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Dr William Henry Young

The following communications between Elizabeth Ashley, living in Canada, and the website, revealed some significant connections with Wrington's history, especially the Cottage Hospital and the origin of the Reading Room.

Partly this came via a reference in Dr Norman Tricks' note on the history of doctors in Wrington, which he wrote for the WI archive, and which starts with two doctors in the 1860s, one of whom was Dr Young.

Coincidentally, another correspondent a year later, also from Canada, offered
information about the other doctor, Horace Swete.

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Elizabeth Ashby - 2nd April, 2004

I am looking for information about William Henry Young, an army surgeon, born in Jedburgh, Scotland who retired to Wrington after service in India and Ceylon. I am a great granddaughter. Are any of his descendants still living in the area?

I visited Wrington in 1969 and found his grave in the churchyard (with the help of a photograph) but on a subsequent visit was unable to do so. I presume that the exact location is in the church records. An old family photograph (now lost) of him and his family is titled the "Cottage and the Cottagers". My parents did visit the "Cottage" in the early 1960s and the family living there at the time (Wills?) were kind enough to show them around.

I also understand that his second wife donated funds or built the Young Library in Wrington. I now live in Canada and will be glad to hear from anyone who can help me in my search.

Reply - 14th April, 2004

In the village WI archives are two pieces relevant to your inquiry - Vera Perry's note on the Reading Room, and a list compiled by Dr Norman Tricks of doctors in Wrington since the mid-1800s. This begins with your ancestor, Dr Young.

I attach photos I took yesterday of the Reading Room, created by Mrs (Lady) Young, in its present enhanced state. It was refurbished about 10 years ago.

I have asked about your reference to The Cedars, and this used to be known as The Cottage. Its garden was one of a number I photographed last year during the Garden Trail which we hold for charity biennially.

Elizabeth Ashby - 14th April, 2004

I was speaking to an aunt who lives in Australia last night, she told me that she visited Wrington in 1999 and learnt, by going through the church records, that my ancestor had been a warden of the parish church. I hope that this is helpful. [reference found - Ed]

I really would like to know if the family tale that he was a army surgeon fighting at the battle of Waterloo is fact or fiction. We had in our possession his medicine chest (known as the Waterloo chest by the family), with all the primitive equipment still intact. One other point, could you point me to a web-site that has military lists - his son William Mandillon - was a sapper in Ceylon and died there.

E-mail to Elizabeth Ashby- 13th May, 2005

I have just uploaded 3 pages of information and pictures received from a descendant in Canada of Dr Horace Swete who was MO in Wrington together with your ancestor !

If you like, I can give her your e-mail address - I never divulge them without checking first.

E-mail from Elizabeth Ashby- 14th May, 2005

Thank you so much for the information. Please do give Dr. Swete's descendant my e-mail address. Loved the picture of the bluebells in the woods, I do so miss England's countryside. We are having a very late spring with uncommonly cold weather, possibility of snow tonight! Once again thanks for the info.