next edition of this publication which is due for delivery between January 24-27. The post codes of the areas omitted will suffice.

Highways Matters – It was suggested that the Clerk should write again about the state of Nates Lane in that it appears to be continually flooded in some areas.

Cllr. Yamanaka touched upon an issue concerning Meadow Cottage, Redhill and will speak again to Mr. Grimes before deciding how to take forward.

Cllr. Young asked whether an order to have an addition to the pavement near Pinfarthings, Church Road could be requested from NSC.

The Clerk mentioned that he omitted to mention a consultation document on “setting of local speed limits” at the December meeting. Cllr. Glynn having brought this to the Clerk’s attention. The Meeting left it that if Cllr. Glynn wanted to take forward then he may do so.

Cllr. Matthews mentioned the new traffic scheme now passed for the Long Ashton by-pass.

Police – The Clerk mentioned the Annual Review 2003/04 for the safety camera partnership.

Cllr. Bigg raised the issue of the recent firework display at the Plough which went on for some 1 ½ hours. The matter was reported to the Environmental Health and after some discussion it was left that the Clerk would investigate the possibility of a bye-law being introduced. It was generally felt that the incidence of firework displays was on the increase and needed some measure of control.

Lighting- no report.

FINANCE REPORT 21st January 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 14th January (40weeks)



M Hicks (Village Orderly) 207.50

Redhill Engineering (Mem. Hall)

M F Clark & Son (grounds maintenance) 1727.25
SEC Ltd 728.37
SWEB plc 712.05
Plus Publishing Services 6.66
Bank Balance: Current Account nil
Business Reserve £31116.87c
Capital Reserve £7338.16c

Budget Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 57390 100
Allotments 310 340 109
Sundries 600 1578 263
Other 25115
Total 58300 84423
Allotments 200
Open Spaces 12000 7073 59
Highways 1000 200 20
Street Lighting 7500 5346 71
Admin. Expenses 11600 9135 79
Sundries 26000 23971 92
Other 25255
Total 58300 71538
Hall Grants 20000 18776
Mobile Youth 2600 2585
Cemetery 600 600
Public Conveniences 1600
Parish Plan 1322
Section 137 200 75
Odds and sods 1000 613
Total 26000 23971

Payments made at the request of the Memorial Hall & Recreational Field Committee.
Redhill Engineering £98.80 + VAT

Memorial – request for alcohol
One request from Wrington Vale Farmers for Annual dinner/dance on 4th March. Approve- proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Bigg. Passed.

Bristol International Airport – Cllr. Atkins mentioned issues raised at an Environmental Meeting:-

1) Noise monitoring machines- 6 to be installed throughout the area.

2) Old RAF huts likely to be removed.

3) Planning permission granted for the new telephone mast.

4) Consultation document- leaflets likely to be distributed shortly.

5) Authority monitoring the car parking at St. Katharine’s School.

6) Old Forge going to the High Court on appeal on 18th February.

7) Airport Tavern has extended parking into the adjoining field.

8) Cars also moved from Okefield to an area near the golf course. The Clerk also mentioned that signage advertising airport car parking at the Bung Inn has been seen and reported. Cllr. Young asked whether there was any guidance available, Cllr. Yamanaka stated that there was no provision in the Local Plan for car parking in the green belt. Cllr. Matthews said that there should be a look at facilities as car parking could be accommodated on tip land close to Bristol and be used for dual purposes – park and ride for Bristol and the Airport.

ALCA – The Clerk mentioned correspondence received:-

1) Minutes of a meeting held 5th October and the agenda for the meeting to be held on 15th February.

2) E-mail detailing arrangements for an ALCA meeting with the Airport

3) Authority on 25th January.

4) Asian disaster- the legal position should Parish Council’s consider making a donation.

5) January newsletter including details of how to apply for borrowing powers.

6) Nominations for a Royal Garden Party- to be in by 25th February.

Parish Plan

Cllr. Bigg reported a very high response rate c72%. Has received an offer for a programme to be written free of charge to assimilate the information. There is a need to try and access the 2nd half of the grant money from the Countryside Agency.

A report back on a seminar on “Influencing the Councils planning strategy through the Parish Plan” was given. It was suggested that this could form part of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Briefly the new planning system incorporates lots of documents which all form part of guidelines and can be reviewed at any time. NSC is not planning to accept Parish Plans as a supplementary document to the Local Plan. Cllr. Matthews made the point that the Parish Plan should be used to influence decision making.

Freedom of Information Act

The Clerk covered the basis of this Act which is designed to allow anyone to make requests about information however old. They have the right to know whether the information exists, to receive the information- unless subject to exemptions. When a request is received then there is a 20 day response period. Under this Act requests have to be made in writing of any sort and the response has to be in form requested. There are exceptions one of which is information that would be obtainable under the Data Protection Act or Environmental Information Regulations- in this latter instance a verbal request is acceptable. Record of requests must be maintained and it is also suggested that all incoming post is logged and date-stamped. The Council needs to consider a publication scheme, retention and disposal of records guidance, Action monitoring sheets and a complaints procedure.

Cllr. Matthews said that the Council should do the minimum to comply with the regulations and in this regard Cllr.Thorn added that as a start he could put all minutes onto the web site which would immediately meet some of the requirements. This was accepted by the Meeting. The Clerk is to take forward the procedural matters in terms of policy and bring draft policies etc. to the next meeting.

District Councillor’s Report – District Councillor’s Report – see attached report issued pre-meeting. Cllr. Yamanaka urged Councillors to attend one of the budget meetings when the basis of the proposals will be explained. Cllr. Yamanaka did mention that Poppyfields has been taken out of the budget but consultation as to its future continues.

Open Forum

1) Hillside Cottage, Redhill- parking on the pavement and considered dangerous. The Clerk to ask PC Tacchi to take forward.

2) Footpath Glebe to Garstons- brick wall abutting the car park area in dangerous state. The Clerk to report to NSC.

3) Quad bikes- problems in the recreation Field and Old Hill- if anyone has idea of who owns then please inform PC Tacchi.

4) Scout Hall- meetings being disrupted by youths climbing onto the roof at the rear. Clerk to inform PC Tacchi

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 20.55hours.

Mr. T R Clements