Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Tuesday 19th April 2005

Mr T R Clements
Ms E P Irving
Mrs A Atkins
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop,
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs C A Phillips
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mrs R J Young
Mr T W Yearsley
Ms J Erskine
P.C. K Tacchi

N. Somerset Council Liaison Officer
Community Police Officer
Apologies: Mr G A Matthews, Mrs G Moss, Mr R L Thorn

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th March were adopted with the following amendments:

1) ALCA- final paragraph- remove “can now sign” and replace with “should be able to sign”.

2) Open Forum item 7- remove “enables” and insert “should enable”.

3) Highways- delete “for the preferred route to Wrington”.

4) Open Forum, item 6- remove “problem being it is the same colour as the signs showing not suitable for HGV’s” and replace with “problem being that there is also a sign showing “not suitable for HGV’s”.

Clerk’s Report.

1) By-law re restricting use of fireworks at private functions. Report back on response to Council’s additional letter of 19th March. Now waiting to hear the outcome of NSC’s approach to the Civil Servant who heads up the section dealing with confirmation of byelaws.

2) Bullhouse Lane- Mr. Leonard has been advised that the lane is now ready for the remedial works acknowledged and states that it will be done ASAP. The Chairman mentioned that he had raised this subject at a recent Local Access Forum Meeting.

3) Butcombe brewery Visitor Centre- letter from Osborne Clarke dated 23rd March 2005 in response to the Council’s letter of 19th March. It states that the licence is required for use with brewery visits that may include retail of their own brand of products. Any purchase of brand products will be for consumption off the premises. In view of this assurance and a conversation with the Licensing Officer the Council’s objection was removed. Also Mr. Newell, Managing Director, has acknowledged letter regarding the use of Nates Lane by his drivers- he will reiterate to his staff that this lane is out of bounds for their trucks.

4) Village of the Year- Cllrs. Irving and Bigg will take forward- aim to concentrate on producing a new map of the Village for this year’s entry. Cllr. Bigg will also make contact with residents of Redhill to see if anyone prepared to take on the entry for them. Cllr. Irving mentioned that she had completed the questionnaire for entry in “Britain’s Best Villages”. The Clerk holds a copy. The IT certificate awarded last year has been traced and arrangements in hand to collect.

5) Local Access Forum- Minutes of the Meeting held 18th January received. The Chairman mentioned that at a recent meeting the question of a definitive map for rights of way/footpaths was raised. The outcome is that the exercise undertaken in 2002 where all footpaths walked and forms completed on standards etc. has not been actioned. There was an intention at the time to digitize but the Officer undertaking the work subsequently departed. NSC claim that the Defra records contain too many anomalies and that a complete new survey needed.

6) Standards Committee- Minutes of the Meeting held 27th January received.

7) Brue, Axe and North Somerset Streams CAMS- Managing Water abstraction. Cllr. Glynn explained the background and the Clerk was directed to complete the form in order that the Council is involved in the process.

8) Quality Parishes and Parish Planning- letter from DEFRA.

9) Various publications- North Somerset Life magazine is still not being delivered to all parishioners. The Clerk is to advise NSC again.

10) Post log- Cllr. Yamanaka raised the issue as to whether this was really necessary. The Clerk indicated that it had proved useful and should continue for the time being. The Chairman raised the issue of demands on the Clerk’s time for information linking this in with the new package under review including the possible provision of office facilities and making the operation more accessible to the public and councillors.

Highways Matters – LTP Consultation – Cllr. Glynn reported that after discussion with Cllrs. Bigg and Matthews the conclusion was that the consultation document was not in a format that enabled a sensible response to be formulated. There will be a further opportunity to comment in the autumn. Cllr. Bigg mentioned that she had attended one of the workshops and a paper copy of the presentation slides is available from the Clerk.

Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned a problem at the dring by School Road/South Meadows and will e-mail the Clerk with full details.

There is some erosion and the white line marking has been partially obliterated at Webbsbrook/Glaisters in Silver Street. Clerk to report.

Police – PC Tacchi sated that between 15th March and 19th April 5 reported crimes. Cllr. Bigg raised the issue of phoney e-mails and “fishing”.

Cllr. Gallop mentioned an issue with parking and early morning noise problems in Brooklyn.

Lighting- Cllr. Gallop reported that in Butts Batch 2 lights out again- C2 &3- Clerk to report.

