Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday, 18th March, 2005

Mr T R Clements
Ms E P Irving
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop,
Mr D W Glynn,
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs G Moss
Mr R L Thorn,
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mrs R J Young
Mr T W Yearsley

Apologies: Mrs A Atkins, Mrs C A Phillips, Ms J Erskine, P.C. K Tacchi

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th February, 2005 were adopted with the following amendments:

1) BIA page 4 line 5 add the word “plan” after master.
2) Freedom of Information Act- line 3 add 2002 after 22nd November.
3) Freedom of Information Act- line 10 insert “man” after the word Chair”.
4) Freedom of Information Act line 14 insert the word “in”after guidance.
5) Clerk’s report item 3change the postcode 5TD to 5TB.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Bye-law re restricting use of fireworks at private functions. The Clerk reported on the contents of a letter from NSC Senior Legal Advisor (Moira Gourlay) stating that in view of the recent Fireworks Regulations 2004 it is extremely unlikely that a byelaw further curtailing use of fireworks would be confirmed. It is suggested that the way forward is for the PC to give thought to how the requirements of the Fireworks Act can be made more widely known. Specific breaches should be brought to the attention of the police; the Council’s trading standards or licensing section depending on the nature of the breach.

Cllr. Bigg mentioned that she had responded to an article in the Wrington Journal. It was mentioned that further regulations are to come into force in due course. Cllr. Bigg also quoted from a Government publication “Citizen Engagement & Public Services: Why neighbourhoods matter” page 22- Model Byelaws for Communities where it is advocated local communities to tackle problems by passing byelaws. The Clerk was directed to write to NSC quoting the above to see whether the response differed. It was also suggested that the local MP be involved and whether the government website has a feedback section.

2) Bullhouse Lane- Mr. Garrett cleared away the mud, without cost to the Council and a letter of thanks has been sent. Mr. Leonard has been advised that the lane is now ready for the remedial works.

3) Youth Bus- a response regarding the non-appearance of the Youth Bus the week commencing 7th February has been received. It was due to the inability of the driver and personnel to meet up!

4) North Somerset Partnership- a paper copy of report following meeting in November has been received. Councillors were encouraged to take an interest as this is the way that Community strategy is being driven forward. The Community Strategy booklet was brought to the attention of the Council.

5) Broadband- letter from DEFRA with CD Rom

6) Various publications.

7) Town and Parish Clerk Survey on Parish Liaison- the Clerk reported that he had completed the survey. The system was working well and he received good support from the liaison officer.

8) Notice of applications for Licences:
a) BIA 1st floor and Mezzanine Level- no comment,
b) Butcombe Brewery Visitor Centre- full on-licence. The Clerk was directed to ascertain the intention for the permission by writing to the Solicitors and point out that there does not appear to be the necessary planning permission for the centre. A copy to go to the Licensing authority and NSC planning department.

9) Village Fete- public liability insurance. The Clerk advised that subject to certain conditions being met the Council could cover this event under the terms of the Council’s insurance policy.

10) Petty vandalism at the recreation Field. It was agreed that the planning application should not be delayed further and the Clerk was directed to issue a cheque for £55 to cover the cost- the fundraisers for the skateboard park will reimburse the Council. On the subject of the petty vandalism this is to be brought to the Memorial hall committee.

Highways Matters – The Clerk made reference to the February Newsletter from Highway Services.

Joint Local Transport Plan Consultation- Cllrs. Glynn and Bigg have attended the consultation events. In liaison with Cllr. Matthews they will prepare a response to the consultation.

A38 Redhill- new signage should be in place before the end of March.

North Somerset Car Share Scheme- the Clerk referred to a poster issued by NSC advertising the scheme and it will be displayed on the Notice Boards.

Road Safety in Silver Street- the Clerk passed around a letter from NSC on this matter and copy letters received from parishioners. The Clerk was authorised to respond to NSC confirming the Council’s support for the scheme.

A38 Airport- a letter detailing proposed road improvement measures at the roundabouts near the Airport was circulated. The Council agreed support for the scheme and the Clerk was directed to respond accordingly.

It was mentioned that lorries from Butcombe Brewery were ignoring the blue advisory signs for the preferred route to Wrington and using Nates Lane- this is in direct contradiction to what Mr. Newell said when he addressed the Parish Council. The Clerk was directed to write to the Brewery asking them to utilise the preferred HGV route.

Police – In the absence of PC Tacchi the Clerk handed out a written report.

Lighting- The Clerk is to seek from Connect South West a plan of the new lantern and light for Apricot Cottage.

FINANCE REPORT 18th Marchy 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 10th March (48 weeks)

T Yearsley 426.61

E Wrest

G Bigg (Parish Plan) 203.79
Plus Publishing Services 100.00



GB Sport & Leisure (play equipment) 323.13
Bank Balance: Current Account nil
Business Reserve £28634.22c
Capital Reserve £7338.16c

Budget Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 57390 100
Allotments 310 340 109
Sundries 600 1580 263
Other 25115
Total 58300 84425
Allotments 200
Open Spaces 12000 7391 62
Highways 1000 200 20
Street Lighting 7500 5346 71
Admin. Expenses 11600 10085 87
Sundries 26000 24285 93
Other 25255
Total 58300 72562
Hall Grants 20000 18776
Mobile Youth 2600 2585
Cemetery 600 600
Public Conveniences 1600
Parish Plan 1526
Section 137 200 75
Odds and sods 1000 723
Total 26000 24285

The Clerk reported on a letter received from Wrington Lawn Tennis Club seeking a grant towards the provision of professional tennis coaching at the Primary School. It was mentioned that they had been awarded from NSC South Area Budget a grant of £500 towards the cost and that in the application it was indicated that it would be self-funding in year 2. Cllr. Clements mentioned that in the past it had not been the policy of the Council to award grants for this type of activity. Cllr. Gallop indicated that a request could be put to the Wrington Sports & Social Club. The Clerk was advised to write and indicate that the Council welcomed the initiative but it was not in the remit to support by way of a grant.

Memorial – request for alcohol
One request received from Gill Fowkes for an outside bar at Wedding reception on 7th May. Proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Moss. Approved

Bristol International Airport – The Clerk mentioned that the Minutes from the Airport Consultative have been received but not summarised.

Car parking- illegal sites- the Clerk mentioned that the NSC Enforcement Officer was taking matters forward. He had asked for some help in trying to identify the new owner of Hailstones Farm- the Clerk to try and establish locally this information.

Master Plan Consultation- concern was expressed that this document has not yet reached households despite assurances from the Airport that their contractor has matters in hand. A letter dated 21st February from BIA indicated that the document “Future plans for the Airport” would be delivered within 10 days! As feedback has to be in during April it is not leaving much time. The Clerk was directed to contact BIA and ask that they extend the period for response. Cllr. Glynn made mention that he had attended one of the seminars and found it interesting- he encouraged others to attend.

Airport Meeting with Parish Council 11th April- the Clerk asked for names of attendees. With regard to the “shopping list” Cllr. Matthews said that the list provided by the PCAA on 1st February was a start plus:- 1) car parking and in particular the issue of competition. What does the future hold. 2) Extending the operational area- what plans afoot. 3) Urbanisation of surrounding area. 4) Traffic flows and problems with access. 5) What contribution are they making to the local economy particularly to the Parish to offset the inconvenience caused locally. 6) The issue of pick-up and drop-off points. The Clerk to produce a list and circulate before sending to the Airport.

ALCA – Cllr. Glynn reported that some Parishes dissatisfied over the way the Parish Charter was perceived to be handled: also the increase in annual fees. The issue with Community Action and the attempt to disassociate itself from them was nearly resolved. The Chairman and Clerk indicated that a recent seminar on the new Clerk’s structure was excellent and whilst this was organised by the “Somerset” arm of the Local Councils Association nevertheless displayed the worth of retaining membership. Additionally the manner on which the Association had presented the Freedom of Information Act material was again first class. It was proposed by Cllr. Young and seconded by Cllr. Gallop that membership be retained. Passed.

