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Sue Parker Kinesiology

I have been a practising kinesiologist locally for the last four years and having recently completed
a course in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) I have now qualified as an EFT practitioner. I have been amazed by the results of this therapy which I am now able to offer in my practice.

EFT was discovered by Gary Craig in the 1990s and has been recognised as a powerful new
therapy. It is a form of energy therapy and is based on traditional Chinese medicine. It rebalances the flow of energy that can become disrupted in the body. When we are in good emotional and physical health, our life force flows freely through our body.

However, trauma and stress create blockages in the energy system which may lead to illness and

When using EFT a series of points on the body's meridian system (which is the body's natural energy system) are tapped. This releases energy blocks, which helps to release stored emotions or patterns of illness from the body. This is rather like having acupuncture but without the needles.

It can also be extremely helpful for treating fears and phobias as well as addictions. For further information please visit my website

To arrange an appointment telephone Sue Parker. RGN, KFRP.
01934 862818