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Sheep Worrying - a warning from the Police

In May, a sheep was killed in Butcombe. The police would like to remind you that, if you are walking in fields, all dogs should be on leads if there are farm animals in the fields. A farmer has the right to shoot any dog causing distress to his animals. If a field contains pregnant sheep or cows with calves, it may be better not to go into that field, as the animals can get stressed and unpredictable.

Notices put up by farmers can be effective in reminding walkers to keep dogs on leads.

Wrington Vale Medical Practice

Just in case anyone is not aware, Wrington Vale Medical Practice is merging with neighbouring Yeo Vale Medical Practice (Yatton and Congresbury surgeries) to form the Mendip Vale Medical Practice. The merger is scheduled to take place later this year.

At a Focus Group meeting held at the Pudding Pie Lane in April, patients were told that all four surgeries were expected to stay
open, at Pudding Pie Lane in Langford, Broad Street in Wrington and the surgeries in Congresbury and Yatton.

The reasons for the merger are that paperwork and administrative tasks can be managed more efficiently in a larger practice; more medical staff will be available for sickness and emergency cover, and medical staff will be able to specialise to some extent, leading to less need for patients to go to Weston Hospital with minor conditions.

Initially opening hours will stay as they are now, and patients will be encouraged to see their usual doctor or nurse. For more information, see the WVMP website online at <>.

I have taken the above information from the website, local newspaper reports, and accounts given to me from the Focus group meeting. Any inaccuracies will be my fault.

Community Response Officers

North Somerset Council has recently appointed 3 Community Response Officers to prevent and resolve anti-social behaviour and
environmental matters. The officer covering the Wrington area is Carol Pike. The officers work in partnership with the police, community groups, voluntary organisations, housing associations, parish councils and NSC environmental officers etc. They travel in highly visible vans and wear a recognisable uniform. Some of the many tasks include: dog patrols, fly posting, fly tipping, illegal signage, neighbour disputes and graffiti. They attend many community activities, including lunch clubs, open days and community projects, and can be contacted via 01934 888802 or email <>. You can follow them on <twitter @NorthSomersetCR>..

Deborah Yamanaka