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Stella Melhuish Knitwear

Knitting proves an art form

The days when we all wore hand-knitted garments seem a long distant memory. Few people have the time to undertake the painstaking work required to create the “real thing” – and the fact that we can buy machine-made knitwear so cheaply is no great encouragement to take up the needles.

But one local artist has taken on the mantle of producing quality knitwear on a commission basis.
The word artist is carefully used. Stella Melhuish from Redhill has already had her work displayed in exhibitions at Wedmore and Wrington: her work is also on permanent display at Julie Kingcott’s craft studio. Her creations combine fashion and real individuality.
"I prefer to knit with real wool,” says Stella, “or wool and silk because I feel the only way to produce quality clothing is by using quality raw materials.

“In terms of style and colours, anything is possible. When I started to put my work together I found that colourful blends appealed to me. However I am very aware that many people would prefer to wear more muted shades and this would not be a problem.

“Inevitably the wools I use are expensive, but my end prices are still competitive with off-the-shelf fashion items.”

So if you are looking for something different, why not give Stella a call on
0775 2688247 or email