FINANCE REPORT 15th February 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 31st March (52weeks)

Community Action (Subs) 20.00
Inland Revenue 511.71
T Yearsley 426.61
Holmleigh Security (Notice Board exp.MH) 21.50

SITA UK Ltd. (dog bins)


T Yearsley (Expenses)

NSC (Skateboard Park Planning)


Uphill Building Contractors (Mem Hall)

Uphill Building Contractors (Mem Hall) 157.44
Bank Balance: Current Account nil
Business Reserve £26013.68c
Capital Reserve £ 7373.44c

Budget Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 57390 100
Allotments 310 340 109
Sundries 600 1572 263
Other 25183
Total 58300 84485
Allotments 200
Open Spaces 12000 7989 67
Highways 1000 200 20
Street Lighting 7500 5346 71
Admin. Expenses 11600 11738 101
Sundries 26000 25634 99
Other 25255
Total 58300 76162
Hall Grants 20000 20028
Mobile Youth 2600 2585
Cemetery 600 600
Public Conveniences 1600
Parish Plan 1526
Section 137 200 75
Odds and sods 1000 820
Total 26000 25634

VAT refund applied for £8955.70

Payments made on behalf of the Memorial Hall & Recreation Fields Committee

Uphill Building Contractors £1125.00 + VAT
Uphill Building Contractors £ 134.00 + VAT

A request from Vitalise (formerly The Winged Fellowship Trust) for a grant/donation was turned aside.

Memorial – request for alcohol


Bristol International Airport – Cllr. Atkins reported that at a recent meeting the Airport Authority had admitted defeat in their efforts to get the Master Plan Consultation document delivered and had resorted to placing the document in local retail outlets. Cllr. Bigg expressed disappointment at this decision particularly in view of the fact that at the recent joint meeting between the Council and the Airport they stated that they were issuing an order to make a 2nd delivery. The Clerk was directed to write and thank the airport for the time given in meeting with the Council but also expressing concern and disappointment at this decision. Cllr. Atkins and the Clerk will also ask the Airport to provide copies of the Consultation document to retail outlets in Wrington and to the Village Hall in Redhill.

Cllr. Atkins also mentioned the plan for the airport to monitor traffic flow in the area.

Cllr. Bigg mentioned the grant that the airport has been awarded by the RDA in the sum of £1.5m towards their infrastructure- a fact confirmed by Cllr. Glynn. Ms. Erskine (NSC Liaison Officer) explained the working of the RDA.

ALCA – The Clerk reported on the ALCA Newsletter April 2005 and inserts

Parish Plan

Defra has announced £1m from April to continue to support Parish plans. The Chairman commended Cllr. Bigg on her presentation to the Annual Parish Meeting which covered the airport issue.

Help still needed with inputting data. A quality check and back-up system is in place.

Survey of businesses is proposed with an end of August date projected. Ms. Erskine said that this could then be incorporated within the NSC Business directory

Freedom of Information Act- Code of Practice for dealing with complaints.

Amendments: a) point 1- 2nd line- remove “Clerk via the Clerk” and insert “Council via the Clerk”.

b) Remove entirely the point starting with “The Meeting will be as….”
c) remove all commas.


A Code for the Future”- no comments forthcoming to date

Parish Charter- the sign-up sheet has been received from NSC and it was moved by Cllr. Glynn and seconded by Cllr. Gallop that the Chairman be authorised to sign on behalf of the Council to Part 1 of the Charter and also to work in partnership with NSC to develop Part 2. Passed.

Cllr. Glynn said the NSC should be commended for the approach that they have adopted with the implementation of the Charter.

Annual Parish Meeting

Numbers disappointing. Points to consider: better advertising, move of day, provision of refreshments.

District Councillor’s Report – no report as a full review had been given at the annual Parish Meeting..

Open Forum

1) Rubbish outside the Church in the Triangle- thought the residents had moved on and it was decided to monitor for the time being.

2) Rubbish from Pixieland- a problem and the Clerk to report to NSC.

3) Graffiti- Southcombe and Memorial Road- whilst already reported and acknowledged the Clerk to chase NSC for positive action. It was generally felt that the Highways department was creaking at the moment as responses to Highways reports not being acknowledged. Ms Erskine said that reorganisation should be fully implemented by September.

4) Recycling bins not received at Highfield Farm- Cllr. Yamanaka to take forward.

5) Letter of resignation from Cllr. Young accepted with reluctance. The Chairman on behalf of the Council thanked her for the tine given and support over the years she has stood as a Councillor.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.30 hours.

Mr. T R Clements