Broad Street Wrington Junior Drama

Julie Kingcott began the Wrington Youth Drama around 10 years ago, to provide regular workshops for the children of the village.

To begin with it came under the umbrella of the Wrington Drama Club. As time has gone on,
with growing success, the Wrington Youth Drama has become an independent entity, run by Julie to encourage children to work together and promote their self-confidence.
To provide the future stability the group needs, it has gained formal non profit making club status, and is
actively investigating charitable options.
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Current Journal entry

Once again, the members of the Wrington Youth Drama wish to invite you on a magical mystery adventure.

This time you will venture through the Wardrobe to experience the chilly enchanted world of Narnia, learning of the ancient prophecies along the way.

There you will meet tree spirits, fairies, fauns, beavers, a dwarf and the evil White Witch with her magic wand.

Follow the adventures of Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund as together they combat evil with Aslan the mighty Lion King.

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
will be showing at

Wrington Memorial Hall
Thursday 24 -
Saturday 26 November

matinee performance also
Saturday 26 November

Tickets available from
Jewells Newsagents

Grrr! Could this be Aslan ?
Rehearsals   Production

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was the first major show the group had produced, although there have been many exciting and diverse shows put on in the past, performed mainly to the Parents.

This started with the Junior Spot Light, which set the style for those that followed, including The Stones, Outside World and Music & Fashion - the Last Fifty Years, written by Tony Watts, based on initial ideas from Julie and the members of the group.

More recently the group has explored more improvisory techniques with Spot On, produced in conjunction
with Sandy Hargreaves.

Over the years many people have helped Julie, including Sarah Fowke (née Hinton) and Sandy Hargreaves, as well as many parents, who have patiently nurtured, cajoled and encouraged many of the members of the group.

Specialist help has also been provided over the years, with Beth Trimmer, who helped
Julie start the group, providing interesting sound effects, Reverse Gear, Paul Martin and, more recently, Out of the Blue providing musical accompaniment, and Leigh Harris & John Dunstone helping with lighting. Heartfelt thanks go out to all those people, without them none of these things would have been possible.

2000  Stones
2001 The Outside World
2004 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory