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Personal Quest - Mark Lodge & Gordon Sampson

e-mail dated 5th June, 2001 from Mark Lodge in Homer, Alaska, USA

"Hello my name is Mark Lodge, my Great-Grandfather, James Bartlett Lodge, was from the Wrington area. Just checking on any information on the Lodge Family. God willing, I will see Wrington in the future. Thank You."

e-mail 8th June[following a response from here mentioning Kevin Lodge of Wrington Motors]:
"Mark Lodge here, I really did not expect to get an E-mail back, thank you for responding. I stumbled across your site and had to check it out. My father has been doing family research on the Lodges since the early '70s, and has always told me Wrington was the town the Lodges were from.

He was corresponding with a man from Clevedon who was doing a lot of the tracing work. Now my sister is doing a lot of the work on the family, she gave me a copy of some of the material she has and I found that my Great Grand Father , James Barlett Lodge, was born in Nailsea on April 12th 1856, and came to the States at the age of one. His father, Benjamin Lodge was born in Felton on Feb 12th 1820, and died in Bellevue Ohio on May 10th 1900. He out lived his son James, who died on April 25th 1895 in Bellevue, Ohio.

Now for the Lodges who did live in Wrington, I will give you a few names that I have.

John Lodge-B. ABT 1840 Wrington
Samuel Lodge-B. ABT 1842
William Lodge-B. ABT 1844
George Lodge-B. ABT 1846
Hartley Lodge-B. ABT 1849
Anthony Wyatt Lodge-B. ABT 1821
Daniel Lodge B. ABT 1821
Job Nelson Lodge B. ABT 1830 Wrington D. 1853 Winford

That is a few of the names I have, there are more. After reading more of the information I have, I found that quite a few of the Lodges lived in Winford, Felton, Blagdon, and Backwell.

Also mentioned is a John Lodge who was born around 1780 in Winford and died around 1845 in Wrington who had a farm near Broadfield Down around 1836 and was mentioned as being an innkeeper around 1823.

That is about all I have with me right now. I was always told by my father that Wrington was the town James Lodge was from. After looking at what I have here with me on the Lodges, and finding out he came to the States at one in 1857, no wonder no one would know him.

As for Kevin Lodge, on one of the list of names there is a Kevin Lodge who was listed as being born on August 4th 1958.

[This has been checked out with Kevin who was able to contact his long-lost kin ! - Ed]

e-mail 11th June: "That is great about hearing about Kevin Lodge, there are other names on this list of family members who were born in Somerset after the Victorian Era who could still be alive today."

e-mail 15th August from Gordon Sampson, Sydney, Australia:
Have just discovered your web page thank you.

It has a listing from a Mark Lodge of Alaska in which he mentions a John Lodge Farmer and Innkeeper of Felton/Wrington.

This John Lodge and his wife Mary were my 3xgreat grandparents and they had the following issue Charles Felton 1814, Hannah Felton 1816, David Wrington 1818, Anthony Wrington 1820, Daniel Wrington 1821, Eliza Wrington 1823,
Mary Wrington 1825, Job Wrington 1830, Diana 1832.

Hannah 1816 married William Sampson in Bristol 1836 and these were of course my 2x great grandparents. One of their issue was Henry Sampson born Wrington 1842, my great grandfather.Unfortunately Hannah died very young in Wrington in 1853 of peritonitis.

The Sampson family were very strong in number in Long Ashton and Dundry, where a road was named after them.

I would dearly like to contact Mark Lodge but I was unable to find any address for him, can you assist please. Gordon Sampson

[e-mail address duly passed on - Ed]