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Once Upon a Time was directed by Peter Dukes in January, 1988. It drew on familiar fairy stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Can you place the missing names of the cast ?

 Who is it who fell asleep reading and 'woke up' to find herself as Little Red Riding Hood - and how did she get mixed up with the 3 Bears ? [And the answer to this one came in February, 2005 from her brother Edward McGown, now in New York: "Lucy McGown, who now lives in London. For the record, I played her little brother in the same play... " - Ed]
 'Grandma' is heavily disguised, but there's no mistaking Fred Cowgill as Daddy Bear. Who were Mummy Bear and Baby Bear ?



Alan Milne having a heart-to-heart ....
with whom - and in what roles ?
 Is the dancer on the left Elizabeth Whittam - and who are the others ?


Whatever are the masked knights up to ?


Peter Dukes at work during rehearsal