The Clerk made mention of correspondence received from ALCA

Cllr. Glynn reported that following a meeting between ALCA and NSC (which he attended) on the revised draft of the Parish Charter the Charter is much improved and with a review in 6 months considers that when received the Council should be able to sign.

Parish Plan

Cllr. Bigg reported that the drawdown for the grant has been extended to 30th August. The programme for inputting the data is still being written

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Code of Practice for dealing with complaints.

This had been presented in draft form to the February Meeting. Some amendments were proposed and it was left that the Clerk would redraw the Code and submit with the pre-meeting papers for the April Meeting with a view the policy being implemented.


The Clerk referred to a consultation from the Standards Board on “A Code for the Future”. Deadline for responses 17th June. Copies were handed out and the Clerk to diarise to raise the matter at a future meeting.

Cllr. Glynn mentioned that he had read the paper on “Gypsy Travellers Sites” and did not propose to comment.

Annual Parish Meeting.

Cllr. Bigg will cover the Parish Plan in general terms as it is unlikely that all the data will be inputted by the time of the meeting. Still hopeful of a member from Planning Aid being available to speak.

Wrington Medical Practice-proposed practice patient group.
Cllr. Thorn had submitted a paper pre-meeting setting out the basis of this new initiative. He will keep in close touch with developments.

Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned that Pauline Wathen was still keen to see a care home set up in Wrington and has enquired whether with the transfer of Council Houses, including the sheltered accommodation at Hannah More Close, that an opportunity may occur for this to be pursued. Cllr. Clements mentioned the rumours surrounding Commander Lauder’s property. Cllr. Irving said that matters relating to this were proceeding slowly.

The question of whether the Village needs a care home may be found when the Parish Plan data is available.

District Councillor’s Report – Issued pre-meeting.

Under the heading Local Plan Cllr. Yamanaka reference to a letter received by Graham Turner, Chief Executive of NSC, from GOSWA requesting that the progression of the Replacement Local Plan be stopped and that they move directly to the preparation of the new Local development Framework. NSC’s view is that they should progress both as they recognise the considerable time and effort spent by Parish Council’s and outside bodies in helping to formulate the Replacement Plan. After discussion the Clerk was directed to write to GOSWA making them aware of the time and effort spent by unpaid Councillors in responding to the Replacement Local Plan and supporting NSC’s stance.

Cllr. Yamanaka also mentioned that the tennis club has been awarded a grant of £500 towards the new coaching scheme at the primary School. The Memorial hall request to assist with a new amenity area was not supported.

Open Forum

1) Village of the Year- Cllr. Irving read out a report from last year’s judges- it is clear that the map needs to be updated. Also enlisted help, Cllr. Bigg volunteered, in the completion of a questionnaire concerning the Village.

2) Concerns raised about parking in Broad Street- on pavement by the Golden Lion and also in the designated bus stop areas. Clerk to bring to the attention of the Community Police Officer.

3) Litter bins- two have gone missing- end of Church Walk and on telegraph pole by Gothic Cottage Silver Street. Clerk to report to NSC.

4) Clerk asked to look at positioning of dog and litter bins in the Glebe/Doctors Surgery area with a view to moving them around.

5) Community police Vehicle dates- Clerk to try and obtain.

6) Blue signs- mention made of the one at Ashey Lane. Also the confusion over the sign at the end of Havyaat Road advertising this as the preferred route for HGV’s , problem being it is the same colour as the signs showing “not suitable for HGVs.

7) Cllr. Glynn reiterated that the Parish Charter is now in a form that should enable the Chairman to sign on behalf of the Parish Council (see comments under ALCA).

8) Litter- concerns expressed over the amount of litter at the back of the Airport and also at the entrance to the Silver Zone. Clerk to take forward.

9) Correspondence log- met with mixed reception. Clerk emphasised that any Councillor writing on behalf of the Parish Council should forward a copy to the Clerk for record purposes. The Chairman intimated that the Clerk’s hours and duties were under review as following the seminar attended it was evident that the new structure would have a material impact.

10) Cllr.Young announced that she would be resigning. The Chairman expressed disappointment at this decision.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 22.45hours.

Mr. T R Clements