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Total Corporate Services Ltd (TCS) , a Wrington based company, started in 1998 by Brian Chandler, and specializing in Videoconferencing Technology, has established a Sales office and demonstration facility at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon.

As well as providing hardware, installation, training, and support services, TCS also operate a Videoconferencing Bureau facility at Coombe Lodge, whereby small (or large) local businesses with infrequent needs for Videoconferencing can hire the facility by the hour.
Videoconferencing meetings are the future, but are available now.

They are best described as long distance visual and audio group meetings. You can go
anywhere in the world, without leaving Somerset !

Business decisions

Videoconferencing allows key people to be more accessible, business decisions to be made faster, as well as cutting travel time, costs and stress. Spontaneous meetings can be held with customers, suppliers, or group companies and associates, anywhere. Training, and customer support can be delivered anywhere, by using document a camera, or delivering
Powerpoint presentations from a PC or laptop computer, over a video link, during a meeting.

The general perception that Videoconferencing is expensive, or difficult, is now completely unjustified, with superb new products from Polyspan, the world's leading Videoconferencing manufacturer. Up to four different meeting sites can be connected simultaneously.

The Return on Investment period (ROI) can now be as little as six months, but the main benefits are releasing the unnecessary travelling time of key personnel for more productive use, and being able to make expert, informed decisions quickly, moving your business forward more rapidly.

Regular demonstrations (day and evening) are now held at Coombe Lodge.

Brian Chandler (07880734949) or 01934 863234.