Broad Street Wrington Businesses
Becky's dressmaking & alterations

I am a new Wrington resident and have been working in fashion for the last
15 years. I moved to Bristol in 1985 to study a Fashion and Textiles Degree
and it was there, doing the same course, that I met my partner David.

For the first few years we had a freezing workshop in a section of an old
paper bag factory. Here we slaved over machines creating Womenswear
collections. We'd traipse around the country on public transport, lugging
bags full of clothes to sell to classy Boutiques. I'm sure that many of the
buyers thought us completely mad turning up on foot, having walked from the
nearest station. However our clothes spoke for themselves and we gradually
started to build the business. We moved to a workshop which had heating!!
and began selling abroad in Germany and Japan.

Things were good for a while, then a combination of recession and the lack
of a strong manufacturing base meant things took a dive. We moved our
workshop into the bedroom of our rented flat and had a rethink.

The new plan was to retail. Cutting out the middle man and selling direct to
the public meant that the quantities we needed to produce were less, but the
profit was more. We found a suitable outlet that we could afford in a
covered market in Clifton Village. We struggled for a year, when an
opportunity to share a shop in a more central position presented itself. We
went for it and business began to pick up. Another year passed and we moved
again. This time to Park Street, Bristol into a large shop divided into
smaller individual units.

And now, seven or so years later we are still there. Our workshop has
remained in our home, but our homes have got bigger to accommodate it
properly. We have had a little boy, now a year old, and have moved to
Wrington for a better quality of life. We only work occasionally in the
shop, and instead we are based at home sharing the care of Joe. We produce
less of our own designs and buy more in since Joe arrived, but still have
the machinery and skills.

It is for this reason that I'm offering the dress-making and alteration
service. I am not a Tailor and I don't have the time to do Made to Measure,
but any thing else I will consider - from shortening jeans and replacing
zips to party costumes or re-making a favourite garment.

Feel free to telephone Becky on 01934 862603