Broad Street Wrington HISTORY
when the Ju 88 landed at Lulsgate

Tony Loach a former Wringtonian living in Vancouver has supplemented a reference he made in one of his early messages on the Schmoose page:

     "Does anyone remember the day in 42 (maybe 41) when a German plane        landed at the airfield at the top of Redhill ? The pilot thought he had landed        in France after crossing the Bristol Channel which he mistook for the English        Channel. Some navigation that!! This caused great excitement in the village        and lots of laughter."

Tony has now come up with a couple of pages on a Fishponds website which puts this story in its full historical context.

         "They are a detailed description of the bombing of Bristol during the war
          and include more details about the German plane that landed at the new           airfield at the top of Redhill that I mentioned in my letter on the
          Schmoose page. I found these pages most interesting but I realize that
          most people in Wrington today were not even born then and may not want
         to be reminded of that period of our history."

The pages are indeed a pretty comprehensive account of the Bristol blitz, and about halfway down the second of these two pages, you'll see the reference to (as it was then called) the airfield at Lulsgate - or, from Tony's perspective, "the new airfield at the top of Redhill."

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