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Personal Quest - Barbara Redman Carroll


e-mail dated 27th September, 2001 from Barbara Redman Carroll - Exeter, Rhode Island, USA, who had inquired about her great-grandfather. Trevor Wedlake had reported a large number of Redmans in Winford in the 1861 census, and Horace
Ashman remembered Redmans living in the Round House on Felton Common.

"Thank you so much for your kind reply, and for forwarding my message to
My Redman family was, in fact, originally from Winford. William
Redman and Mary Ann Hitchman Redman, my great, great grandparents, appear in the 1851 census in Winford.

e-mail dated 9th 0ctober, 2001

"Greetings to all Wringtonians from Exeter, Rhode Island, U.S.A. I am a retired teacher, keenly interested in my family history. I recently had the pleasure of coming upon this wonderful web-site, and heartily thank all of you involved in creating it and in contributing so much very interesting information to it.

I am fascinated by all of the information because my family came from Winford and Wrington. My great, great grandfather was William Redman, who was born in Winford about 1832, and died in Wrington in 1910. He lived in Round House, also called Windmill Cottage, on Felton Common.

I was incredibly lucky to learn that Trevor Wedlake had heard of the Redmans of Winford, that Horace Ashman knew where the Round House was located, and that Richard Thorn was able to get out there to take photos of it. Now, one hundred ten years after my great grandfather, Charles Henry Redman, left Wrington for America, I am so excited and grateful to actually have photos of our ancestral home.

My great, great grandfather, William Redman, was the son of William Redman and Ester of Winford. He married Mary Ann Hitchman of Wraxall. They had at least three other sons who were born in Winford before my great grandfather Charles Henry in 1865. They were James, born about 1856, George, born about 1858, and John E., born about 1862.

I would love to find out more about them and their descendants. William had a grandson named Asa Redman of Winford who was the informant on his death certificate in 1910.

My great grandfather, Charles Henry Redman, arrived at the Port of Philadelphia in 1891, and made his way to Lincoln, Rhode Island. He married Emmeline Holland of Haughton Greene, Lancaster in 1893, and they had seven children.

He was a farmer all of his life, and was a quiet and thrifty man. We never knew a thing about his family until I started trying to find out about it a few years ago.

If you know anything of my Redmans, I would love to hear from you. If any Wringtonians have family members who emigrated to Rhode Island and need information from here, I would be most happy to look for it in return for the very kind favor done for me by Mr. Thorn. You can reach me at Now my new goal will be to visit Wrington some day!
e-mail dated14th December, 2001

I thought that you might like to know that I have been in touch
with John and Rosemary Grogono-Thomas, who live at Round House now. They have shared some fascinating bits of the history of the place with me. The information is just priceless to my family here.

I also got a lovely reply
from Ann Parsons, the Churchwarden at St. Katharine's, Felton, and she has sent me a lot of information about Redman family members.

I have had enquiries from several residents about the Census of 1851, and while I haven't been able to find what they were looking for, I certainly enjoyed the contact with such lovely and interesting people. I am enjoying learning more and more about the area.