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Donald James Mathlin
10th November, 2004 from: Donald James Mathlin - Perth Western Australia

My Great Great Grandfather Jerimiah Mathlin was born in WRINGTON in 1831.
I am researching my family tree so I found your website very interesting.

Jeremiah's Daughter Louisa was born in Wrington in 1859 . Alice and Melinda 1864 John 1855.

11th November, 2004 from Richard Thorn

My wife and I live in Orchard Close. A few yards above where Orchard Close joins School Road is the house Mathlins.

I've been told Mr Mathlin was a butcher and used to run his slaughter house in an outhouse in front. Last year on 28th June, the present owners (who changed the name from Mathlins to Mathlin Cottage) contributed to the Garden Trail run every other year for charity, and, if you look at the Webarchive Index page for 2003 you'll see an icon which will take you to the relevant page. It's not far down from the top.

You can get an idea of its general location from the Street Views icon on the Homepage: click on the arrow looking down Orchard Close to School Road, and the arrow looking up School Road from just before South Meadows. Mathlins is on the right in the middle distance.

My informant, Trevor Wedlake, says Owen R. Mathlin, a very quiet man indeed lived unmarried with his sister May, also unmarried, in the house Mathlins, although his shop was at the top of Broad Street.

He had another couple of sisters. One was the mother of one Eddie McGill. This nephew worked with him in the business, and when I joined the church choir in 1967 I sat next to him in the basses ! He and a friend had put Owen to bed one evening, (a Thursday -Trevor remembers that) and when he went in to him next morning he was dead. Eddie rang Mrs Bell (the then doctor's wife) and said "I think I'd like Dr Bell to come to see my uncle." "Right away, " asked Mrs Bell, "or after surgery ?" "I think I'd rather he came now", said Eddie.

Owen's other sister, Mercy, married an Alf Plumley of Langford.

11th November, 2004 from Don Mathlin


I was pleased to receive your message as I would like to get any information on Mathlins past and present.

As far as I know Jeremiah had a son John born in Wrington in 1855. He married Emily Marshman from Churchill and later moved to Bath where my Grandfather Harry Mathlin was born in 1890. He had 3 brothers George, Hodson and William.
My father Leslie J Mathlin was born in Bath in 1914.

Harry and family imigrated to Western Australia about 1922. A few years ago my father received a letter from a Betty Mathlin who said she had a lot of info on the Mathlins and one photo showed her husband's grandfather standing in front of Mathlins cottage about 1900.

She lived in Basingstoke but has been to Wrington to research. Unfortunately I have lost her address so if anyone there knows it I would love to get it.