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Alice's Wonderland
Wednesday, 7th January, 2009

Alice's Wonderland - opener from Richard Thorn on Vimeo.

Assistant Producer
Adapted by
Original songs
Score & 
incidental music

Props table
Costume team

Julie Kingcott
Richard Kingcott
Jim Swords
Rachel Bowers
Paul Martin, Rachel Walker

Paul Martin, James Kilminster
Members of Youth Drama, Lizzy Bidder,
Lisa Lipman
Maggie Carpenter
Veronica Thorn, Chris Parnham
Julie Kingcott,
Julie Richards
Heather Swords, Brenda Lewis
Helen Bale, Charlotte Bale
Sarah Marshall, Sue Bendall
Kate Morley, Judy Owen, Rosemary Osman, Georgla Smith, Rosie Clements, Tracey Clark, Vicky Hurst
Stage Managers
Scenery /Backstage crew

Hair & make-up
Lighting & sound
Refreshments team
Mark Bullen, John Graham
Adrian Kirby, Barry Sale
Jim & Heather Swords, John Rubidge, Simon Medd, Mike Owen, Michael Berkley, Josie O'Hara, Rosie Clements, Georgia Smith, Sally Joiner,
Richard Stockham
Liz Matthews, Sue Cross, Sue Bendall Maggie Carpenter, Judy Owen
Richard Kingcott, Ashley Grist, John Dunstone, Alan Coles
Scott Arrowsmith,
John Webb John Ford, Debbie Smith, Alan Carpenter, Lynda Bullen, Helen Bale, Jackie Walker, Valerie Langley, Jacky Seymour, Mandy Graham, Bridget Wolston.
Mad Hatter
March Hare
White Rabbit/Butterfly
Cheshire cat
Tweed Dee
Tweedle Dum
Walrus (and door)

Mock Turtle
Rabbit, Cook, Gardener, oyster
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Playing card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, Oyster, Lobster
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Playing card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Playing card, cake
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Lobster
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Playing card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, daisy, oyster, Playing Card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, Rose, oyster, Playing Card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, Rose, oyster, Playing card
Rabbit, Pepperpot, Rose, oyster, Playing card
Butterfly, Gardener
Butterfly, Gardener
Butterfly, Tiger Lily
Bottle and Cook
Door, Tree and executioner
Ace of Hearts, Black Rabbit
Tree, Mushroom
Tree, Mushroom

Claudia Lowe
Michael Berkley
Alan Milne
Luke Graham
Jodie Fowkes
Simon Medd
Echo Irving
Martha Graham
Rebecca Bryce
Beth Mitchell
Amy Bugler
Les Morley
Margaret Morris
Rachel Walker
Mark Bullen
Louis Smith
Mark Halper
David Walker
Harriet Ellis
Lucy Buncombe
Nina Halper
Martha Heggie
Isla Hurst
Emily Hurst
Elisa Votaw
Madeleine Votaw
Alice Clark
Esme Todd
Becki Payton
Rosie Clements
Georgia Smith
Georgie Agar
Pauline Jefferies
Pat Milne
Peter Ellis
Jim Swords
Richard Stockham
Veronica Thorn
Chris Parnham

In this imaginative and innovative joint production by Wrington Drama Club and Wrington Youth Drama, we follow the experiences of Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole, meets all the well-loved characters of Lewis Carroll's tales, and, in a climactic moment, is saved from beheading in the trial before the King and Queen of Hearts, and returns safely to take her bow with the rest of the characters she - and we - have met.

The delightful music, some of which you can hear in the accompanying extracts from the video, was composed especially for this production.

Director's introduction to the production.                                  Alienora Taylor's review