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Minutes of Annual Parish meeting, 2006
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held at the Memorial Hall on Friday 28th April 2006 commencing at 7.30

Mr. T R Clements presided and there were 9 Councillors and 55 Parishioners in attendance.

Apologies: Cllrs. Gallop and Matthews. Ms J Erskine (NSC Liaison Officer)

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 15th April 2005.

The Minutes were handed out to each attendee and approved as an accurate record of proceedings.

Chairman’s Report.

Mr. Clements explained that the format was somewhat different from other years in that the first Parish Newsletter delivered within a few days of the Meeting covered his annual report with the intention that all written reports would not be commented upon unless Parishioners wished to ask questions. It was felt that this would make the Meeting flow better.

Mr. MM Collins raised the subject of the Newsletter and asked whether it was correct that the next Parish meeting was to be held in Redhill- this was confirmed with a date to be set.

Budget Review

The review had been handed out to all attendees with pre-meeting papers with the layout being amended so that previous year’s comparisons could be made. For the year 2006/07 a precept of £64,000 has been set against an anticipated expenditure of £70,450 with the balance being found from reserves.

Wrington Parish Trust/ Memorial Hall and Recreation Field Committee.

Details of both Charities handed out to all attendees. It was mentioned that within the next few months the Hall would have its central heating changed from oil to gas, redecoration of the main hall, the floor refurbished and new blinds replacing the curtains and with the windows already being refurbished in the 2006/07 financial year expenditure would reach some c£24,000 on improvements.

Legge’s Charity

Ms Irving presented the accounts for the year ended 31st December 2005 showing a carry forward position of £1187. The fund is for children who go to Wrington School or who live in the Parish and have educational needs. Last year there were 9 applicants and a sum of £1170 was distributed. Income was helped by a donation from Wrington Gardening Club of £100.

Wrington Charities.

Mr. M M Collins presented the report. Balance in hand as at 31/1/2/2005 was £60.65p and during the year 24 vouchers of £8 were distributed of which 22 have been cashed- if the last 2 not cashed then the carry forward figure will increase by £16. The 2 schools also benefited by vouchers totalling £24.50. Income received from the investment with COIF was marginally higher and the Charity Commissioners are hopeful that barring unforeseen circumstances this will continue, at least in line with inflation.

District Councillor’s review.

The report was handed out with the pre-meeting papers.

Cllr. Yamanaka wished to make the following additional comments:-

1) Greater Bristol Transport Study- the report is likely to be delayed until after the local elections in May 2007. The route of the ring road is controversial and will require further investigation with M5 Clevedon- Long Ashton and M5 Weston-Super-Mare- BIA under consideration.

2) Traffic- Wrington School is to set up a group to look at the School Travel plan which may assist the Council’s own traffic calming measures.

3) Political changes- following the untimely death of 2 District Councillor’s by-elections due to take place on 1st June. The Council is very finely balanced.

4) Garden Waste- collections will be in the main the same day as refuse collections. Comment received from the floor about the Easter holiday collections which were not dealt with as advertised by NSC.

Mrs. Hutchings asked whether with the green waste collection that if a green bin was left out for collection would this be emptied. Cllr. Yamanaka stated that the collectors would only empty the green material sacks provided by NSC.

Mr. Stott asked what happened to the waste and the response was that its gets composted and used as a soil improver in Gloucestershire- this is contracted out by Viridor who deal with waste collections in North Somerset. Mrs. Smythe mentioned that in Taunton Deane they advertise compost free of charge. Cllr. Yamanaka said that as NSC does not do composting and that disposal is down to the contractor, Viridor, then this would not happen in North Somerset. Mr. Guest agreed that the green bags were a good idea especially when supported with the calendar setting out collection dates. The problem is that in Downside since February there have been only 2 collections- Clerk to take up with NSC.

Parish Plan

Mrs. Bigg thanked all those who had given considerable time with this initiative. The newsletter was a direct result of comment from the plan. Other issues that came from the plan were the Skateboard Park, youth bus, BIA (used in the Master Plan consultation), traffic issues and the “Out of hours” cover at the Medical Practice.

It was anticipated that the results would be published before the year end. There was still the business aspect of the Parish to be dealt with and from this it is hoped that a business directory will be produced.

To date some £5373.40p has been spent against a budget of £6250 but this did not take account of “free” labour which has been estimated at some £6,000. Mrs. Bigg gave special thanks to Ian and Liz Parsons for their considerable help on the technical side. From the Chair Mr. Clements asked that a vote of thanks be recorded for all those who undertook the task.


In the absence of PC Tacchi a report was handed out with the pre-meeting papers. Mrs. Smythe asked about Speedwatch and the Clerk advised that he has written to the coordinator in Weston-Super-Mare seeking a meeting to establish safe locations for the scheme to operate throughout the Parish. It was felt that this was the way forward following recent events if Congresbury.

Mention made of the new policing facility at BIA. Mr. Glynn gave some brief background saying that it was open to the public between the hours of 9.00-12.00 Monday-Fridays with parking available in the old terminal building car park free of charge. The unit strength is 1 Inspector, 1 sergeant, 7 police constables and 4 Community Support Offices.

They not only cover the airport but the surrounding area as well and will respond to emergency calls if no other unit in the area. It is mainly government funded and is managed from headquarters in Portishead unlike PC Tacchi who is based in Clevedon. The future of the unit will ultimately depend on funding.

Open Forum

1) 30 mph speed limits. Comment made about the speed limits in the lanes leading into the Parish. It was stated that the Police will not agree to reduce these speed limits. Mrs. Smythe mentioned Speedwatch and the fact that the “flashing” warning signs cost c£500 per unit and could be a deterrent. Placement would depend upon the suitability of location as there needs to be sufficient room to accommodate the signs and pedestrians. Mrs. Smythe was also concerned about the state of the road surfaces in general.

2) Mr. P Jones mentioned that several villages had 20 mph speed restrictions. The Police argue against this on the basis that if it cannot be controlled then they will not implement- they will look for physical measures to be put in place to support these measures.

3) Planning- Brook House- there appears to be a general reluctance to release the plans as the developers have not finalised and submitted an application to NSC.

4) Concerns over speed issues at Redhill continue and residents would ideally like a permanent speed camera or as a minimum the mobile unit being more pro-active.

5) Drains- comment made that the ditches are being filled with hedge trimmings. Clerk to advise NSC of concerns.

6) BIA- to ease the problems at Downside Road consideration to be given to asking the Airport to open the freight entrance gates to the public so that by making use of the airport entrance traffic flow may be improved.

Mr. Glynn indicated that the Airport has been asked about this and also for their support in putting pressure on NSC with regard to the state of Downside Road. There is also a thought that traffic lights at the junction of Downside Road with the A38 may help.

Mention was made that the police have number recognition on all access points to the Airport. The problem with general public access is the existing planning permission precludes general public use.

7) Downside – pavement urgently needed to assist pedestrian movement. If the old hedge taken out then it would sit well into there. BIA has agreed to look at with a view to supporting any request made.

8) Cllr. Yamanaka mentioned that a full Council would comprise 16 members and the existing Council is running with 11- vacancies exist!

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and the Meeting was declared closed at 20.45 hours.

Mr T R Clements.