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Personal Quest - Denise Dixon

Friday, 2nd November, 2001. E-mail from Denise Dixon in Italy:

"Could you please let me know if the Friendship Club have a telephone number? or an E.Mail address? I am trying to trace my mother who disappeared in 1953. As a child I was told that she had died but apparently no death certificate exists. She used to live in Wrington and the last address in 1953 was West Lodge, Butcombe Court.

Her name is/was Thelma Vera Pittiglio née Frost.

I wonder if any of the members of the Friendship Club might remember her or what happened to her.

Denise Dixon"


No one in the Friendship Club was able to help, but inquiries to Jebber Whitaker, formerly churchwarden of St Michael's, Butcombe, resulted in a visit there the following Tuesday morning, to photograph the burial register entry for Thelma Vera Pattela (which is clearly why Denise had been unable to trace the death certificate) née Frost of West Lodge, Butcombe Court, who had died on 19th May, 1953, and to take photographs of her mother's grave. These were e-mailed to Denise by lunchtime.

Only a couple of hours later, Denise telephoned from Italy, with her husband, to express her thanks and say how this turn of events had now enabled her to close a chapter in her life about which she had long wondered.
Denise and her husband Giulio visited Butcombe and Wrington from their home near Rome for a couple of days from Monday, 20th November.

E-mail from Denise - 28th November, 2001:

"Through this wonderful website I was able to trace my mother's grave. I then visited Wrington and was touched by the friendliness and warmth of the community. I was also able to talk to some local people who could remember my family. It was lovely to see such a picturesque village and beautiful countryside."