Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Photographs from 1950s

Philip Whitehouse, who has written of his memories in the Schmoose pages, has kindly sent these shots of Wrington in 1950.

His comments about them are included.
I hope that these scans, reproduced courtesy of my employers, GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd., Dandenong, Australia, are of some interest.

The location of the post cards are all fairly obvious. They were taken by Mr Geoff Bates, a noted photographer, who resided at the Post Office from 1954. I would date the actual photographs mid-1955

The Post Office photograph shows the place as it appeared in the summer of 1952. It bears the name of our immediate predecessors there, G.W.Thomas.

Incidentally, the building was actually built, I am told, c.1820 and was originally called Prospect House
The Dring is now called Church Walk, I notice
The father and son pair in the Ladywell postcard are Mr Fred Parsley and his son Anthony, late of The Arch, Broad Street.
The group of ladies also dates from the mid-fifties. It depicts a pageant from Wrington history (W.I.?) I am afraid that the only person I can positively identify is my mother (Mrs Madge Whitehouse), fourth from the left portraying Hannah More.