Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Tuesday 15th February 2005

Mr T R Clements
Ms E P Irving
Mrs A Atkins
Mrs G J Bigg
Mr D W Glynn
Mr G A Matthews
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mrs R J Young
Mr T W Yearsley
Ms J Erskine
P.C. K Tacchi

N. Somerset Council Liaison Officer
Community Police Officer
Apologies: Mrs J Gallop, Mrs G Moss, Mrs C A Phillips, Mr R L Thorn

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st January 2005 were adopted with one amendment; under Parish Council Charter (item 8 of the Clerk’s Report) delete “will be the definitive document” and replace with “will be more controversial”.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Redhill main drainage- application accepted by Wessex Water for the provision of public sewers for the Winters Lane part of the Village. The Church Road area was not successful. Programmed completion for the works is 31st March 2008. The next step will be a formal approach from Wessex Water to confirm details and to survey what existed. It was suggested that this be included in the next Journal article.

2) North Somerset Town and Parish Charter Part 1. Cllr. Glynn had presented prior to the Meeting a draft response following receipt of the revised draft. The decision was taken that the response adequately covered the issues raised but the item under Parish Plans needed some minor amendment to indicate that the inclusion as a supplementary planning document should be subject to appropriate consultation. Cllr. Glynn will amend the draft in order that the Clerk can respond formally.

3) North Somerset Life- to date the post codes BS40 5LN, 5TB, 5NN & 5QQ, BS48 3DJ have not received the latest edition. Clerk to advise NSC.

4) Available for reading: 3rd update on Housing Stock Transfer, North Somerset Safer Communities Audit 2004 (the full version or the summary).Education Director Councillor Newsletter& Clean neighbourhoods and Environment bill-outline of measures. Volunteer Centre newsletter. Action for Nature-The North Somerset Biodiversity Action Plan.

5) BIA application for new grant of Justice’s Off-Licence in the name of Stephen Gumm received.

6) By-law re restricting use of fireworks at private functions. The Clerk indicated that the by-law would need to be issued by the unitary authority and he is to liaise with NSC on this matter to obtain guidelines as to what is acceptable e.g. restricting time for a private display, notice to be given of intent to hold. This to be aside from organised functions which are properly advertised and the 7 days in the year when fireworks are permitted by law.

7) Meeting dates- a list of dates for 2005/06 was handed out covering the monthly meetings and the Annual Parish Meeting in 2006 (a copy will be forwarded to the editor of the Wrington Journal). Cllr. Matthews asked whether a list for the full year’s planning meetings could also be provided.

Highways Matters – The Clerk made mention of the Highway Services Information Sheet for January 2005.

Cllr. Glynn outlined the details for the proposed road safety scheme in Silver Street and the need for the urgent meeting as funds have to be spent by NSC’s year end. To date two residents have responded to NSC’s circular letter both supporting the measures being taken but also seeking further improvement. The area of improvement is to run from the corner of Lawrence Road to Rose Cottage where the footpath recommences. Cllr. Glynn emphasised that the scheme was agreed to on the basis that it would not impinge on any future road safety scheme that the Council wished to put forward.

Cllr. Young mentioned the lack of action relating to the agreed cross road signs at the A38/Darlington Arms junction. Ms. Erskine will take forward on behalf of the Council.

Police – PC Tacchi mentioned that in the period 18th January to 5th February 5 recorded crimes.

Whilst he thanked the Council for providing details of the licence plates for the quad bikes he did need more positive information to enable him to take forward.

Cllr. Irving raised the topic of bicycles with inadequate lights on badly lit lanes. PC Tacchi stated that it is an offence but down to individual officers as to how it is handled. He also mentioned that in a recent visit to the Village he post coded 20+ bikes in a 2-hour session.

Lighting- The Clerk advised the Council that the cost of changing the light at Apricot Cottage was £2084.74 +VAT and the only real alternative being its removal. It was proposed by Cllr. Young and seconded by Cllr. Yamanaka that the work be processed. Passed. Clerk to take forward.

FINANCE REPORT 15th February 2005
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 10th February (41weeks)

T Yearsley 426.61
Friendship Office Supplies 72.42



Staples UK (shredder) 29.99

Somerset Proficiency (photocopying)

Somerset Assoc. Local Councils (seminar) 10.00
Bank Balance: Current Account nil
Business Reserve £30521.26
Capital Reserve £7338.16c

Budget Budget Actual %
Precept 57390 57390 100
Allotments 310 340 109
Sundries 600 1580 263
Other 25115
Total 58300 84425
Allotments 200
Open Spaces 12000 7097 59
Highways 1000 200 20
Street Lighting 7500 5346 71
Admin. Expenses 11600 9659 83
Sundries 26000 23981 92
Other 25255
Total 58300 71538
Hall Grants 20000 18776
Mobile Youth 2600 2585
Cemetery 600 600
Public Conveniences 1600
Parish Plan 1322
Section 137 200 75
Odds and sods 1000 623
Total 26000 23981

The Clerk raised the question of expenditure on the following items:

1) replace broken spring frog in the Church Walk play area with a spring whale cost £275.00 + Vat. Proposed by Cllr. Young seconded by Cllr. Bigg

2) Replace Notice Board at Redhill with a Glasdon Noticepoint board (medium) post mounted, concrete-in below ground cost £563.12 +VAT. Proposed by Cllr. Matthews, seconded by Cllr. Yamanaka.

3) CPRE subscription £25. Proposed by Cllr. Glynn seconded by Cllr. Irving.

Memorial – request for alcohol

Nil. A question was raised as to how many applications received between meetings that needed authorising. The Clerk advised that very few and on these occasions used his discretion. This was accepted.

Bristol International Airport – The Clerk reported that the Airport had offered two dates for a Council visit and the 11th April was settled for- the Clerk to advise. At the March meeting the Council to decide what issues they wish to raise so that the Airport can be advised in advance.

The Clerk mentioned the receipt of the Masterplan consultation “Statement & Community Involvement” and this is to be read by interested Councillors.

In passing mention was made of the increasing number of advertising signs within the vicinity of the Airport apparently without any planning permission.

Cllr. Glynn made mention of the PCAA’s proposed policy references and Cllr. Matthews added that parking control, traffic flow and the increasing urbanisation of the area should be included.

ALCA – Notes following a meeting held with NSC on 16th December had been circulated pre-meeting.

The Clerk reported on correspondence received from ALCA. He also mentioned that along with the Chairman would be attending a seminar on benchmarking for the new salary structure in March.

The only other issue was the DfT consultation on setting local road speed limits. The Clerk was directed to respond covering speed limits on country lanes where the current situation was that there was in many cases a higher speed limit in the lanes than on many major roads. The question of speed limits within villages was also raised and it was suggested that if a village had a good case for imposing 20mph limits then implementation should follow. It was suggested that the 20mph limit was more of an advisory nature.

With the recent movement of the 30mph signs in the Village and also the new HGV access signs in the Parish the Clerk was directed to include the changes in a Journal article.

Parish Plan

Cllr. Bigg reported that 800 questionnaires returned. 2 Volunteers now writing a programme to collate information which would be installed on the Cyber Room’s computers. Volunteers needed to input the information. Deadline for the 2nd tranche of money from the Countryside Agency was 5th March and Cllr. Bigg working on the application. Some of the funds would be spent on advising all households of the results of the survey. It was suggested that the purchase of a computer/hire of same could feature as relying heavily on goodwill for ability to process results.

Freedom of Information Act

The Clerk handed out a draft Complaints policy, Action & Monitoring Sheet (can also be used for requests received under the Environmental Information Regulations) and a summary sheet from ALCA. The Clerk referred to a letter dated 22nd November 2002 from the Information Commissioner acknowledging the Council’s wish to adopt the Parish Council Model Publication Scheme and this was minuted on 17th December 2002. There is an issue with retention periods for documents and the Clerk advised that periods between 2 & 5 years have been mooted by other Councils. However with many statutory requirements being 5 years the Clerk suggested that this period would seem reasonable. With regards to requests for information under the scheme advised that the ODPM has made the Clerk the Primary Authorisation and the Chairman the secondary authorisation for purposes of Section 36 of the Act. The Clerk thought that most requests could be dealt with but with the proviso that borderline or exceptions would be referred to the full Council. There is the ability to refer matters to NSC for guidance in case of need. Concern also expressed that in the past draft minutes have been released to the press and on the website. For the future only certified minutes to be released.

A lot of the discussion centred on the Council’s means of communication and it was agreed that this was something that needed investigating and would be an agenda item at a future meeting.

It was left that the paperwork would be studied and that the complaints policy would be ratified at the March meeting together with the procedural notes.


1) Planning for gypsy and traveller sites. Cllr. Glynn will look at this.
2) Vibrant Local Leadership/ Citizen Engagement & Public Services: Why Neighbourhoods matter. Cllr. Bigg will consider this.
3) Bristol Health service Plan Consultation report. Cllr. Matthews will read.

Annual Parish Meeting

To be held on 15th April start 19.30 hours in the Memorial Hall.

The Parish Plan to feature and alongside this Cllr. Bigg will invite a member of Planning Aid to speak on “Influencing the Council’s planning strategy through the Parish Plan”.

District Councillor’s Report – no report.

Open Forum

1) Church Walk- kissing gate needs some attention. Also entry into the play area very muddy and needs looking at to see how it can be improved.

2) Bullhouse Lane- following a visit by Adrian Leonard a scheme for improvement has been agreed provide it is undertaken within NSC budget this year. The Council is asked to remove the existing mud and the Chair sought agreement to ask Mr. Garrett to undertake this within a budget of £200. Proposed by Cllr. Yamanaka and seconded by Cllr. Matthews.

3) Youth bus did not turn up week commencing 7th February- Clerk to investigate.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.55hours.

Mr. T R Clements